Hungary’s outgoing Minister of Justice visits with Cardle & Woolley, stands up for Conservative Values in the European Union

Judit Varga knows it’s not easy being a conservative occupant of a high office in a country that shares a border with Ukraine.  She’s often been attacked for her conservatism and for her support of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Jim Cardle and Lynn Woolley interview Judit Varga 7/18/23 at the TPPF studios in Austin. (Photo: WBDaily)

But ask her about it, and she won’t back down. 

Varga, who will leave her seat as Minister of Justice at the end of July to run in the European Parliament election as the ruling Fidesz Party’s lead candidate, is likely used to seeing negative press.

But like Trump, she shakes it off and presses on with polies that other EU nations don’t like.

She is committed to the traditional family, and submitted the “Hungarian Child Protection Act” that was bitterly attacked by the European Left.  And like Trump, she is a fierce critic of illegal immigration and woke culture.

Also like Trump, she find herself at odds with left-wing media over cultural issues such as her public critique of a 36-year old Formula One race car driver named Lewis Hamilton.  A piece in the Hungarian Free Press attacked Varga over her issues with Hamilton.

Hungary had introduced a child protection law limiting the discussion of homosexuality and transgender issues in schools (sound familiar?).  The HFP article said the law connects homosexuality to pedophilia.  Hamilton, a 7-time world champion and 8-time winner of the Hungarian Grand Prix, condemned the law as sports stars are wont to do.  Here’s what Varga is quoted as saying:

I regret to see that today Lewis Hamilton joined the camp of international fake news producers by attacking our child protection law.  The protection of Hungarian children remains the task of Hungarian parents and not of foreign race car drivers.

Well, amen to that and good for her.  This sounds so much like Colin Kaepernick kneeling in protest before the United States flag, and the brouhaha in Loudon County, Virginia where parents were demeaned and lied to.

So good for Judit Varga for standing up for what were basic human values since before the time of Christ. 

As an aside, Tucker Carlson did a series of shows from Hungary while filming a documentary for FOX NATION.  Politico in Europe attacked Carlson for his praise of the country’s politics.

Madam Minster came to Texas as part of a fact-finding mission with conservative think-tanks such as the Austin-based Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Lynn Woolley, Jim Cardle, and Judit Varga pose following the interview. (Photo: WBDaily)

That’s where Jim Cardle and I sat down with her in the TPPF multi-media studio for a 45-minute discussion of her country’s place in the world, illegal immigration in Europe, winning or negotiating an end to the War in Ukraine, and even the menace that is George Soros.

The interview was conducted on July 18, 2023.

Her English is quite good, and she was in command of the issues, answering frankly when she could, and deflecting when she felt a question wasn’t in her sphere of authority.

Jim and I found her delightful, and a breath of fresh air on the world stage.


We’re happy to present the full interview on our podcast, PLANET LOGIC. 

“Hungary’s Judit Varga Takes a Stand for Conservatism.”

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