Random Samplings 44: How Insane Can Liberals get Before Other Liberals Call Out the Insanity?

Random Samplings of a Logical Mind — I’m Lynn Woolley

Stupid is as Democrats do.

The Travis County Building flying the “pride” flag on 7-3-21. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

ISSUE ONE: Save the pronouns. Collect the whole set.

When I saw the Travis County PR release about flying the so-called “pride” flag, I wasn’t surprised.

This is, of course, Austin where logic goes to die. But then, I read the release, and yes – it can get worse.

The County Commissioners will fly the flag over the Travis County Administrative Building and in doing so, all involved have declared their pronouns – you know, like Kamala Harris did a few years ago.

County Judge Andy Brown is a he/him. Commissioner Brigid Shea is a she/her. But some others representing the LGBTQIA-plus (as the release says) declared their pronouns to be they/them or she/they. Remember, Kamala was a she/her, which is disappointing for such a hysterical – I mean historical figure. This is what insanity looks like.

Who will call it out? Only me, I suppose. But I’m just one solitary he/him.

Travis Country Administration Building in Austin on 7-3-21. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

ISSUE TWO: The Maher factor! 

In any discussion of Democrats being out of their ever-loving minds, you have to bring up Bill Maher. The host of HBO’s Real Time is left-wing himself, but the current insanity on the Left is appalling even to him.

Maher cites a new term: “progressophobia,” a malady that seems to blind left-wingers to any form of racial progress.

Maher logically says this makes no sense. How is everything in America racist when the progress made since the Jim Crow days is astounding?

Will Bill Maher be cancelled? He will if MSNBC anchor Tiffany Cross has her way. She says he has no right telling “people of color” what they should be offended by.

He should shut up, she says, until he has a diverse panel on his show discussing “color-ism.” I have a suggestion. Maher should do that, and on the same show, have a panel on “stupid-ism.”

ISSUE THREE: Kamala’s root causes. 

President Biden often seems insane, but he has an excuse. He’s older and obviously has some form of dementia.

Vice President Kamala Harris-Emhoff has no such excuse.

Kamala Harris official portrait 2017. Public Domain.

The Veep, whose pronouns are she/her, has refused to go to hotspots along the border, deciding instead to visit Guatemala and Mexico to search for “root causes” of illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, there is no left-wing search underway for the root causes of violence in our predominantly black communities such as south Chicago. As Larry Elder writes, blacks between the ages of 10 and 43 die of homicide at 13 times the rate of whites.

The root cause of that is obvious. It’s the break up of the traditional family and the lack of responsible fathers. Most Democrats, including Barack Obama, are well aware. This is insanity, so where is the outrage?

Stay tuned for more Random Samplings of a Logical Mind. I’m Lynn Woolley.

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Contact: Malenie Areché  malenie.areche@traviscountytx.gov,
(512) 854-1124

Travis County Set To Fly Pride Flag For the First Time 

Travis County Commissioners Court to Vote on a LGBTQIA+ Civil Rights Resolution Calling for Flying a Pride Flag and Other Civil Rights Protections

TRAVIS COUNTY, TX – On Tuesday, June 29, the Travis County Commissioners Court will vote on whether to allow a Progress Pride flag to fly on the Travis County Administrative Building for the first time.

Travis County Judge Andy Brown and Commissioner Brigid Shea have proposed a resolution to fly the Progress Pride flag at 700 Lavaca to close out Pride Month and again in August for the Austin Pride Parade. The resolution also directs county staff to develop a comprehensive procurement policy that prohibits contractors from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or veteran status.

There will be a flag-raising ceremony at the Travis County building on Tuesday with remarks from Judge Brown, Commissioner Shea, and Travis County LGBTQIA+ leaders.

The Progress Pride flag that will fly in Travis County builds on the six-strip rainbow of the Pride flag by adding a chevron of white, pink, light blue, brown and black — to symbolize transgender rights, people of color and those living with or lost to HIV/AIDS.

  • WHAT: A Pride flag raising ceremony to commemorate the first Pride flag flying on the Travis County Administrative Building.
  • WHEN: Tuesday, June 29, 2021, from 12 – 1 PM
  • WHERE: Travis County Admin Building, 700 Lavaca St, Austin, TX 78701
  • WHO:
    • Travis County Judge Andy Brown,Pronouns: he/him
    • Commissioner Brigid Shea,Pronouns: she/her
    • Glen Maxey,First openly gay member of the Texas Legislature, Pronouns: he/him
    • KB Brookins,Founding Executive Director at Embrace Austin, Pronouns: they/them
    • Alicia Roth Weigel,Intersex Advocate, Pronouns: she/they
    • Briona Jenkins,Queer Advocate, Pronouns: she/her
    • Ash Hall,Non-Binary Advocate, Pronouns: they/them
    • Marti Bier,Director of Programs at Texas Freedom Network, Pronouns: they/them

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