I’ve had it with being censored, cancelled, and called racist by the Woke Mob.

Our new woke culture grates on me like fingernails on a chalkboard.

As far as I’m concerned the entire woke society including grievance pimps, most of academia and the media, virtually all of the Democrat Party, and especially corporations and sports leagues that are trying influence our laws can all go to hell.

An example of what the Left does when it’s mad. Soho, New York, June 20, 2020. (Photo by Julie Sullivan for WBDaily.)

I mean it. I’ve been patient, but enough is enough. 

Throughout history, many people of various ethic groups have been treated unfairly in some way. Blacks and whites have been sold as slaves. Jews were murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt interred Japanese Americans without cause. The list is long, and it’s all part of history.

Today, much of the world’s slavery comes in the form of human rights abuses in China, coyotes and human traffickers from Mexico, beheadings by Islamic terrorists, and the suffering of people under socialist or communist regimes in places like North Korea, China, and Venezuela.

Have you ever wondered why all those people would love to come to America?

Maybe it’s because the United States is still the freest place on Earth, a country where you can put your talents to work and create the life you want. Our Founders called it the pursuit of happiness.

In the United States, we not only have codified equality under the law – even with Democrat Party objections – but we have also put into place remedial laws such as affirmative action. These laws were first brought up under the John F. Kennedy administration and continue to this day.

Affirmative Action is a kind of “black privilege” that was meant to level the playing field. No one ever seems to question whether it is still needed, or when the playing field might be level.

Yes, the United States is the best country in world for people of all races to live and work. Millions of them would love to be here.

So why does the woke society hate this country so much?

Woke-ness is a disease; that’s obvious. But why?

What is to be gained from tearing down a society that is uniquely free and open to anyone’s success? There is money and power in it, I’m sure. One of the founders of Black Lives Matter has been exposed as a millionaire hypocrite. When she’s criticized, she calls her critics “white supremacists.” This is what galls me, and so many others.

When “racism” becomes the charge for anything the woke crowd doesn’t like, it means nothing. Still the big corporations pay heed and are afraid of the mob. That’s why small minds at big companies like Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Dell Computers, Delta, and so many others are using their power as major corporations to influence laws. They can go to hell for all I care.

So can sports leagues from the NCAA to Major League Baseball, to the NFL and NBA. The last thing I want from sports operations (some that unapologetic-ally do business with the Communist Chinese) is for people who deal with tossing an oblong ball or putting a round one through a freaking hoop to influence complex laws.

We elect people to do that. I did not vote for the Commissioners of any of these sports leagues and therefore, they have no right to influence laws in my state or my country. They can all go to hell for all I care. I will not consume their so-called entertainment if they do this.

Manufactured News. The media was all awash in “White Supremacy” stories on Oct. 1, 2020. CNN screenshot by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily.

The media is no better.

CNN is an outright propaganda network that broadcasts only news and interviews that benefit the Democrat Party.

The Associated Press is a fake news outlet that apparently started the trend of using an uppercase B in the word “black” but does not follow suit with white or brown. How is that not major bias?

The media has taken sides and seems to have reached a point where “woke” equals “truth” and their limited minds cannot tell the difference. As news sources, CNN and MSNBC are worthless, as are the three legacy networks. USA Today is just as woke, and woke-ness at a newspaper means shoddy unfair journalism.

For those of you who believe FOX News, which has abandoned the great slogan “fair & balanced,” is woke because it correctly called the Arizona race for Biden – think again. Watch any half hour on FOX, and then a half hour of CNN. It’s like two different universes.

I still watch FOX News and particularly Tucker Carlson. I read The Epoch Times.

A selfie at the NYT. 12/21/19. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

Hillsdale College’s IMPRIMUS is like an oasis of truth in the middle of the Jeff Zucker Desert. Subscribe; it’s free.

Conservative websites like Breitbart, the Blaze, WBDaily, Hot Air, and so on are conservative. Talk radio is downgraded with the death of Rush Limbaugh, but it still perseveres at least for a few more years.

The rest of the media, including most major newspapers like the New York Times can all go to hell. They are nothing but left-wing, woke, fake news.

Speaking of Tucker Carlson.

With Rush departed, and no talk show host rising to the top so far, FOX News’ Tucker Carlson is our most important voice on the right. I don’t always agree with him. But I do most of the time because he speaks more truth than anyone else and he knows how to flat-out nail the left.

Tucker is so effective that CNN’s Sunday morning media-critic show, Reliable Sources, has become a weekly screed against him with the goal of having him removed. Brian Stelter has a weekly parade of guests on, likely driven by his Maxi Me, Jeff Zucker, to disparage Carlson. For example, the left-wing head of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said on Stelter’s show that “Tucker Carlson must go.”

This is rich. CNN is an outright propaganda network as shown by undercover footage from Project Veritas, and the ADL is dedicated to shutting up anyone they disagree with, and they want Tucker Carlson off the air? They can go to hell for all I care.

Here’s what Tucker said (this time) that riled CNN and the ADL. He charged that Biden’s ignorant and disgusting open borders policy is (at least partially) to bring in millions of foreigners that will eventually get to vote and when they do they will vote for Democrats. Tucker said this diminishes the voting power of current American citizens and that it is despicable.

So here come Stelter and the ADL demanding Carlson’s head for stating the obvious. As we said above, anyone who disagrees with the woke mob must be a racist. CNN and the ADL went even further calling Tucker Carlson a “white supremacist” for repeating the old “replacement voters conspiracy.” (They did not use an upper case W in white.)

Uh. Let me see. Democrats want to turn Texas blue. They have not been able to. Biden opens the border (which was secure under Trump) to allow thousands if not millions to come across, and he is sure to work to give them the vote. If the “conspiracy” is in your face such as this one is, it isn’t a conspiracy. This is Democrats working to consolidate their power.

So to CNN and the ADL – you can go to hell and I’ll continue to watch Tucker Carlson and FOX News. And Newsmax and OAN.

A short list of things they do that make me want them to go to hell:

  • The woke mob calls anyone they disagree with racist. Stop it.
  • They tear down statues of people that I and most Americans revere.
  • They are forcing the renaming of schools named after people I admire like Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln.
  • They riot in the streets, almost with impunity and are called peaceful.
  • But the Capitol breach in which a protester was shot to death by a Capitol Police officer – that was an “insurrection.”
  • The woke mob has abandoned “due process.” Juries must find all white cops guilty regardless of the evidence.
  • They want to abolish the Senate Filibuster, which protects the rights of the minority party, in order to consolidate their power.
  • They want to add two states – D.C. and Puerto Rico – to add four new left-wing senators to consolidate their power.
  • They want to eliminate the Electoral College so that California can elect all future presidents to consolidate their power.
  • They want to pack the Supreme Court with four new left-wing justices to consolidate their power.
  • They have almost total control of the media, which reports fake news and propaganda. (See CNN and the AP and most of the others.)
  • They control academia, which is where this woke crap starts.
  • They control secondary schools and trash America with curriculum such as Critical Race Theory.
  • They believe that men and women can change their sexes and they want me to believe it too and if I don’t (which I don’t) they want to punish me.
  • They believe it’s just fine to use puberty blockers to castrate young children, which is one of the worst forms of child abuse.
  • Hell yes, they’re coming or our guns. Believe it.

Are you sick of walking on eggshells?

The woke mob has gotten us into a situation where if they are offended, the rest of us suffer.   I don’t want to kowtow to a mob. I want to be able to use my First Amendment right to speak and to disagree if I want to.

I’m tired of being called a racist. I’m tired of having people I like and support being cancelled.

So what do we do about it? There are two things we can do.

One is resist. And this better work because the second thing we can do is unthinkable. The mob is what it is. We need a conservative mob – one that is in tune with American values like freedom, rugged individualism, faith in God, love of country, and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Our Founding Documents – Cover

We need to revere our Constitution. We need to demand total adherence to the Bill of Rights and especially the first and second amendments, which are under fire by the mob. Then we need to organize.

We have to stop the left-wing academics from taking control of our schools in our towns and cities and of colleges and universities and we need to use our schools to restore respect for the American Way.

We need to replace statues that were torn down and dare the mob to try and take them down again. We need to cancel our subscriptions to left-wing media. We need to name hundreds of schools after Robert E. Lee. We must preserve our American heroes.

We need to make Orwell fiction again.

The Memory Hole of cancel culture has got to stop. Truth must make a comeback. We should bring down networks like CNN not by shutting them down, but by turning them off and by not supporting their sponsors. We should pull all advertising from local papers that run the AP.

We’ve simply got to stop buying tickets to sports events and stop watching them on television. If the University of Texas kowtows to the mob and drops “The Eyes of Texas,” punish the school by ignoring its programs. It will be hard. We love our sports. But we must do it.

The cover of the report. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WB Daily)

We have to let the NCAA, MLB, the NFL and the NBA that we will no longer be there for them. And they need to get out of Communist China. Empty seats in a 100,000-seat stadium will mean a lot.

Pull your kids of our of woke schools at any level. Schools are some of the most woke places in our country. And stop voting for woke politicians. Vote against all Democrats and against squishy Republicans.

We mentioned an alternative. It’s not pretty.

The only other thing we can do is to let this woke garbage fester and get worse. Then the time will come that some states will have had enough. Some people will be so mad that they can’t take it anymore.

Then will come a revolution. It may be in the form of side against side like the War Between the States. Or it may be a serious “insurrection” where the people go to Washington to take it back for freedom – just as we did in the American Revolution against the British.

This is not what I want but it is what I see. America no longer has regard for life, liberty, or the culture that made us the greatest nation on Earth. If the world loses the stabilizing influence of the United States of America, then the evil countries of the world can take over. Imagine life under a worldwide caliphate or an Earth with Xi Jinping in charge.

This is what woke schools, universities, corporations, and sports leagues are ushering in.

  • All the emphasis of skin color.
  • Capitalizing of the “B” in Black.
  • Gay marriage and the abandonment of the traditional family.
  • Massive debt and Cloward-Piven theory.
  • Biden’s sick downgrading of the Constitution.
  • Cancel culture.
  • Our lying fake-news media.
  • Woke-ness at every level of American society.

74,000,000 Americans did NOT vote for this. The woke mob can go to hell. The rest of us had better wake up fast.

Lynn Woolley is a Texas-based author, broadcaster, and songwriter. Follow his podcast at https://www.PlanetLogic.us. Check out his author’s page at https://www.Amazon.com/author/lynnwoolley. Order books direct from Lynn at https://PlanetLogicPress.Square.Site. Email Lynn at lwoolley9189@gmail.com.

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