Random Samplings 27: Woke Colleges, Obscene Coachpay, and the Truth about UFOs

Random Samplings of a Logical MindI’m Lynn Woolley

When my mind wanders, it makes me wonder.

ISSUE ONE: We don’t need no education.

Actually, we do. A good college education is the pathway to a great life. So why are colleges screwing it up? I think it’s bored professors who like to go against the grain of society, and administrators who let them.

This Bible verse on the University of Texas Main Building is not revered by the institution. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

There are at least three forces at work that could change universities as we know them. One is the proliferation of online classes that was ramped up by the pandemic. Another is the rising cost of tuition, which makes parents wonder if college is worth the cost.

Most of all, it’s the new woke campuses that promote cancel culture, safe zones, triggering terms, and a single, left-wing point of view. Colleges now embrace the idea of an America born in slavery and still rotten to the core. Only the most extremist of parents want to pay top dollar to have their kids indoctrinated to hate this country. This can’t continue.

ISSUE TWO: Obscene coachpay.

When Shaka Smart left the University of Texas before they should usher him out, he was making more than $3 million dollars per year. That’s nothing compared to John Calipari of Kentucky who makes more than $8 million and is the country’s highest paid college basketball coach according to USA Today.

When Texas fired head football coach Tom Herman, they paid him off, and made a deal with Alabama assistant Steve Sarkisian worth $34.2 million over six years according to ESPN. Figure $21 million more in guaranteed contracts for his assistants.

Salaries are out of control in college sports to the point of obscenity. So is college tuition.

Now imagine if priorities were corrected and coaches were capped at –say – $250 thousand per year. At Texas alone, that would free up $24 million to help poor kids with tuition.

ISSUE THREE: The truth is out there.

In my short story “The Problem With UFOs,” I posited that they exist and that they are used by some alien race to send their misfits to Earth.   This story was written in the ‘70s, so I probably wasn’t talking abut Democrats.

And who knows? Maybe I was right.

The Clock Tower and Other Stories from Planet Logic Press. (Cover design by Greg Hansen)

As part of President Trump’s COVID Relief Bill, the government is going to release classified files about UFOs. Former National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe says we’re talking about objects seen by Navy or Air Force pilots moving faster than the speed of sound without causing a sonic boom.

The truth is out there, and maybe we’ll soon know what Uncle Sam knows.

My story is included in the collection The Clock Tower and other Stories. You can read it, and see if I was right. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer may indeed have been sent here from the planet Melmac.

Stay tuned for more Random Samplings of a Logical Mind. I’m Lynn Woolley.

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