FISA Court Corruption

Judge Who Gave Wrist-Slap to FBI Attorney that Edited Email for Fraudulent FISA Warrant Is the Presiding FISA Court Judge

U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg dashed the hopes of anyone seeking a modicum of justice in the Spygate scandal. Boasberg let FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith walk away without any prison time. Clinesmith was the only person indicted in the case involving FBI spying on the Trump campaign and then administration. At issue was Clinesmith’s altering of an email that helped the FBI secure a FISA warrant to spy on Trump. Clinesmith received an email from the CIA that stated Carter Page was an “operational contact” for the CIA. Before submitting that email to his bosses, Clinesmith altered it. He changed the email to say that Page was NOT an “operational contact”. As a result, making the case that the FBI needed to surveil Page became easier.

In short, Clinesmith helped to deceive and defraud the FISA court; he mocked it. Did he do this on his own? Was he instructed to? Who else was involved? Why did Boasberg not seem interested in finding out?

Boasberg the Presiding FISA Court Judge

Judge Boasberg is not just a U.S. District Court Judge. He is also the presiding judge of the very FISA court that Clinesmith allegedly deceived, defrauded and mocked. Boasberg was also on the court at the time the FISA court approved the four applications to spy on Page.

If anything, Boasberg should have recused himself for being too close. After all, he presided over the sentencing of the very same man who deceived Boasberg’s court. Instead, Boasberg rendered a decision against Clinesmith (probation) reflective of someone who was not angered by Clinesmith’s actions at all. In fact, the sentence Boasberg handed down to Clinesmith points more to the Judge being in league with what the FBI did, than deceived by it.

At a minimum, it’s clear that Boasberg does not want to get to the truth. Sentencing Clinesmith to a lengthy prison sentence very well could have done that.

If, as suspected, Clinesmith was carrying out a larger mission for FBI brass, sending him to prison likely would have gotten him singing. Boasberg had to have known this. Doesn’t he want to know who at the FBI set out to defraud his court?

One thing is certain. The Deep State always learns from its mistakes. Take the example of Watergate’s James McCord. The establishment set him up to take the fall and he went to prison. While there, McCord concluded that he wasn’t going to do that and sent a letter to the judge who presided over the Watergate trials. In that letter, McCord did sing:

On 19th March, 1973, McCord wrote a letter to Judge John J. Sirica claiming that the defendants had pleaded guilty under pressure (from John Dean and John N. Mitchell) and that perjury had been committed.

As a result, the Watergate scandal exploded. Conversely, Boasberg’s actions are more indicative of a judge who doesn’t want Clinesmith to replicate McCord’s letter.

The Nunes Memo

On Groundhog Day, 2018, the Office of the White House declassified the Nunes memo. The four page memo was political dynamite. It blew holes in the debunked Steele Dossier, which was used as the foundation for seeking the FISA warrants. The memo named all of the individuals who signed the FISA applications. Most important, they were all much higher up the ladder than Clinesmith. It also revealed that the law firm for the DNC – Perkins Coie – funded the basis for the applications.

Did Boasberg read the Nunes Memo when it was declassified three years ago? The FISA court said nothing publicly; it should have been outraged. Instead, its presiding judge – Boasberg – doesn’t seem the least bit angry.

He seems content to allow the FBI and others make a mockery of his court without consequence.

As a result, Boasberg has made a mockery of his court as well.

FISA Court Presiding Judge Boasberg

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