Random Samplings 4: Storming the Capitol


ISSUE #1: Storming the Capitol.

I haven’t heard anyone say that a mob breaking into the U.S. Capitol was a good idea. At this writing, five people are dead including an unarmed female who was one of the protesters and a capitol policeman.   This is what happens when mobs get caught up in the frenzy of some cause.

This is from the network that told you the BLM/Antifa protests were “mostly peaceful.”

CNN and the other anti-Trump media have gone into hysterics about it, and have twisted themselves into pretzels in the process. CNN and the Associated Press both told us that the Black Lives Matter-Antifa protests were “mostly peaceful.” This was B.S. of the highest order, but if that’s where you get your news, that’s what you likely believe.

The bottom line to the Mainstream Media: what’s a few lives and police cars and store windows if the protesters are on the correct side of the political aisle. The Capitol mob was disgusting. The Media was too.

Lynn Woolley at the National Capitol 6/21/20 (Photo by Julie Sullivan for WBDaily)

ISSUE #2: Yes, Virginia, the election was stolen – in Pennsylvania.

Mobs often get out of hand and forget their so-called cause. They just want to destroy things.

On the Left, they say the cause is Social Justice. The DC mob was allegedly there to protest a stolen election. Who’s right? The fact that blacks and other minorities have it better right here and right now than ever before doesn’t stop the left-wing mob. The right-wing mob may fade and it may not.

The cause here is a state like Pennsylvania where the state’s high court changed election rules using the pandemic as an excuse. Only the legislature has that power.   Vote watchers in other states were prevented from checking the counters – again with the pandemic as the excuse. Millions of unrequested mail-in ballots were sent out and ballot harvesting ensued. Yet the courts refused to even hear the evidence.

ISSUE #3: What group recorded the first Number One surfing record?

If you said the Beach Boys, think again. Well, give yourself some credit because there was a Beach Boys connection.

Brian Wilson had been working on a song he called “Goody Connie Won’t You Come Back Home.” Catchy title, right? Wilson had played “Surfin’ USA” for Jan Berry and Dean Torrence at a party, and Berry wanted to record it. But the Beach Boys were scheduled to record the song, so Wilson gave them other one – the one with the catchy title. Wilson had lost interest in the song and so Berry finished it with some help from Torrence.

Under the name “Surf City,” it became the first Number One surfing hit, making everybody involved happy. Well, almost everybody.   Brian’s dad, Murray Wilson, who was managing the Beach Boys at the time was furious that Brian gave the song to Jan & Dean.

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