Should I As a White Christian Repent from Racism as Chick-fil-A CEO States?

By Donna Garner

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy called for White Christians to repent for racism saying, “We’re shameful.” He said Whites should not condemn the behavior of destroying others’ property. Instead, he said, they should have empathy for the underlying frustration.

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Remember the ancient proverb that says not to let the camel get its nose under the tent because soon it will force its whole body into the tent!

This is exactly what has happened at Chick-fil-A when Dave Cathy (CEO) unwisely changed its corporate structure and allowed Rodney D. Bullard (donor to both Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns) to become vice president of “Corporate Social Responsibility” and Tim Tassopoulos (who has capitulated to the LGBTQ agenda of Boy Scouts) to become president and chief operating officer.

The “camel” is these leftists who have now taken over the Chick-fil-A  “tent.” (Please see excerpts from Dr. Susan Berry’s article posted further on down the page.)

Preparing for protests at the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville 6-15-20. (Photo by Julie Sullivan for WBDaily)

I am a White Christian and feel no guilt whatsoever about what my ancestors may or may not have done hundreds of years ago.  I am only responsible for the way that I treat people today. As a matter of fact, many of America’s settlers, immigrants, and forefathers came to America because of the persecution they themselves had faced. Their lives in America were not exactly “a bed of roses” as countless non-fiction books have documented time after time.

No matter how frustrated any of us feel about our present circumstances, we never have the right to destroy other people’s property, to use violence against our first-responders and military, to sling insults and vehement language at each other, and to treat one another with utter disrespect and brutality.

If that is what we are doing, then we indeed need to repent.  If we individually have not been doing that, then we need feel no shame nor need for repentance.

I refuse to let Dave Cathy make me feel guilty for being White even if he himself has caved to the leftists who have evidently taken over his company.

Protester in Nashville with “Defund the Pigs” sign. 6-15-20. (Photo by Julie Sullivan for WBDaily)

Here are a few facts and statements regarding the many gains that Blacks have made under Pres. Trump:

  • Black unemployment rate in Jan. 2017 (when Trump took over from Obama) – 7.5%
  • Black unemployment rate in Aug. 2019 – 5.4%
  • Black unemployment rate in Dec. 2019 – 5.9%


5.2.19 – Des Moines Register

“Alveda King: Trump has done more for African Americans than Biden”

Alveda King, Guest columnist

Excerpts from this article:

…In reality, President Trump has done more for black Americans in just over two years than Biden has done in five decades as a public official.

First and foremost, the black unemployment rate is now at its lowest point in history, due in large part to the president’s efforts. Not only has the America First agenda unleashed an historic economic boom, especially for blue-collar Americans, but Trump has also made it a priority to stop illegal immigration, which has disproportionately detrimental effects on the safety and the wages of black workers.

Preparing for protests on the mall in front of the State Capitol in Nashville 6-15-20. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

Over the past 27 months, black employment has increased by nearly 1 million jobs, and this administration’s policies boosting support for black-owned small businesses and historically black colleges and universities will help us build on those gains for many years to come.

…The bipartisan FIRST STEP Act that Trump championed was, in large part, an effort to alleviate the mass black incarceration created by the 1994 omnibus crime bill that Biden has “no regrets” about writing.

… President Trump has presided over a period of record-breaking prosperity for the black community.

…count me in for the Trump redemption and revival that are changing lives throughout black communities all across America, from the womb to the tomb.


“Chick-fil-A CEO Calls for White Christians to Repent for Racism: ‘We’re Shameful’”

By Dr. Susan Berry

Excerpts from this article:

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy called for white Christians to repent for racism Sunday after his company suffered vandalism in about a dozen of the chain’s restaurants over the past week.

On the steps of the Tennessee Capitol 6-15-20. (Photo by Julie Sullivan for WBDaily.)

Cathy, the son of Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy, spoke in a roundtable discussion with Passion City founder Louie Giglio and Christian rapper Lecrae. He said whites should not condemn the behavior of destroying others’ property. Instead, he said, they should have empathy for the underlying frustration.

“[M]y plea would be for the white people, rather than point fingers at that kind of criminal effort, would be to see the level of frustration and exasperation and almost the sense of hopelessness that exists on some of those activists within the African-American community,” he said.

Speaking of Atlanta and the protesters who burned down Wendy’s after Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed by police following an altercation, Cathy said whites need “a period of contrition” and “a sense of real identity, not just criticizing people that are burning down that restaurant last night.”

…Chick-fil-A has been mired in controversy over the past year after the discovery of its donations to the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center and also Covenant House, an organization that celebrates LGBTQ pride and hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour in New York.

In November, the restaurant that had received the praise and support of Christians for what appeared to be its courage to stand up for the biblical foundations of marriage and sexuality announced it was changing direction.

The company revealed it would be ending its support for the Salvation Army — considered by many to be the premier organization for helping the homeless and hungry — and giving, instead, to Covenant House International, an organization that helps homeless youth but clearly celebrates LGBTQ pride.

Donna Garner

Donna Garner is a Waco-based educator and writer.

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