Celebrating Januarysixthmas All Year Long

Lynn Woolley at the U.S. Capitol on 6.21.2020 (Photo by Julie Sullivan for WBDaily)

Call it what you will.  It occurred on January the 6th, 2021 as a mob, fearful that the Democrats might steal an election from Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol. CNN quickly labeled it “The Insurrection.” Wikipedia’s entry uses the term “Capitol attack.” I call it Januarysixthmas because it has become a national holiday for Democrats, who essentially never stop bringing it up. They said Trump caused it by refusing to admit that Biden won.

But Biden doesn’t want to give up power either.

He’s opened our borders to change demographics and help the Dems with congressional reapportionment. And he’s outright trying to buy votes with unconstitutional forgiveness of student debt. So, which is worse?

There is a case to be made that Joe Biden’s attempt to hold onto the Oval Office is worse than January 6th.

And here’s why.  The Capitol Riot was a bad thing that happened in the name of freedom.  It wasn’t just that Trump wanted to hang onto power; it was also a fact that lots of suspicious things were happening with the election.  Even today, a large number of conservatives believe that states changed the rules unconstitutionally, using the Pandemic as an excuse.  It’s obvious that the networks suppressed stories such as the Hunter Biden laptop in order to help Biden.

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Also, there’s the statistic that Joe Biden got more than 81,000,000 votes, which seems unrealistic, even with left-wing vote harvesting and questionable mail-in ballots. Anyone who thinks the 2020 election was “the most secure in history” is as demented as Biden himself.

It is a fact that the riot at the Capitol was one-and-done. 

I don’t see much of a prospect for another storming of the Capitol after the events on January 6th, and the subsequent throwing-the-book at anyone that happened to walk in or even be in the general area.  Democrats are evil when it comes to punishing their enemies in the courts, as we’re seeing with the Donald Trump which hunt.

Even though the United States was started with a good insurrection against the British, what we saw at the Capitol was over the top and should not have happened.  But keep in mind that if it was indeed an insurrection, it was poorly planned.  No one had guns except the Capitol Police and no one died from gunfire except protester Ashley Babbitt who was shot by a Capitol policeman.

Nancy Pelosi was not bound and gagged and Vice President Pence was not hanged.  Would someone actually have done those things?  The Democrats and their allies in the media say they would have.  It makes for good talking points against Trump and other Republicans.  But the event is now history and has no effect day-to-day except for those still languishing in prison.

Video: The Mainstream Media is obsessed with Januarysixthmas.

On the other hand, Joe Biden’s overt attempts to keep power will harm America for generations.

On Day One, Joe Biden reversed virtually all the Trump policies that had the border in check. Millions of illegals, known in the media as “migrants,” have streamed across. Even if Trump regains office, it will be hard to find and deport all of them.  The effect of this policy will be with us for generations and has the potential to dramatically alter the culture and the language of the United States.

There are only two conceivable reasons for Biden to do such a thing.  First, and since congressional districts are apportioned due to population, and since illegals are counted, Joe sees many more districts added in left-wing states.  The Democrats are using immigration to create a permanent Democrat Party majority.  One party rule.

Second, Biden is hoping for some type of amnesty to grant citizenship to the millions he’s let in, and that they will remember the Democrats at the polls.  This is another step toward a permanent Democrat majority.  This is nasty as hell, but brilliant in its own way.  If Biden’s plan works, Republicans will be playing in the Mountain West while Democrats are in the SEC.  (Sorry about the football analogy.)

Video: Biden’s student loan vote-buying scheme.

The other thing — forgiveness of student loans – may even be more serious.

The Constitution establishes separation of powers.  At its most basic level, the Legislative Branch (Congress) makes the laws.  The executive branch (the president) enforces those laws. The judicial branch (the courts) settles disputes that relate to the laws.  Joe Biden, in forgiving student debt though executive order, is bypassing Congress and making his own law.  The Supreme Court has already ruled that he can’t do this on his own, but he’s ignoring the Court.

Joe Biden has assumed the powers of all three branches of government.  That’s dangerous. 

No one is seriously trying to stop him.  If I were in Congress, I’d be screaming bloody murder and daring the Deep State to try and forgive the loans.  For the record, only the colleges could actually forgive the loans.  They would do this by making reparations to students and parents they overcharged.  Biden is simply transferring the debt to the rest of us.

What Biden is also doing is grabbing power that future presidents will also want to keep.  This is damaging to the Constitution and to the country.  So, it’s far more than simply buying votes to stay in power.

Video: Biden’s January 6th – the Afghanistan disaster.  In this clip, he blames Donald Trump.

Biden hopes that voters have forgotten the disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal. 

Joe Biden presided over what some people believe is the worst military operation in American history.  We would do well to remember it and make Biden pay a price at the polls.  Unlike January 6th, it is fading into history, even though more Americans died there than on January 6th.

Republicans are very different from Democrats.  They were huffy for a while over the withdrawal debacle, but they tend to get over it.  It doesn’t have a cool name like “The Insurrection,” though it was far more consequential.  Far more people died.  Billions in military equipment was left behind.  Afghanistan was left in the hands of terrorists.

Meanwhile, Democrats celebrate Januarysixthmas all year long.  It’s Easter, Independence Day, and Christmas all rolled into one for them.  They will never let it go.  But neither should conservatives let the Afghanistan Withdrawal go.  If and when the GOP takes power again, which ought to be in 2024, they’d better fix the border mess, find a way to make colleges pay reparations, and ensure that constitutional separation of powers is never again trampled upon.

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