Governor Abbott endorses Hillary Hickland (Audio)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott came to Temple, Texas on Friday to deliver a full-throated endorsement for Hillary Hickland, who is challenging long-time incumbent Hugh Shine in the Texas House, District 55.

Gov. Abbott and Hickland at the endorsement (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

Abbott and Shine may see eye to eye on most things – but not school choice. 

Abbott has promised to endorse primary opponents of the 21 House members who voted against school choice – Abbott’s top priority in a just-failed special session.

Here is the governor’s speech, in its entirety, followed by Hickland’s response.


There was a police presence outside the downtown Main Street restaurant where the event was held.  The crowd was too large for the room, and some were asked to step outside due to occupancy regulations.

While outside they may have seen, and some even clashed with anti-Trump demonstrators, over such things as abortion.  One woman carried a sign that read: “I can smell Donald Trump.”

Local network TV affiliates were on hand for the endorsement along with an overflow crowd. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WB Daily)

Inside, the crowd for Hillary Hickland was enthusiastic.  She will be facing Shine, Davis Ford and perhaps others in what may become a crowded primary.

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