America’s Problems are Easy to Solve, but to do it Democrats Have to Go

The United States is mired in big problems, but none of them, short of the national debt, is unsolvable.

I’ll name five of them, and you’ll notice Climate Change is not among them.  I’m looking at real crises here, and not just a redistribution of funds scheme.

Clear Moral Objectives, published in 2003, attempted to define and solve America’s biggest problems.

The five I’ll mention are urban crime, the sour economy, liberal education, the open border, and the War in Ukraine. 

The only thing standing in the way of reasonable, simple fixes is Democrats.  That means that blue states aren’t going to get fixed, and voters at the federal level are going to have to show Democrats the door.

Democrats caused each of these big problems.  My solutions are easy to implement and would be quite effective. You can find them on my website.

Crisis #1:  Urban Crime.

 This one’s easy!  Get tough on crime again.  Toss Democrats out and stop worrying about what the race might happen to be for people who commit crimes.  Adopt a “do the crime, do the time” attitude and enforce it.  Even Joe Biden used to be “tough on crime,” but now we have “George Soros DAs” who seem to believe that certain types of people are overrepresented in the Criminal Justice System.  It’s easy to get rid of Soros DAs:  vote them out.

And if you want to rebuild communities that have been destroyed by left-wing welfare programs, then pass strong laws to support traditional marriage.  Strong pro-life laws are designed to protect children until they’re born.

Now we need strong laws to make the men who impregnate women and then skip out on them responsible for a child’s welfare until the age of 21.  Laws with teeth will stop this mess in its tracks.

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Crisis #2:  The Sour Economy.

Yes, we had a pandemic.  We had to do some things.  But, of course, the Democrats never let a crisis go to waste and they (and many Republicans) spent money like drunken politicians.

Here’s the truth:  If you print trillions of dollars, as the government did, then each of those dollars is worth less.  And with more dollars in the marketplace, retail prices will naturally jump.  That’s what inflation is.

The other insane thing Democrats did under Biden is to destroy America’s energy independence.  Under Trump, we were exporting energy, but under Democrats we’re subsidizing worthless windmills and phasing out economical and far more reliable combustion engine vehicles.

The solutions?  Restore policies that led to energy dominance.  Cut back on the size of government at all levels.  Kill counter-productive agencies like the Department of Education and go back to the basics:  Departments of Treasury, State, and War.  Let the states handle the rest.

And each year, for at least a decade, cut the federal budget across the board by at least 2 percent, and perhaps by 5 percent, stopping only when the budget is balanced and we’re paying down the debt.

Crisis #3:  Liberal Education.

A “liberal” education used to be a good thing, but now we have left-wing education.  Starting in kindergarten, America’s schools have become Marxist indoctrination centers.  John Stossel now claims it’s better NOT to send your children to college because college will ruin them.

Administrations at the K-12 level and in colleges and universities are so bloated that there’s literally an assistant superintendent or vice president to micromanage everything.  And, of course, the feds took over student loans under Obama, sending tuition skyrocketing and leading to Joe Biden’s promise to forgive student debt, which is inflationary and dumb.

The solutions:  First, get the federal government out of the student loan business and let private banks take over.  They’re far more interested in whether someone is getting a degree that will lead to a loan being repaid.  Second, vastly reduce the bloat in the number of people working in education who are not teachers, so that tuition can be sharply lowered.  Finally, we must stop the indoctrination of students at all levels. 

In secondary schools, that means a balanced hiring program and a pro-America curriculum.  (If this sounds unfair to you, then consider that we cannot continue to teach students that America is an evil nation.  We can’t survive that.)  It also means school choice, which is the civil rights issue of our generation.  At the college level, it means the end of tenure until professors are able to show that they are not communist/socialist propagandists.

One other thing:  The two main reasons that our schools are failing is lack of fathers, and students who do not speak English.  We’ve addressed the former issue. As to the latter, parents who wish to enroll their children in American schools must be required to have those children fluent in English to gain admission.

Crisis #4:  Open Borders

This is the easiest to fix.  Get rid of Biden and Obama’s influence, and close the borders.  For some reason, the Left believes that America should take in everyone that wants to come here, even if that means supporting human smugglers and Mexican drug cartels.  That’s where we are.  Biden is a virtual co-conspirator with the evilest human beings on the planet.

The solutions are not hard.  Build the wall.  Inform Mexico that unless it totally and completely shuts off all illegal immigration from south of the border, and stops bring in fentanyl from China, we will impose sanctions from hell.  And then we have to do it.

On the other hand, law-abiding Mexicans along the border who want to shop in Laredo and other Texas border towns ought to be vetted and then have a pass to do so.  We already have guest worker programs, and those that are fair and logical might be expanded.  Mexican workers who are clear of crime and health issues ought to be able to take jobs here so long as they respect our laws and customs.

Crisis #5:  The War in Ukraine.

This is Biden’s war.  He was asked about a Putin invasion, and he commented it would all depend on how much territory Putin might try to take.  This was left-wing stupidity taken to an extreme.

Video:  Biden’s “permission.”  The green light to invade.

Putin invaded, and we arrived at where we are now.  So, what should a sane, conservative president do?

First, it’s apparent that we cannot keep sending billions of dollars to Ukraine and watch the money go down a hole.  But we also would be making a mistake to let Putin take Ukraine and then look to take other territories as well.  Remember, China is watching with an eye to Taiwan.

So, first, meet with our European allies and make it clear that they should be at the forefront of financing this war.  One that’s clear, and the United States remains willing to do its part (but not the major part), then every sanction under the sun ought to be brought to bear against Russia.  This must be an international effort.  And with increased European funding, we must stop slow-walking the war.  Biden has been sending just enough weapons to keep the war (and the killing) going, but never enough to win.

This will not make China happy, but if the rest of the world is united, it would work.  China would think twice about invading Taiwan.  The United States must replenish its Strategic Oil Reserve that Biden frittered away based on politics, and also rebuild its military stockpile.

Can we do it?  Yes, we can!

But not with Democrats in power.  They’re concerned with Climate Change, diversity, denigrating America, indoctrinating students into Marxism, the homosexual/transgender agendas, destroying fossil fuels (and our economy), and growing government.  We can fix America’s biggest problems, but to accomplish those goals, Democrats have got to go.

Clear Moral Objectives, published in 2003 attempted to define and solve America’s biggest problems.

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