What is “The Big Lie?” Pick your favorite.

UPDATE (5/28/22):  Two ultra-important columns have just been published that add to the canon of lies told by the Left’s finest liars — Joe Biden, Stacy Abrams, CNN, and the other usual suspects.  The column by Marc Thiessen is about Biden’s bold-faced lie from January when he went to Atlanta and called Georgia’s 2021 election law “Jim Crow  2.0.”  Biden is a magnificent but transparent liar.  Thiessen’s column explains how Biden’s lies affected black voters, who then went to the polls and found only friendly election workers and zero suppression.


Larry Elder, who just went to work for Epoch Media Group (I know; I wrote the news release for The Epoch Times) explains yet again the Great Charlottesville Lie.  Democrats believe that if they say something long enough, and if they all believe it, it is true.  They are full of BS.  But the lie about what Trump said in Charlottesville has taken on a life of its own to the point that even some Trumpers were tempted to believe it.  Trump actually said white nationalists should be condemned.  The left-wing media never reported it.  Elder says even two CNN hosts now admit the narrative is false, but they took years to actually say it.  And CNN still doesn’t call out any of their guests who quote the lie.


Now, back to our regularly scheduled column:

When it comes to lying, the government and the media could each do a greatest hits album in multiple volumes.

CNN says “The Big Lie” is Trump’s contention that the 2020 election was stolen. But if we’re looking for THE Big Lie, the most momentous in recent years is the entire Russian Collusion hoax, which may have changed the course of an American election.

More recently, the New York Times has admitted, 17 months late, that the Hunter Biden laptop story that it and CNN called “Russian disinformation,” was true. That, too, might have changed the election.

Other big lies include claptrap about climate change, school bond issues and having sex with “that woman.”

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Picking out THE Big Lie is hard to do.

Your suggestions are welcome, and you can sign up to comment or post your thought on Facebook or Twitter. But here are some possibilities:

I’m from the government and I’m here to help you. The Temple Daily Telegram carried a story about the city’s downtown Social Security Office that people seemed to find locked and closed most of the time. Pandemic or not, Social Security law is complicated, and people ought to be able to get help without hiring a lawyer.   In this case, the automated phone system was cited as another problem as people told the newspaper they would go through the voice-mail only to be cut off. [Your tax dollars at work.]

I am not a crook. I think President Richard Nixon will be treated more kindly in history once the people who hate him die out and accounts of Watergate are written more factually. Nixon was driven from office by the Watergate scandal, which is starting to seem mild compared to what Obama and Biden have done in office that actually harms the country.

Your can keep your health plan, your doctor. Obama made a claim to this effect on Nov. 4, 2013 with regard to the Affordable Care Act. Then, more statements were made before the law passed, while it was being debated and after it passed.

Whether you think was a Big Lie or not depends on whether you lost you plan or your doctor.

I did not have sex with that woman. On January 28, 1998, President Bill Clinton went on TV and (while wagging his finger at the camera) told the American people:

I want you to listen to me. I’m gonna say this again. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time.   Never. These allegations are false, and I need to go back to work for the American people.

In the fullness of time, I’ve decided this was minor compared to what Democrats say and do today.

But of course, nothing Bill said in the TV clip was true. It reminds you of Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff who are both Democrats and both compulsive liars.

Ample evidence of [Russian] collusion [is] in plan sight. This, of course is the blathering of U.S. Rep Adam Schiff who called this Trump “scandal” worse than Watergate before special counsel Robert Mueller called it untrue.

You mean with a cloth? This was Hillary Clinton’s answer when asked if she had wiped her computers. It’s an interesting way of lying that Hillary is quite good at.

Fiery but mostly peaceful protests. Who can ever forget CNN’s now famous Chyron graphic that was at the bottom of the screen while the reporter did his stand-up in front of burning buildings in downtown Kenosha?

This bond issue won’t raise your taxes much. That’s based on how you look at it.  But it’s what school districts don’t tell you that is the lie.

Lou Ann Anderson and I have been doing a series of articles on WBDaily to explain what you need to know, and what your school district may not be telling you.

Russian disinformation. That is how the Mainstream Media reacted to stories on FOX News and on talk radio about Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and the damning information contained therein.

Investigative reporter Peter Schweizer says the Biden Family has brought in $31,000,000 from interests that are likely conflicts of interest. 17 months too late to affect the presidential election, the New York Times admitted the story is true. Left-wing news organizations ignored the story, and the social media giants banned any stories about it prior to the election.

Video:  Peter Schweizer’s interview with Mark Levin. (1/24/22)

Islam is peace. This line is a quote from President George W. Bush at the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C. on September 17, 2001.

Six says earlier, Islamic extremists had hijacked four commercial jets and rammed them in the twin towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania killing all on board and thousands on the ground.

The American people think the reason for inflation is the government spending more money. Simply not true. (Quote from Joe Biden.) As they say down south, bless his heart. Joe Biden can blame the supply chain. He can blame Vladimir Putin. But inflation is the big reelection killer.

Joe should check out gasoline pumps that feature his picture with the statement: “I did this.”

Good luck in 2024 Joe. Perhaps he can attend free junior college and take an economics course. He might learn about more dollars chasing fewer good and what that does to the value of the dollar.

Climate change. First it was “the coming ice age,” then “global warming,” and now simply “climate change.” Not much that they warn us about comes true, and so they push the dates of doom out further and further.

“Climate change” is a nice catchall that allows them to blame extreme weather events on this “existential” phenomenon. Extreme weather events have been around since the Red Sea parted.

These are some of my favorite Big Lies.

There’s so much more. Mask mandates. Sex-change. Jeffrey Epstein.

And I didn’t even mention the Comet Kohoutek. Did they lie about that, or just get it wrong? You could look it up.

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This entire book is a lie.  That is to say that I made it all up.  I call it “fiction.” 

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