Reading Writing & Arithmetic Replaced by Diversity Equity & Inclusion

You may not like Critical Race Theory, but credit it for one thing: it has made conservative parents “woke” about how public schools indoctrinate our children. Make no mistake. Public schools are instruments of the Left, they are consumed with race, and they want total control of your kids.

In the Virginia gubernatorial campaign, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, made it a point to say that parents should have no say what their children are taught. He also lied about Critical Race Theory, saying it’s not taught in Virginia.

Of course, CRT is taught under many names, and parents know that. That’s one reason McAuliffe was sent packing. Parents have awakened to what’ s going on in public schools. And they’re not happy.

An elementary school. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

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How interesting that it took a race-based curriculum to wake up parents.

Nastiness in schools is nothing new. It hasn’t been so long since there was a controversy over restrooms. Some schools wanted to allow students to use the potty that matches their “gender identity.” This is part of the LGBTQIA+ agenda that holds that a person’s sex at birth is just a starting point. ABC News once counted 58 genders.

Warning: sexual terms are contained in the following graph.

The homosexual agenda may state that there is no such thing as an assigned sex. But here’s what science says.

If you have two X chromosomes, you are born with a vagina and will develop the sexual characteristics of a female. If you have an X and a Y chromosome, you will be born with the characteristics of a male.

The Austin ISD is concerned with “equity” for its next bond issue. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

This is settled science. Very settled science. Except in schools.

In schools, where we send our children to learn truth, they are taught that they can choose their sex. If a boy chooses to be a girl, then bingo – he’s a she. So Frank, put on that dress and pee in the girls’ room.

This actually happened in Loudoun County, Virginia where a boy in a dress used the girls’ room, but still had the sexual equipment to rape a teenaged [actual] girl. The Loudon School Board covered it up and the superintendent lied about it.

Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily.

In Texas, we had the controversial “Bathroom Bill” that was designed to keep boys and girls from co-mingling in restrooms because of gender confusion.

Texas said: you’re asking for a problem! The NFL, NBA, and the NCAA all said that was a bunch of hooey and that they might boycott Texas.

So we didn’t pass the bathroom bill and we’ve been lucky.

One schoolgirl in Loudoun County, Virginia was not so lucky.

What happened to this young girl is precisely what the Texas Bathroom Bill was designed to prevent.

And when her father went to the School Board meeting to company, he was ejected from the meeting and arrested.

Part of a typical school superintendent contract, this one from Austin ISD. (Photo by Lynn Woolley for WBDaily)

And now comes CRT – Critical Race Theory — which may be even worse.

It’s a tough call to decide. Is it worse to teach kids that they can choose their own sex, or that some of the students are oppressed while others are oppressors? Critical Race Theory seeks to teach pretty much everything through a racial lens.

As one black activist said at a school board meeting – racism in America was down to its dying embers when CRT threw it a lifeline.

The political Left and the Democratic Party need racial issues in order to survive. CRT keeps the racial flames fanned for them. Since the Democrats control public schools, the schools are full of the homosexual and social justice agendas.

CRT comes in many forms.

Your school district, like Terry McAuliffe, may insist that Critical Race Theory isn’t taught. But take a closer look. CRT is also taught in the form of ethnic studies, or the New York Times’ history-revising “1619 Project.” Lately, the Anti-Defamation League’s “No Place For Hate” program has infiltrated many schools. The ADL is a far-left organization and its program is pure CRT.

Video:  Oct. 27, 2021 on MSNBC, McAuliffe denies Critical Race Theory is taught in VIrginia and predicts a big win.

In the “No Place For Hate” curriculum, teachers refer to students in a gender-neutral way. The program diminishes “the gender binary,” to create “gender inclusive” schools and classrooms.

Your children learn about the “cycle of inequality” and how not to assume their peers’ race or gender by how they look. The program teaches about “microagressions that are pervasive in everyday life.” It goes on and on.

And yet, the ADL will often hand out plaques or banners to schools that have earned the No Place For Hate seal. The local newspaper will play it up and put it on page 1 above the fold. Texas’ third-largest school district, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD near Houston, suspended the program after an uproar from parents.

The public schools’ nasty little secret is a secret no more.

The public schools have replaced reading, writing and arithmetic with diversity, equity, and inclusion. That’s what your kids are being taught in schools. It’s why more and more people are voting against school bond issues, pulling their kids out of pubic schools, and turning to charter schools or homeschooling.

This is the issue that put Glenn Youngkin in the Governor’s Mansion in Virginia. Schools used to be a Democratic Party issue – a stronghold. Schools have suddenly become a Republican, conservative issue.   School superintendents and schools boards can’t fly under the radar anymore.

The left-wing agenda of public schools is now one of the main issues in American politics. Parents are finally opening their eyes and not liking what they see.   They’re attending school board meetings and raising hell. As they should.   These young students are their children and they have decided to take a stand.

It’s been lonely fighting this battle for decades as a radio talk show host. It feels awfully good to have some company.

Watch for my new book “Darker Secrets” coming soon.

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