When 60 Minutes Revealed Washington’s Open Secret

Journalism is dead – but it hasn’t always been that way. As recently as October 2013, Steve Kroft ran an amazing piece of investigative journalism on CBS’s “60 Minutes.” I happened to catch it that night. And I’ve watched it many times since.

I’ve often told you that it’s easier to see pigs fly than to get an ethics bill through Congress – or the Texas Legislature for that matter. Our “public servants” often get rich off their public service – and they want to keep the benefits flowing.

As Kroft says in his intro to the report, it’s not what’s illegal in Washington that matters most. It’s what’s legal.

The report is entitled “Washington’s Open Secret –Profitable PACs.” I hope You Tube leaves it up for a long time.

This is the way Washington works. Kroft held nothing back.

But today’s journalists are far too lax. If a reporter on –say, CNN, is a Democrat, it’s unlikely he or she will report on corruption involving Democrats. In fact, CNN makes it a point to skip over stories that might harm the network’s favorite party.

A true journalist will report on facts, and the politics be damned.

When President Nixon was about to be impeached, there were no friendly networks to cover up for him. But left-wing reporters covered up for Bill Clinton and for Barack Obama.

With Hillary Clinton in charge of “bimbo eruptions,” Bill was able to survive multiple charges of sexual harassment and even rape. Barack Obama committed at least three impeachable crimes: the gunrunning in “Fast and Furious,” weaponizing the IRS and the Intelligence Community, and the dark-of-night Iran deal that excluded congressional oversight.

Journalism failed in in these cases.

The story of the media and Donald Trump is yet to be written, but it will not be pretty – from either side. Today’s Mainstream Media could learn a few things from watching Steve Kroft’s report from just a few scant years ago.

That’s what real journalism looks like.

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