Tucker Carlson makes passionate appeal against War in Syria If we must strike Syria, so be it, but we should do it with logic aforethought and not in the fog of emotion.

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By Lynn Woolley

As the Mainstream Media makes its case for war, the FOX News primetime star is warning us that bad things come with war – including dead Americans. Carlson is right. If we must strike Syria, so be it, but we should do it with logic aforethought and not in the fog of emotion.

His questions are valid.

Tucker on Syria — 4/9/18

What American interest do we have in Syria? How do we know that Bashar al Assad used the chemical weapons? If we take out Assad, do we have a strongman ready to take his place?

That is, of course, the “what then” question that we’ve asked on our radio show for years. During the Bush administration we won easily in Iraq, and then had no idea what to do next.

Yes, there is a refugee crisis due to the Syrian civil war – and there’s ISIS, which could re-form.

Unfortunately, Trump, like Obama before him, has already drawn a red line.

Video: April 9, 2018 — Tucker Carlson’s epic rant

Trump’s red line is problematical.

This is the main point I was making on the radio after word came out that Assad has used chlorine gas and killed more than forty people. While Carlson was talking about “false flags,” I assumed that he is morally capable of such an attack. For the record, Carlson also assumes that Assad is capable of it, but he wants proof.

But Carlson asks whether we should strike Assad if we know beyond a doubt that he did it. That’s where Trump’s red line comes in. Obama drew his line, and Assad stepped over it, and Obama did not act. That may be fine for a president leading from behind, but that’s not Trump’s style.

Obama lost a great deal of respect and prestige with his red line debacle. But the world knew that he was, essentially, a pacifist who believed America should not be a superpower. He did not care what happened in Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea. Trump does care.

That means that, after hitting Assad once before over chemical warfare, Trump is obligated to respond when he does it again. If he has done it again, with due respect to those who feel that Assad is not guilty.

If Trump fails to respond, what will Putin think? What will Xi think? What will Kim Jong Un think? In the case of North Korea, Trump has verbally bludgeoned KJU to the point that he is willing to negotiate with his nuclear program on the line. If Trump shows weakness now, that might be over.

Video: Following the “rant,” Tucker brings on Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi to ask about U.S. interests in Syria

I’m more in Tucker’s camp that some people might think.

Go back through the years and you’ll hear me say that I’m tired of two things. One, protecting Middle Eastern nations that turn around and burn the American flag. Two, seeing American soldiers come home in body bags while trying to win freedom for ungrateful people who don’t even understand the concept.

Yet, as the Dallas Morning News editorial suggests, there are actually some issues at stake in Syria.

One is the refugee crisis that has engulfed much of Europe and has led to a lot of misery for the refugees and the countries that taken them in. The bigger issue for us is that Iran is involved, and we must be vigilant to make sure that the rogue nation doesn’t consolidate power, form an alliance with Russia, or go on to develop nuclear weapons. Israel has the same concerns and it may act militarily at any time.

But the News’ pipe-dream that we can formulate a strategy that “pushes Syria into a better future where human rights are respected, chemical attacks are no more, and the people of Syria have a say in their leadership.” That’s a nice thought, but this is the Middle East. It’s not going to happen.

When should we attack Syria?

Preferably, never.

The Middle East, perhaps through the Arab League, should police its own region. Our record is not so great because the people there are so different from us. Europe can deal with the refugee crisis; after all, the European Union is a major instigator of the “no-borders” movement. We should get involved if it appears that Iran is using the Syrian civil war to partner with Russia to expedite its nuclear weapons program. The United States and the world cannot live with a nuclear Iran.

Which leaves us with Trump’s ill-advised red line.

He also has to do something, or he will look as foolish as Obama did. Whatever he does, it ought not to involve more troops. Syria isn’t worth creating dead Americans until there is a serious threat. On that, count me with Tucker Carlson.


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