Americans should unite to take on the threat of North Korea Perhaps if Anchorage or San Francisco is attacked by Kim Jong Un, some type of unity will emerge from the ruins.

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Jul 5, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

The news that North Korea tested an ICBM that might be able to reach Alaska, Hawaii, or even San Francisco might be unsettling to people who live in those regions. But at CNN, the “Trump colluded with the Russians” panels will likely go on.

I find it bizarre that, in the face of a mad dictator working overtime to acquire the ability to nuke the United States, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post still see President Trump as the enemy.

Like him or not, he will lead our response.  

Kim Jong Un may be nuts — but he has missiles. (Reuters)

So I decided to post a short call for unity at my FACEBOOK site. It got a lot of likes and shares—but I was appalled that several comments popped up from people whose hatred of Trump eclipses their concern over Kim Jong Un.

This is insane. Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama all failed to stop the menace. We MUST unite so Trump can do it.

Here is the post that offended a few Never-Trumpers:

North Korea is out of control. We are slipping closer to nuclear war. The Democrats had better get their heads out of their rear ends and let the FBI/CIA/NSA handle the counterespionage case against Russia so that President Trump can work to either stop North Korea or destroy Kim Jong Un. People like Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff have become dangerous distractions to what the President should be focusing on — averting war, or stopping a nuclear-armed madman. Americans must come together now.

I did not see this post as controversial.

President Trump

I for one will not worry about whether I’m a Republican or a Democrat if “Dear Leader” fires a nuclear-tipped ICBM into Texas. I will, wonder why my country and my President did not stop this before it happened.

But, as you might expect in day of the CNN Trump-hating panels, this logical post received several dissenting comments. One read:

War is no answer. A man who insults anyone that disagrees with him is no leader. He needs to work with leaders and not threaten others who become defensive and build weapons to protect themselves from this narcissistic president who thinks only of himself and not our country. He is to be feared for his anger and threats instead of diplomacy.

Over our history, war has too often been the answer. President Trump’s insults notwithstanding, he is the duly elected President of the United States, and all our futures may be in his hands. But according to this post, we can’t unite behind him in this particular case – because he’s insulted someone.

A photograph released by North Korea’s official news agency on Tuesday that is said to show the intercontinental ballistic missile being launched. Credit Korean Central News Agency

President Obama insulted Christians, went on an apology tour, and offended conservatives all the time – calling us “bitter clingers” for believing in God and owning guns.

Yet, if Obama, instead of dithering, had put together a strong plan to prevent North Korean nukes, I would have supported him. Unfortunately, he did very little, and now the problem kicks over to President Trump.

My post also received this response from an old radio buddy from my days in Dallas:

…Trump is in power now…before him Obama, then Bush, then Clinton, Bush I, etc. Not a g*d damn one has done a think about North Korea including this joke of a president we have now. He’s a p*ssy just like the rest..check back in four years and see if he isn’t just like the rest.

We don’t have four years.

North Korea has just tested an ICBM that achieved an altitude of 1700 miles. We are told that such a missile could travel 4,160 miles on a standard trajectory. And wait, the prior comment was upset because of Trump’s brashness. This post calls him a “p*ssy.” Liberals should get together and decide what they rally hate about him. Is he too bold? Or too shy? I am always confused by liberals.

Then, with regard to my comment about Democrats being a huge “distraction, there was this post:

Blaming the Democrats as a distraction implies that the president is unable to multi task and his security team / cabinet won’t be listened to or unable to function without the president. Perhaps stopping his twitter war against the media would eliminate a distraction of his own making, thus freeing up his resources to concentrate on n. Korea

I stand by my comments, both in the post and on the air.  North Korea is posing the biggest threat to the United States and allies like South Korea and Japan in decades. George W. Bush had 9/11 early in his presidency, and Donald Trump has Kim Jong Un.

And yet, this county doesn’t seem to have the capacity to unite against a common enemy.

Rep. Maxine Waters D-CA (Photo: Associated Press)

President Trump is in a mud-fight with the media – especially CNN – and yet, look what his opponents are putting him through:

Yet, nobody seems concerned about the leaking – which amounts to felonies in some cases – and no tangible evidence against the President has emerged. So why can’t we unite in at least one crisis – that of the North Korean nukes that we now know are getting closer to being a serious threat?

Perhaps if Anchorage – or San Francisco – is attacked by Kim Jong Un, some type of unity will emerge from the ruins. As long as Jeff Zucker is running CNN, and Maxine Waters is still in office, I wouldn’t count on it.

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