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by Lynn Woolley

President Obama’s defeat with regard to trade authority is a rare occurrence – and that still might be reversed. For the most part, Mr. Obama gets his way – at WBDaily, we call that…

The Obama Principle.”

House Speaker John Boehner files lawsuits against Obama -- but they don't work.

House Speaker John Boehner files lawsuits against Obama — but they don’t work.

Most notably, President Obama was able to pass national healthcare legislation –a generational goal of the Democrat Party. Bill Clinton could not do it – nor could any prior Democrat president. But Obama did it. How is this possible? Some think it’s because Mr. Obama is black, and that white members of Congress are fearful of racism charges. We don’t think so. We think there’s a deeper pathology in Congress that causes members, once they’ve been there a while, to cling to the status quo.

Once congressmen understand that their time in Congress provides them a pathway to great wealth, why should they rock the boat? This is the only way to explain the Wimps in Congress.

Dennis Hastert (Photo:  AP)

Dennis Hastert (Photo: AP)

Look at the temptations enjoyed by members of Congress.

Members often enter Congress fairly wealthy and leave filthy rich. The recent scandal involving former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is a great case in point. Hastert went from being a high school wresting teacher to a member who could pay millions of dollars in hush money to cover up a homosexual affair.

How do members manage to make that kind of money? Lots of ways.

They sell changes to the Income Tax Code to the highest contributors to their campaigns. (Note that they raise money constantly.) They have in the past, and likely still do, get insider-trading information that would send normal people to jail. (Note that Hillary Clinton, a pathological liar, did not serve time for the Cattle Futures deal.) They enjoy lucrative Leadership PACs as exposed on “60 Minutes.”

They can become involved in lucrative land deals and other investments. (Look at how wealthy Harry Reid has become.) They are coddled by lobbyists and often set themselves up to become lobbyists once their days on Congress are over.

In short, being in Congress is a birdnest on the ground.

That doesn’t mean ALL members are wimps. But far too many of them are there to look out for Number One – and that means preserving the benefits of congressional service, including the unfair advantage that incumbents have at the ballot box.

But even this doesn’t explain why they have allowed President Obama to take over their power.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Henninger said that Obama has rewritten the Founding Fathers’ original vision — he has abolished Congress. Mr. Henninger went on to say that since passage of Obamacare and Dodd-Frank, Congress has essentially been retired from its historic function. Henninger calls Obama “the Re-founding Father.”

To wit, Mr. Obama has used executive power, and the power seemingly invested in the “rulemaking” of the Washington bureaucracy to assume almost total control of the passage of laws. You may recall that the power to write and pass laws is invested in the Congress – or it used to be. Yet Obama uses executive orders to write immigration law and to make changes in Obamacare as he deems necessary. He uses the Environmental Protection Agency to enforce climate change regulations that he could not get passed through “Cap & Trade.” The Wimps in Congress do not stop him.

Similarly, the U.S. Supreme Court has for decades, since Marbury vs. Madison, used the concept of “judicial review” to assume lawmaking powers. “Roe v Wade” is a Supreme Court decision that is widely called “the law of the land.” How can that be? The Constitution unambiguously grants lawmaking powers only to the Congress. Yet, this decision – call it a law because it has the effect of a law – is not challenged by the Wimps in Congress.

When Obamacare was in legal trouble, Chief Justice John Roberts rewrote the law from the bench to allow it pass through as a “tax” rather than as a “penalty,” and the Wimps in Congress did nothing. Essentially, we are allowing a useless branch of government—the Congress – to rake in amazing salaries, benefits, and campaign cash without getting much at all in the way of service out of them.

Henninger says there are still three branches of government, but –

They are the executive (the president), the judicial (the courts) and the bureaucracy (government agencies).

• The President writes laws with executive orders.

• The Supreme Court writes laws with judicial review.

• The bureaucracy writes laws with regulations.

The latest example of bureaucratic legislation is the so-called “Net Neutrality” that was just imposed by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), an unelected bunch of paper-pushers that do Obama’s bidding. Net Neutrality is NOT a law, and no one should have to abide by it. But the Wimps in Congress do nothing.

Why does Congress allow the other two branches to take all its constitutional power?

This is THE question. The only answer that fits the question is that Wimps in Congress have ceased caring about the Constitution or the people they serve. They bring home just enough pork to their districts to get reelected and they know full well that it is tough – almost impossible – to unseat a sitting member of Congress.

So why mess with Obama and his “historic” presidency?

The Clintons run a fake charity (Photo: National Journal)

The Clintons run a fake charity (Photo: National Journal)

Do like Charlie Rangel and take lavish trips paid for by lobbyists. Do like Harry Reid and participate in land deals while members of your immediate family are in the lobbying business. Do like Dennis Hastert and become rich through lobbying while paying hush money. Do like Bill and Hillary Clinton and use a fake charity to become rich beyond you wildest dreams. Do like many politicians and “write” a book to get a big advance, even though you never write a single word. Use that Leadership PAC and have a great time. Attend two fundraisers before the first session opens each morning. Use a printed newsletter and email blasts to tell the folks back home what a great job you’re doing.

But the Constitution? Separation of powers? Why bother?

And so they don’t. Obama has rendered the Congress obsolete. Challenging him would simply be too much trouble, and would get you dumped on by Democrats and the media. Remember that Republicans have taken most of their weapons off the table. They say they will never impeach President Obama. They say they will never shut down the government to stop Obama’s lawlessness. They rarely use the power of the purse.

And that is about all they have. If Congress takes those powers and buries them, there is nothing to stop Obama from doing anything he wants. When Ted Cruz stepped up to the plate and made a attempt to stop Obamacare, HE was the one criticized. The Wimps in Congress did much of the Cruz-bashing.

We now have three political parties.

We have the far-left Democrats such as Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Howard Dean, and everybody on MSNBC.

We have the far-right conservatives such as Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rush Limbaugh and one primetime host of FOX News named Sean Hannity.

And we have the Status Quos.

These are the people in Congress from both parties who meet in the middle to make sure that congressional service lasts until death, makes you rich, or at the very least prepares you for a career as a K Street lobbyist.

There is a much bigger overlap between the Democrats and and the Republicans than most people think and it is about holding onto political power and making individual members wealthy. This is why we get no positive change such as the Fair Tax or abolishing the 17th Amendment. The Status Quos want everything to stay just like it is. As long as they are raking in power and cash, life is good.

They care little about the Constitution, the growth of government, the declining power of the states, legislating from the bench, or an imperial presidency.

They’re Wimps in Congress. They’re richer than we are. But they’re still wimps.


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