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Issue #1415
by Jim Rose



German bandleader and composer James Last performs live during a concert at the O2 World on 4/18/15 in Berlin (Photo:  Frank Hoensch - Redferns - Getty Images)

German bandleader and composer James Last performs live during a concert at the O2 World on 4/18/15 in Berlin (Photo: Frank Hoensch – Redferns – Getty Images)


Between 1967 and 1986, German-born Big Band leader James Last has 52 hit albums which places him second only to Elvis Presley in record albums that land on the charts. With his trademark happy music, Last sells well over 100 million albums. James is a producer on more than 190 records. James Last is born on April 17, 1929 in Bremen, Germany. According to his manager, on ‎Tuesday, ‎June ‎9, ‎2015 James Last dies peacefully and in the presence of his family at 86 in his Palm Beach, Florida home.

Video: James Last’s version of “Orange Blossom Special”

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BUCKAROO HITS THE TRAIL IN MISSION CITY Don Gosselin PD of iHeartMedia Country KAJA FM (97.3) & Classic Country KRPT FM (92.5) San Antonio, TX hits the trail. Don says: iHeartMedia and I have mutually agreed to part company. I wish all the people there nothing but the best. I’m going to take some time off before deciding what is next in my career. Don Gosselin joins the San Antonio cluster in September 2014 after three years at as iHM cluster OM and PD of Today’s Hot Country WNOE FM (101.1) New Orleans, LA.

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON Ryan Shaver since 2012 sports anchor on KIMT TV CBS CH 3 in Mason City, IA moves to Minneapolis to join his dad Randy Shaver who is weekday evening news anchor on KARE TV NBC CH 11 Minneapolis. Ryan joins KARE TV as a multimedia journalist in the sports department. Ryan’s dad brags to the Pioneer Press: He’s worked really hard, he’s a talented kid. I’m sure at some point down the road we’ll both be sitting on the set together.



Radio Disney continues its sell-off of two more radio stations to Salem Media Group. Salem’s Pennsylvania Media Associates grabs WMKI-1260 Boston, MA for $500,000. WMKI-1260 is Salem’s fourth property in the Boston market along with Christian Preaching WEZE-590 The Word, WROL-950 Spirit of Boston and Spanish Christian WWDJ-1150 Radio Luz. Salem snags Inspiration Media KMKI-620 Plano/Dallas, TX for $3 million.


TRIVIA QUESTION: When does the legendary Charlie Van Dyke leave KHJ-930 in Los Angeles, CA? The answer appears below.


•WVBZ FM iHeartMedia (The Buzz 105.7) Greensboro-Winston Salem-High Point, NC flips from Alternative to Rock. •LAUREN MICHAELS BERNARD wife of 17-year KLUC FM (98.5) veteran John [JB King] who moves on up to PD resigns as co-host of KLUC FM’s Chet Buchanan & The Morning Zoo. •LESLIE SPOON weekend Sports Anchor on WFRV TV CBS CH 5 Green Bay, WI where she covers Packers football for the past three years catches a fast train to WWL TV CBS CH 4 New Orleans, LA as new weekend sports anchor.


•1955 MR PEEPERS one of our favorite TV Comedies that stars Wally Cox airs for last time on NBC TV on June 12th.

•1969 HEE HAW replaces controversial Smothers Brothers Show on CBS-TV on June 15th. •1957 JIMMY DORSEY Big Band leader dies at 53 on June 12th. •1983 JOHN ANDERSON’s single Swingin’ goes Gold on June 14th. •1994 CAB CALLOWAY suffers massive stroke in his home in White Plaines, NY on June 12th. •2012 ELI YOUNG BAND’s single Even If It Breaks Your Heart goes Gold on June 13th.


BUD BUSCHARDT [ex WFAA TV Director, ABC sat radio] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Jack Grady Obit. Jim, I tried to keep this bio as short as possible and still make it interesting. You might have to do some edits to make it fit your format. Thanks for whatever mention you can do. ‘Bud Jack Grady (Anderson) was the overnight voice on ABC Radio Network’s Stardust (later Timeless) format from 2001-2009. Before that he was at KAAM in Dallas. His career began in the days when DJs got to choose the records they played. When he was on a Memphis radio station, he received a call from a man who liked the records he was playing. The man invited him to “stop by the house” after his show. That man was Elvis Presley with whom Jack became a friend. Jack worked for several McLendon stations in the early Top 40 days. From radio he moved to music publishing with April/Applewood and later Tree Music. Then back to radio and several other businesses until he retired. Jack was found dead in his apartment last week. Cause of death is pending the coroner’s report. Jack was a good friend and employee. He and his stories about the radio and music publishing businesses will be missed very much.’

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LIZ PATRANELLA [Liz Houston – KTSA-550, KBAT-680] (Austin, TX) Subject: Perfect for Old DJs and Radio Listeners. You may have already seen this, but I thought it was worth sharing. Talk about a trip down memory lane! Another treasure trove of hits – 1000’s of them. Click on the speaker in the middle of the Record and it plays the entire song. You now have 40 years of the Top 10 Songs for each month of the year from 1950 to 1990. Not only can you hear the music, but you get to see the original label, in addition to getting a photo of the artist, biography and discography. (

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JAY WALKER [KJKK FM 100.3/KTSA-550 KTFM FM/Jay Walker Prod] (Dallas/McKinney, TX) Subject: Radio Killed Radio. Hi Jim, Spot set pacing management is critical too. Too many times I’ll hear multiple dry voice scattered throughout the stop-set. When a station stops down logically you go with the dry voice down tempo spot since you’ve already killed the tempo. Then you build the tempo back up to a full sing jingle to get back into the music..Pacing, it’s an old top-40 idea that is still relevant today. I could go on for many pages about radio’s flaws, but I don’t want to waste your time. Bottom line, radio needs to take a long hard look in the mirror to even hope to fix itself. Great radio has always been and still is easy to do. It takes great promotions, great talent, great music, and great processing… You and Suz take care down that way!!! Jay

TRIVIA ANSWER: In 1968, Charlie Van Dyke exits KLIF-1190 Dallas, TX for CKLW-800 Windsor/Detroit. His voice tours some of America’s biggest Top 40 radio stations: KFRC-610 San Francisco, CA, WLS-890 Chicago, IL and KHJ-930 Los Angeles, CA. On June 5, 1977 DJ Charlie Van Dyke’s deep, booming voice vacates KHJ-930.

Video: Charlie Van Dyke’s spoken word record “The Flag”, recited to a bluegrass background, charted nationally, peaking at #116 in the Record World survey, June-July 1976.

SCOTTY BRINK [former DJ on WLS-890, WOR FM, KHJ-930, WCFL-1000] (Oklahoma City, OK) Jim. I’m grateful that you ‘remember’ me. And thanks, too, for your great work in keeping radio alive online.

DON SUNDEEN [DJ/Hi Records promotion/TV ad production] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Congratulations! Jim, you’ve created something that will live on and be a snapshot of radio at a certain place and time. Heck of a legacy. ( / (

CAPTAIN JAMES T. KIRK (William Shatner) Scotty, beam us up.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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