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Apr 26, 2015 2 Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

While going through some old papers, we found an instruction sheet from 1994 on how to pick a topic and write a persuasive essay. The memo uses, as an example, how wrong it is to be pro-life. The example is utilized throughout to show how some babies should never be born – and how a student might make that that case in an essay.

Richard Gonzales addresses the "Education Summit" (Photo: Temple Daily Telegram by Lindsay Hernandez)

Richard Gonzales addresses the “Education Summit” (Photo: Temple Daily Telegram by Lindsay Hernandez)

Back to the present — I read an article about a speech made by a licensed master social worker named Richard Gonzales. He told an education summit that:

“We need more Latinos, in science and technical fields.”

Apparently there aren’t enough minority teachers.

“Why do we need people of color to be teachers?” he asked. “Because they can see themselves.”

Most of Mr. Gonzales’ solutions were race-based – as is the trend in education. Liberal social ideas like abortion rights and diversity are what matter in our schools.

The Community Education Empowerment Summit.

This little jewel of racial propaganda took place in my hometown – Temple, Texas on April 24th. The quotes come from a Temple Daily Telegram story written by Lindsey Hernandez, a Telegram staff writer. What was said by Gonzales at the summit was absolutely amazing and could not be more counterproductive.

Gonzales was speaking about the status of minority students in 21st century education. He called for engaging communities (this often means higher taxes or donations from civic organizations) and parents in schools. He wants equitable educational excellence for all students. But he pretty much talked about minorities, and most specifically, Latinos.

He noted that, for the first time, there are more minorities attending the nations’ public schools than Anglos. This is a silly statement. By definition, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MORE OF THE MAJORITY ATTENDING SCHOOLS. But race-based experts like Gonzales need to hang on to the term “minority” because it serves their purpose. If he admits that Latinos are now the majority, he loses some of his racial ammunition.

Without noting (at least not in the article) that President Obama is illegally opening our borders to millions of illegal aliens and offering unconstitutional amnesty, he declared victory in the demographic wars.

“It’s not going back,” he said.

He’s right — if Democrats continue to run the country.

Since most illegals come from Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico, the trend will continue. Obama knows he needs lots of poor people to maintain an underclass that needs Big Government. There was a time when America, flush with new immigrants, would take a pause. Immigration would be stopped while those already here assimilated. This is from the US Immigration History website:

In 1924 and 1926, partly in response to pressure from labor unions, Congress put in place the first comprehensive quota systems to limit immigration into the U.S. For the next 40 years, from 1925 to 1965, the United States had a relatively restrictive immigration policy, which allowed 200,000 people into the country annually, on average. Demographers sometimes call this period “the Great Pause,” although at the time, most Americans thought of it as permanent.

That meant acclimating the immigrant population into our culture, giving them time to master the English language and learn our history. Now we live in an age when students are not allowed to wear American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo because it might offend students that are here illegally.

The future belongs to minorities.

Gonzales stated that future scientists, astronauts, doctors, and such will come from the black and Latino communities. He pointed out that in Temple, Texas only 32.7 percent of students are white. 29 percent are black. 36 percent are Latino. Then came the race baiting.

The demographics of the teachers in the district do not reflect the student body. The teachers are (GASP!) 82.5 percent WHITE! This is a problem, he told the sparse audience.


Maybe a better question is why would the local school district bring a race-baiter such as Gonzales to speak as if he were some sort of serious thinker? The idea that black or Latino students cannot be taught or inspired by a person “that doesn’t look like” the student borders on stupidity.

He does offer an indemnification statement just in case someone calls him out:

“We’re not saying white teachers cannot teach minority students. We’re not saying that at all. In fact they’re doing that right now. But when minority students see an African-American standing up there reading Shakespeare or teaching calculus or teaching biology, you know that child is inspired and motivated.”

This is ignorance. First he says what he’s not saying. Then, he says it.

Let me look back into my life as a student. I (of course) was white. I used to look at my white teachers and be so inspired. I used to think that everything they were teaching must be good and true – because they looked like me. Well, no! But that was in the days before race became everything and race baiting became respectable. In those days, the teacher was simply the teacher – and the teacher inspired us to learn or he didn’t.

Gonzales’ answers.

He starts with more parental involvement. Nice.

In day when liberal policies have all but destroyed the family and threaten to finish it off completely, he wants more parental involvement. First, Mr. Gonzales, we have to remove liberals from positions of power so that conservatives can restore the family.

Next, Gonzales wants to involve all manner of race-based organizations from LULAC to the NAACP. And why not? It was those organizations that sponsored the summit.

Look who was there!

Judy Morales (Photo: KCEN-TV)

Judy Morales (Photo: KCEN-TV)

Ethically-challenged Temple City Councilwoman Judy Morales, who suffered few consequences for admitted crimes and was welcomed back to the Council by the other 4 members after she won a special election in which almost no one voted said:

“I’d like to thank each one of you for taking the time to be here today.”

She holds the state LULAC education chair.

“What we learned here today. We need to take it out and use the information.”

Precisely. That’s what I just did. So pass this column around.

And try to imagine where schools will be when the race-baiters are in complete control.

You have to wonder if minority students will be able to relate to America historical figures like George Washington and Ronald Reagan – after all, they didn’t “look like” today’s students. You can bet that history will change. The Texas revolution from the Alamo to Goliad to San Jacinto may see a role reversal.

Video: Jose Angel Gutierrez (who still teaches at UTA) says the Gringo must go

After all, there are educators like Jose Angel Guttierrez who teaches at the University of Texas at Arlington that Texas stole its land from Mexico.

Get ready for a change in history. It’s coming.

Now back to the 1994 instruction sheet on how to write an essay.

The instruction sheet is labeled “TAAS Persuasive Writing” for English I Composition (1994-1995). Two women are credited with creating the sheet: Betsy Howell and Melanie Henson. I do not know if this came form the state or from the local district.

TAAS Photo 1

This is perhaps the best argument related to liberal bias in schools that I’ve seen – and it’s probably worse now than then. Here are exact quotes from the instruction sheet – used as an “example” of how to choose an essay topic – but clearly specifying the viewpoint the schools expect:

“EXAMPLE: Take pro-life commercials off television because they portray one-sided views, unrealistic views, and because we should take care of the children we already have.”

This is the liberal position on abortion. And the sheet continues with the example:

“Example: Unplanned pregnancies do not guarantee happiness; stop the commercials portraying them as they such [sic].”

I’m impressed that the “educators” who drafted this sheet knew how to use a semicolon correctly. I’m NOT so impressed with the line, “stop portraying them as they such.”

The second page of the instruction sheet is even more liberal. Here is a suggested introduction to the essay – just an example – but quite specific in its point of view:

“The abortion views presented on the pro-life commercials need removal from television. The commercials feature smiling, happy, and healthy children. They only show the well-adjusted and lively. Do all unplanned pregnancies end up like this? Yes, according to the commercials. Take pro-life commercials off television because they portray one-sided views, unrealistic views, and because we should take care of the children already here.”

TAAS Photo 2
This is amazing – and disgusting. I understand that it is an example, but it is presented as a valid topic. The example not only calls for the destruction of living children in the womb – but also for removing the freedom of speech of those who are pro-life. Presumably, pro-abortion commercials would still be allowed to run on TV. Again, this is liberalism at its worst – teaching students to be liberals AND teaching them to stop free speech for those who do not agree with them.

Now to the conclusion provided by Ms. Howell and Ms. Henson:

“Why should society punish these children for their irresponsible mistakes? What makes America think its [sic] presents these children a justice [sic] by making them live in hate and poverty? How can the public let paid programs of advertising persuade our moral choices? By these commercials the public will underestimate the importance of legal abortion. Unplanned pregnancies do not guarantee happiness; stop the commercials portraying them as such.”

What we have is typo-laden, poorly written instructions on how to write a liberal essay and quash any opposing point of view. This stuff is right out of “1984.” Besides, this whole idea of not “punishing” young girls who get pregnant is right out of the Obama playbook – even though this was written a few years before Obama popped into national politics.

Video: Obama in 2011 – “punished with a baby” comments

Now imagine what the student would receive as grade if he or she took the opposite viewpoint. In our liberal schools, resistance is futile. You will be assimilated – not into American culture but into the progressive beliefs of President Obama and people who think like him.

Be careful with those essays.

It’s best, if you’re a student, not to stray from approved thinking. Just as it was in “1984,” the state now controls thinking. Here are some essay topics that will get you an A grade:

• Abortion is a good thing because it prevents unwanted children from being born.
• We fought the War in Iraq for oil.
• We should eliminate our nuclear stockpile because it’s not fair for us to have such weapons.
• America became an exceptional nation by pillaging under-developed countries and we must repay the wealth we stole.
• Most of America’s founders owned slaves and many of them had sex with female slaves.
• Hydraulic fracking causes earthquakes.
• Global warming is caused by people using fossil fuels and the end of civilization is at hand if we don’t tax carbon.
• Halliburton. Anything negative will work fine.

Best to stay away from such topics as “the unborn child is a human being with rights,” or “the climate is controlled mainly by solar activity.” For Pete’s sake, don’t write an essay that is against transgenderism or homosexual rights. That will get you an F and you might even be expelled.

Don’t write an essay about how liberal policies have destroyed the family. Write one about how the family must be more involved in education – even if the majority of minority kids have no fathers living at home. Remember that facts are beside the point.

If you’re brave and willing to pay the price…

Write about how leftist and race-based our schools have become under the control of loopy liberals. Maybe you’ll be lucky and your teacher will turn out to be a closet conservative. They are out there – conservatives teaching in our schools the best they can. Most try their best to plant seeds of logic and to get across to often-fatherless students that they do live in an exceptional country. Some try to teach a bit of character, citizenship, and how to save and invest – things every school ought to be teaching.

I love them for it because they are the only hope of restoring our schools.

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  1. Lynn has noted that our schools teach liberalism. Well, what can you expect from an institution which, by its existence, proclaims a “right to education”. The growing sense of ‘”entitlement” that is a cancer on this country begins with “free education” – provided at taxpayer expense.
    Public Education is the single largest program for the redistribution of wealth in the United States of America. Every student who is enrolled in public schools receives a daily message that education is a right of citizenship. We cannot remove liberalism from the curriculum of public education because liberalism is the foundation upon which public education rests. The only way to get liberalism out of public education is to remove our children from public schools and then close the schools.
    In the meantime, we should seek to reduce the size of our schools and the number of years that our children spend in those institutions. We should seek elimination of unnecessary programs and re-focus our schools upon basic instruction in the essential skills of reading, writing and arithmetic because these are the basic academic skills that are necessary to act as an informed voter.
    If there are people out there who truly believe that we are “Taxed Enough Already”, then get involved in the administration of our schools – run for office on your school board and begin to trim the unnecessary programs and policies that are crippling our society. (There is no way that we should be feeding kids for free in the schools – that’s the problem that the Lone Star Card is supposed to solve.)

    My comments regarding “informed voter” are not meant to imply that anybody in this country is entitled to a “right to vote”. Such a right does not exist in the U.S. Constitution and only the individual states have authority to grant such a right. Our Constitution says only that members of the House of Representatives are to be selected by a “poll of qualified electors” within the districts of the individual representatives. That language does imply that electors (voters) should be qualified, but the qualifications of voters are not listed or even suggested at any point within that document. The Constitution leaves the qualification of voters to the States and it is, therefore, only the States that can grant a “right to vote”.
    Amendments to the Constitution, which many believe to grant a “right to vote” to women or minorities, do no such thing but only state that whenever such a right is granted by a State, that “right” may not be withheld on the basis of race, gender, religion or ethnicity.

  2. In this country we have immigrants from all over the world. Currently we are experiencing waves of immigration not only from Latin America, but also from Asia. The Asian immigrants include Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, as well as many of the nationalities of Indochina. We are told that Latin Americans come here to do the jobs that Americans won’t do, and that means that Latin Americans come to find low-wage jobs that involve low-skilled manual labor. Our Asian immigrants, on the other hand, are, in large part, seeking work in medicine, engineering, and sciences. The Asian immigrants seem to be bringing the skills that we value as the skills of the 21st century, while the immigrants from Latin America are coming with the skills of the 18th century. So why is it that we require every new teacher in Texas to be ESL (English as a Second Language) certified with the understanding that the First Language is assumed to be Spanish?
    Even though we have had waves of immigration from Europe that brought people who spoke many different languages, and many of these established a short-lived supply of newspapers and magazines in their own language, it is only the Latin American immigrants that insist on being taught in the language of their former homes.

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