Welcome to Planet Logic, the new home of Fabled Studio L No radio station management, no owner, no bad time slot, and no chance of getting a pink slip.

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Oct 1, 2019 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

On Thursday, September 26, I sat down in my own studio and spoke into my own microphone to record my first podcast. As I completed the edits, and uploaded it to the entire world, I couldn’t help but smile. Because in these days of new technology, I can be a talk show host on my own terms.

Logo by Greg Hansen (Tractor Creative)

No radio station management, no owner, no bad time slot, and no chance of getting a pink slip.

Technology is moving to the podcast model at a pace faster than anyone could have ever imagined. Bill O’Reilly, for example, used to run the “No Spin Zone” on Fox News Channel. He got fired.

Now, he’s doing it as a daily podcast. O’Reilly is his own boss, and what he puts on his show is very likely determined by Bill himself. When I began listing to Bill through a smartphone linked by Bluetooth to the car speakers, I thought – maybe I can do this.

Then I got an email from Vic Feazell.

Vic and I have a long history. He was the District Attorney in Waco when I was morning newscaster and show host (with Steve Cannon) on WACO and KHOO-FM (now WACO-100). During that tumultuous period, the Lake Waco Triple Murders took place. Not only that, but Henry Lee Lucas was confessing to dozens of murders across the south. Vic was involved in both cases and I covered it all.

Editing a podcast for Planet Logic

Now, Vic is a Waco lawyer and has one of the best true-crime podcasts you’ll ever hear. (His podcast guru Jonathan Zemek has a lot to do with that!) Vic asked me to appear on his show to talk about these cases, and I did.

Both Vic and Jonathan encouraged me to try podcasting – as did dozens of people on my Facebook page. So I looked at Vic’s setup and decided that I could build “Fabled Studio L” in my office at the Mansion.

A few weeks later, I was all set and ready get back to logic on the air – or rather on the Internet!

This is where Greg Hansen came in. He and I have worked together in the marketing business for more than a decade – and Greg is as good as it gets at internet marketing and design. He volunteered to help, and so we made a list of equipment (knowing what Vic was using was a big help) and I ordered it.

Greg and I put it all together.

Lynn Woolley on Planet Logic

OK, fine. Greg put it together, and pretty soon, I had a small podcasting studio that can really do a lot of things. I can record podcasts – but with a two-microphone setup, I can also do interviews. Of course, I can make radio commercials at home now.

The Lady of Logic helped by using her furniture magic to restore an old “piano table” we had bought in Waco to resell. We think it was made from an old piano, and even if it wasn’t, that’s a great story. So we’re sticking to it.

Greg set us up with an online provider and we opened up a new website and Facebook page. The GSOL (Grandson of Logic) is in charge of the Twitter account! It really is a team effort.

Here’s the backstory – in case anyone cares.

The time came last year when I felt I could no longer work on my old syndicated show. Let’s put any rumors to rest that I “retired” or was “fired,” or any other such nonsense. I simply could not work with the owner and that’s that. I have done my best to put all that baggage behind me, and I have moved on.

I began looking for another job long before I resigned. The general manager position came open at KNCT-FM at Central Texas College when the great Max Rudolph retired. Max thought I could do it, so I applied and got the job. I loved the station and the people, and the college treated me extremely well. The only problem was that I missed doing political talk.

Six months in to the KNCT job, I was offered what seemed like a great opportunity in Waco. The owner there was going to carve out three hours for me during the morning, close to my old time slot. The show would run in 4 dial positions: an AM station in Waco, an AM station in Temple, and FM translators in both markets. (FM translators are now seen as the saviors of AM radio, but trust me; they’re not even close.)

I decided to take a chance and do the Waco thing. But as we got close, the timeslot moved to afternoons against Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. I managed 52 shows. I don’t think many people even knew the show was on.

Podcasting puts an end to all that drama.

I no longer have to work for anyone. I don’t have to depend on Nielsen ratings or even sponsors. My podcast costs are mostly in equipment, which is already bought and paid for. If I get tired of podcasting, I still have a nice studio at home.

Welcome to PLANET LOGIC!

Logic has been my shtick for 25 years. I got it from two people: Marilyn vos Savant who wrote a great book entitled “The Power of Logical Thinking,” and Mr. Spock. So, once I decided that the old “Lynn Woolley Show” name worked best on radio, I pondered over an actual show-name for the podcast. I wanted to showcase my long-time theme – logic – with something snappy and attention grabbing. I like “Planet Logic” and chose it early in the process.

This is the book that inspired the “logic” motif

Greg Hansen designed the logo and the off-world landscape you see on Facebook and online.

I have loved radio all my life. I’m learning to love podcasting.

Radio is the most wonderful thing I could have done with my life. But it is going away. Not today. Not tomorrow. But it’s last-century tech and the kids don’t care for it. They download their music and they live with their phones. Smartphones are the new transistor radios and On-Demand is the new timeslot.

I’m not saying podcasting is better than broadcasting, but I am saying that podcasting is going to win. I feel like I’ve got the technology right and can move on into the future.

How will I make money?

Yes, I will get paid for my podcasts depending on how many downloads and subscribers I can get. I can also sell some advertising, but I’m not ready for that just yet. When the podcast reaches a viable point, I’ll open it up for advertisers. I will only need three or four. I have no staff other than Greg and the LOL, and I have no building to lease.

It’s kind of sweet. And I still get to do politics. The timeslot is whenever you decide to download.

Where is Planet Logic?

Your can find it in a variety of places.

Start with www.PlanetLogic.us. As we upload a show, it automatically posts there. You can also find it on Planet Logic at Facebook and we’ll set it set up for Twitter.

National sites so far include: Apple Podcasts, CastBox, Spreaker, and Spotify. You should be able to use your smartphone’s podcast app to search for it and subscribe.

Podcasting is a whole new world. In fact, you might say it’s got its own planet! Welcome to Planet Logic!


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  1. VerbosePhil says:

    Love the recap! Nice recovery from your turbulent waters of late. Best Wishes on your new venture.

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