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Sep 19, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

I’ve always been a hardliner on illegal immigration. But I respect the fact that most illegals come here to work. Democrats in this country are another story.

Is this the best the Democrats can offer?  (Photo:  Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

Is this the best the Democrats can offer? (Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

They are FAR more damaging to this country than immigrants could ever be.

If you look at the platforms of the Democrats running for their party’s nomination, a pattern forms. Big Government. More welfare. Income redistribution. Depravity, like abortion on demand and gay marriage. And every one of them supports the climate change malarkey — that’s nothing more than a way to punish the United States. Democrats hate success and reward failure. If they think this country is so bad, and they love the European model so much, I’d be happy to see them go. They enjoy the benefits of citizenship and yet want to remake America. I would subsidize them – if they would just leave.

We can’t deport them, but if only —

It would not bother me to see socialist Bernie Sanders move somewhere more to his liking – such as the old Soviet Union or today’s Russia. Better yet, Bernie could flourish in a pure socialist nation like North Korea. (Here’s your daily potato, Bernie. Don’t eat it all in one place!)

Sanders is not the only socialist in the Democrat Party. He’s just out of the closet. Is Obama any better? Is Hillary? Sanders hates people who have made it to the top. He wants to take away the fruit of their success and pass it around. The old story of the Golden Goose is appropriate here. Feed and water the goose and she keeps laying golden eggs. That’s like our free-market system.

Video: Published on Sep 14, 2015 – Sanders at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.

But if you slaughter the goose and eat her, there will be no more eggs. That’s what Sanders wants. He wants to take the greatest system ever conceived that has worked like a charm for 239 years and slaughter it. Under a President Sanders, we would take from the rich and give to the poor. That’s the socialist mantra:

“From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.”

This is a slogan first widely used by Louis Blanc in 1851.

But it was our old socialist pal Karl Marx – you know, the guy Marxism is named after – who made it popular in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program. It means free access to goods and services in a Community system. It’s also John Lennon’s vision in the official anthem of nutcase socialists called “Imagine.”

Bottom line: Bernie Sanders would destroy the system that creates the wealth that funds his political vision.

And yet, look at how many Democrats are throwing their support to him. You have to scratch your head and wonder what they are thinking – of IF they are thinking.

Today’s socialist/Communist societies are miserable dictatorships from Kim Jong Un’s North Korea to Putin’s aggressive Russia to the Chi-coms who are now seeing their economy in free-fall. With socialism and Communism comes the rise of Big Government, regulation from the heavy hand of bureaucracy, loss of freedom, falling standards of living, and eventually complete tyranny.

This seems to be what today’s Democrats want.

Give me immigrants any day over Democrats. Immigrants, especially illegal ones, come here to escape the kind of societies that Sanders is trying to build. Minimum wage, or less, seems pretty good to them. They work and they try to support their families. The reasons I am a hardliner on illegal immigration are obvious and have been stated many time. But I’d rather have people coming here to be free and to work than slimy Democrats that have an exceptional country and want to tear it down.

Thomas Jefferson (Associated Press)

Thomas Jefferson (Associated Press)

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Remember those words from the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson? These are the “unalienable rights” given to all men by their Creator. How many Democrats believe in these three most basic rights? What about Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton is a socialist in a pantsuit.

And yet there is a big difference in Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Sanders is a stupid old codger who may mean well, but who is clueless about how the world works. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is a crass, mean, nasty, self-centered, money-grubbing, unethical and totally corrupt career politician without any discernible core values.

Her number one qualification for being president is that she has two X chromosomes.

She has lied her way through her entire career and continues do so today. In the White House day, she was in charge of Bimbo Eruptions, made money out of insider trading through cattle futures, fired the White House travel staff, lost the Rose Law Firm billing record, helped Bill sell pardons – it goes on and on.

Today, she’s accused of selling access based on her prospects for becoming President; she’s engaged in an obvious cover-up of the Benghazi attacks, and now we have the email and server scandal – about which she has lied from day one. Yes, her support has eroded within the Democrat Party. But if a Republican were to do these things, he or she would not last 24 hours in a political race. Democrats embrace corruption and cling to it bitterly.

Note that Clinton has come out in support of Planned Parenthood and the selling of baby parts; for homosexual marriage – and you wonder if there is any issue on which she has a core value. What would it be? Certainly not truth. What about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Video: Published on Jul 24, 2015- Clinton says any criticism of Planned Parenthood is an attack on women

Well, no. She’s big on abortion just like Obama. Instead of liberty, she embraces Big Government and the right of the State to regulate us and tell us how to live our lives. She tried to nationalize healthcare before Obama did. Americans had more sense then and stopped her. Do not doubt me when I say – nobody will be happy under Hillary Clinton no matter how much you pursue it. We can’t deport her, but oh, wouldn’t it be nice?

Nutcases on FACEBOOK.

I typically “unfriend” someone for using profanity or for making some type of personal threat on my Facebook page. Disagreeing with me usually isn’t a big deal. But I admit to growing tired of these little posters that constantly pop up from groups like “Occupy” or “Americans Against the Republican Party.” I have “friends” that post them all the time – mostly in support of Bernie Sanders.

I answer them with comments just a smarmy as the posters – but with some modicum of logic. The illogic inherent in these little mini-posts is usually obvious to a thinking person. But we are talking about people who do not think.

Take for example, Climate Change.

Even Pope Francis has come out as one of the leftist nutcases on this issue. I cannot help it if he is the Pope. A nutcase is a nutcase. Nothing I can do about it. As Joe Bastardi has pointed out in some pretty good charts, the climate is always changing. If we do away with fossil fuels, we are throwing about the Number One advancement in all of societal history that has brought poor people up and out of poverty.

You read that right. Bastardi’s charts show the ebb and flow of poverty superimposed with the rise of fossil fuels. Oil and coal have been the biggest boons to lifting up the poor in all of history. Pope Francis, we’re talking to you.

And yet, Obama’s America, and the one envisioned by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton would spend trillions to do away with the poor’s best hope and replace it with ideas that have failed for centuries. Illegal immigrants are not that stupid. They sneak over here to get a piece of America – freedom, prosperity, a path to success. Democrats are about tearing all that down.

If only we could deport them.

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