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Hillary Clinton’s escape from Benghazi is no surprise

By Lynn Woolley

What did you expect?

Did you think Hillary Clinton – or Barack Obama, who after all, was President at the time – would face charges? What would they be charged with? Treason? Sorry; no. There never was any chance that Obama or Hillary would ever face any charges [1]except in the court of public opinion – where Obama is now immune and Hillary has one more race to run.

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The three main issues related to their behavior of September 11, 2012 were their obvious lack of interest in security; their incompetence; and their fabrication of a narrative about a video. 

Gowdy & Clinton [3]

Gowdy & Clinton

The video story was a lie designed to give Obama cover for the 2012 election – and to preserve Hillary’s viability to run in 2016. The true remedy would have been to impeach and remove Obama and his Secretary of State – but Republicans had already taken that off the table.

Video: Self-serving Hillary says it’s time to move on

Benghazi will stay alive on Talk radio and in the Trump campaign.

This particular scandal, so far as it goes with Obama – becomes part of his legacy and it will be up to those who write history to define it. To people who dislike the President’s politics, it seems worse than Watergate. In Nixon’s career-ending scandal, there was a two-bit break-in and the President covered it up with lies.

In Obama’s Benghazi scandal, there was a radical Islamic terrorist attack on an American outpost, and four Americans died, and the President and the Secretary of State covered it up with lies. In the former, the President of the United States was forced to resign or face impeachment. In the latter, impeachment was never an option. This does not bode well for what Hillary might get away with in future scandals should she be elected.

Benghazi, so far as it goes with Hillary Clinton, is just another in a long list of scandals that she has weathered in the media and has survived. It never stops and never will until she is dead or out of public life.

Video: The libs of The View — move on, already!

Meanwhile newspapers and the networks can have their fun.

“Benghazi report finds no new wrongdoing by Clinton…”

…read the headline in the Dallas Morning News (in a story from the New York Times [4]) on the day after the 800-page report was issued. The report was somewhat scathing [5] – but you didn’t get that from the headline – or from the networks. In a hat tip to irony, ABC World News Tonight was anchored by George Stephanopoulos on the evening of the report’s release. Stephanopoulos is a former Clinton operative and is widely credited with helping Democrats start their farcical “War on Women.” [6]

Video: What difference does it make?

The media may have given an impression that Clinton was without fault – but that’s not true to any extent.

In a 48-page addendum to the main report, Rep. Jim Jordan R-OH and Mike Pompeo, R-KS wrote this:

“With the presidential election just 56 days away, rather than tell the American people the truth and increase the risk of losing an election, the administration told one story privately and different story publicly.”

Indeed. Four Americans were dead. No attempt had been made to save them. The election was drawing near. The President lied on TV and before the United Nations. The Secretary of State lied on TV and at the funerals for the dead Americans. He was reelected. She is about to become the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

Video: Hillary goes on TV after the Benghazi massacre to set the false narrative about a video in order to save Obama’s political career and her own

If you thought either of them would pay a price, I have a bridge and some oceanfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.