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Beto O’Rourke pulls close to Ted Cruz in Texas Senate Race

By Lynn Woolley

There’s no need to panic.

But this poll by Quinnipiac University [1] should be noticed if not feared. Here’s why. Texas is still a very red state, and Senator Cruz probably has little to concern him in his re-election bid. But the poll is tight [2]– 47 percent for Cruz versus 44 percent for Beto.

Some poll-watchers think that’s a stretch given Texas politics. 

Beto vs Cruz (Texas Tribune)

What should be of concern is the crowds that Beto is drawing all over the state. Remember, Hillary Clinton was given outrageous odds of winning based on polling. The Left thought she had it in the bag. All indications –except one—favored her.

That one exception was that Trump was drawing humongous crowds to his rallies – so much so that networks like CNN refused to turn their cameras to the crowds. Similarly, Beto O’Rourke is drawing big, enthusiastic crowds. [3] That, along with his successful fundraising, [4] is reason to be wary.

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Even if Beto is running strong, this IS Texas.

I’ve said on the air that big-city featurepapers will promote O’Rourke in some way in virtually every edition. With regard to the Dallas Morning News, there does, indeed, seem to be a pump-up Beto story or letter nearly every day [6].

Even so, in their article on the new poll [7], they do point out that well-known politicos are poo-poo-ing the poll.

Jim Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas at Austin, warns that this poll can in no way predict what will happen in November.

“Nobody who looks at the record of polling and election results can plausibly look at this and say this tells us what the race will look like on Election
Day. Democrats almost always tend to poll better in modern Texas in the Spring than they actually earn votes [in November].”

Doug Jones, a Rice University political scientist, questions the sample and the weight given to Hispanics as possibly being overblown.

“We’re getting a skewed result because groups that are over-represented are the groups that tend to favor O’Rourke over Cruz. [Voters in November] will be whiter, older, and wealthier [and more likely to support Cruz].”

Another indication that the poll may be skewed is that it shows President Trump underwater in Texas with 52 percent of respondents disapproving as opposed to 43 percent who still support him. That doesn’t have the ring of truth in Texas.

The poll also found that Governor Greg Abbott is leading Democrats Lupe Valdez and Andrew White by just single digits. (49-40 over Valdez and 48-41 over White.) This all may be encouraging to Democrats, but they also thought Wendy Davis had a chance and she suffered an embarrassing defeat.

Video: The MSM loves Beto. Here he is on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO.

Still, Beto O’Rourke is drawing big crowds and raising lots of cash.

Conservative Texans who want no part of Beto’s Pelosi-like politics should be wary of the crowds he is drawing. With Trump, the huge crowds proved more significant than the polling data.

Beto O’Rourke could win [8] and if he does, the United States will be affected – not just Texas. If he wins, liberalism takes a giant step forward. So we’d better make sure that he never gets anywhere near the U.S. Senate.