Tucker wages war against Tech Giants while Sessions ponders probe There is a fine bi-partisan tradition in America of breaking up companies when they become too powerful.

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Sep 13, 2018 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

Tucker Carlson has used his platform on FOX News many times to attack the social media giants – in particular, Google and Facebook.

Is he right?

Google controls much of what we see in the way of news and information. Facebook has many Americans addicted – and now, it’s filtering through everything we post to see if we meet its standards.

Both companies have a decidedly left-wing tilt.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that companies this big have the ability to influence an election in a big way – perhaps even the wherewithal to decide who becomes president. Isn’t this what we hate the Russians for? But the Russians have nowhere near the power that these two media companies have. That makes them dangerous. Word is that Attorney General Jeff Sessions may investigate – with an eye toward breaking them up.

Video: Tucker reports on an Email showing Google tried to help elect Clinton

There is a fine bi-partisan tradition in America of breaking up companies when they become too powerful.

We did it with oil companies –and we did it with AT&T. But the days of keeping big business in some kind of check are over. AT&T re-formed, and is now a behemoth having just swallowed Time Warner, which gives it control over CNN. Remember, it had already swallowed DirecTV. It wants to be a big, presumably, as big as the government itself.

Disney is big, too, and so is Comcast – and these companies have grown through acquisitions. (Walmart has grown through providing a service that people want and by building more stores.)

Video: Tucker — Google fired James Damore just because he expressed his alternate views on their diversity philosophy and practice.

To some extent, these media companies control what we see and hear; Disney owns ABC and Comcast owns NBC. But they are nowhere near as controlling as Google and Facebook. Consider that Google, by managing algorithms, can steer billions of searches to information that will help a candidate to the detriment of another. And we never even know they’re doing it. Facebook can block conservative posts and leave left-leanings ones up for all to see.

To some extent – they are doing this. That’s why Sessions should step in.

Monopoly is the opposite of market forces. The free market in the area of technology has been stunted by the growth of just five companies – Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. They are so successful – so powerful – that competing companies barely score a blip.

Video: Author and commentator Mark Steyn on exclusive ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ report that Google worked to increase Latino voter turnout in the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton.

Think about it. Do you Bing? Do you DuckDuckGo? Do you post a photo of your lunch on MeWe?  That these services exist allows Google and Facebook claim that have competition. But I tried MeWe and got all of 5 friends signed up. You can’t beat Facebook and you can’t take on Google.

Note that tech companies like to buy up their competition.

Google owns You Tube, for example – and that acquisition eliminated a competitor and put Google in the video business. Also note: I searched for Tucker Carlson Tonight videos blasting Google – on You Tube – but Google has the power to suppress them if it wishes.

We are told that AG Session has not made up his mind on the investigation – but if he does decide to act, he would want to break them up. While I appreciate the fact that these companies are innovative and provide services we all use, I agree with Tucker Carlson that they are far too powerful.

The Russian threat is a media-created hoax in my opinion. But Google and Facebook will not likely sit still for another president like Donald Trump. If these companies ever get broken up – the time now. No left-winger like Hillary or Kamala or Corey (Spartacus) would ever consider doing it.

Sessions should break them up while we still have some semblance of the ability to choose our leaders free from the influence of Big Tech.


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  1. ProfessorMac says:

    These “big three” tech giants will be difficult to break up considering the government never did it to Microsoft when they could have, and that there haven’t been an effort by named competitors claiming that they were harmed by unfair competition, or unlawful business practices.

    But there are two (2) key areas under the law, I believe, that these huge organizations have breached and which I believe pose substantial harm to their users, and the country. One is in election meddling & campaign finance valuations to help only Democrat candidates, and the other is in oppressing the civil rights and participation of seniors, persons with handicap, and persons of Christian & Jewish religious affiliation. Bother of these fall under criminal statutes. The big 3’s practices that revolve around preferential or biased treatment of writings of a particular political slant or “free speech,” I believe fall more under civil proceedings of statutes like Section 1770 & 17200 relating to false & misleading representations and advertising – esp in the terms that users read and agree to when they sign up with the platform. In order for the big 3 to claim and implement a bias, they would have to disclose it in their terms. Even then, such restrictions still unlawfully breach the civil rights of many users.

    The tech giants effect of their algorithms is to “restrict & oppress” these individuals’ participation on the platforms, by penalizing users that identify with or include Christian, Jew, certain disability, and senior values related algorithms. The intent is to restrict, and result is the same.

    I have personally observed my Twitter traffic drop considerably after posting or friending others regarding these “restricted” topics. This also follows newer practices the largely liberally controlled media over what “they” deem to be “hate speech.” In fact what they have implemented, is a mathematical weighting system for their biases & preferences that affects everything from rankings in search engine results to rankings on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts. For me personally, my posts, web pages, blogs, etc are given a lower ranking because of my age 63, being Christian, living with a disability, and having a more conservative view of solutions and practices in America. Though part of “intent” of these tech giants actions are political, the end result of knowingly and willingly restricting the civil rights of the groups of Americans I have named above. And this is a serious matter of both criminal & civil law.

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