Texas should tell Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to build HQ2 somewhere else If Amazon comes to Texas, CEO Jeff Bezos will work hard to turn Texas blue.

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By Lynn Woolley

Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men in the world, is dangling the prospect of a $5 billion dollar investment and 50,000 new jobs for his proposed HQ2. Texas cities, as have many others, are jumping through hoops to get this development.

Robert Scoble / Creative Commons

But there’s a problem.

Suppose Bezos isn’t just blowing smoke – and he’s really going to build a big companion to his Seattle headquarters. It would be a prize for any major city – but it comes with a price tag. Bezos is a big liberal, and liberalism runs through his company.

If Bezos brings Amazon to Texas – a conservative state – he will try to change it.

Bezos is a big man in Seattle, and reports say his company dominates there. He would install a left-wing corporate culture here, too, that would grow. He would be more powerful than the governor and the Legislature. Jobs are nice. But not at this price.

Bezos should go to a blue state.

I first thought that Amazon’s new headquarters would be a catch for Texas. Some of our big cities – Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, have already announced they’ll compete. But on second thought, do we Texans really want a committed liberal like Bezos to have the kind of power here that he has in Seattle?

Jeff Bezos (Wikipedia)

That’s not what I want. Unfortunately Dallas has the workforce and the big airport and Austin has the tech community – and either of these cities might get the nod. Hurricane Harvey probably has knocked Houston out of the competition and San Antonio would be a dark horse at best.

Dallas and Austin are viable – and are both liberal cities anyway. Bezos would be at home in either city.

That’s not what worries me. I’m far more concerned that Bezos would accumulate huge political power. In any location in Texas, he would be the largest employer in town. He would have the power to hire lobbyists to send to Austin. As owner and publisher of the Washington Post, and the new owner of Whole Foods – already based in Austin – he would wield outsized influence. Knowing politicians as I do, I doubt that they would challenge him very much.

The “Google Tower” in Austin just opened. Left-wing Google leased more than 200,000 square feet of space in the building.

Increasingly, Big Business is turning liberal for a reason.

If you read a left-wing newspaper, you’ll learn that employers compete for talent and they want to be part of communities that welcome everyone – illegal aliens, gays, transgenders, refugees – you name it. This is considered a problem for Texas because of our conservative politics.

I have another theory. It’s true that captains of high tech like Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and others operate in a liberal bubble. But as businessmen, they cater to who makes the loudest noise. The radical Left will organize a boycott when it’s mad while the Right will come to your store, grumble a bit, and buy your products anyway.

A combination of these two things – left-wing CEO’s and politically active radicals – and Big Business has pretty much caved to liberal interests. They’re to the point of totally embracing the left-wing ideology.

Issues that Bezos may be watching.

Texas has left-wing big cities and virtually all the state’s major newspapers are left-wing, but the state as a whole is still Republican red. It gave its electoral votes to Donald Trump. That might irk Bezos. And so will the Lone Star State’s stand on some contentious issues.

• The Bathroom Bill. The Texas Legislature has taken the outrageous position that men should pee in the men’s room and women in the women’s room. Preposterous!
• DACA. Our amazing Attorney General, Ken Paxton, leads the effort to sue the Feds for this illegal and unconstitutional program installed with Obama’s pen.
• Sanctuary cities. Left-wing states like California think it’s a great idea to shield illegals from federal law. Texas doesn’t.
• The “Muslim ban.” President Trump, in trying to keep America safe, installed a sensible travel ban from countries associated with terrorism until better vetting is possible.
• Gay marriage. Texas has been a leading state in the battle to retain traditional marriage and to resist the mainstreaming of the LGBTQ agenda.
• Climate change. Texas has never been on board that the EPA should make decisions for our state, based on computer models that never come true.

Amazon.com’s position on the issues.

Your can depend on Bezos to always take a left-wing position:

• Amazon backs a lawsuit to preserve DACA and protect “Dreamers” from deportation.
• Amazon is among 14 companies that signed a letter to Gov. Abbott against the Bathroom Bill.
• Amazon supports the Paris Climate Accords.
• Amazon opposes President Trump’s travel ban.

If Amazon lands in California or some other progressive state – so what? If it comes to Texas, Bezos will work hard to turn Texas blue. And he might succeed.


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