Technology Controlling the People and the Election It is a fact that political campaigns target voters using technology that most people do not understand.

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Nov 7, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

by Sid Fraiser

Before you jump to some conclusion about this being a conspiracy theory… let me encourage you to use logic and forethought to see the reality. It is a fact that political campaigns target voters using technology that most people do not understand.

First: I believe the majority of people are good and decent. They wouldn’t simply ignore crime, corruption or deception. So with that said, unless they were uninformed they would never consider Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

Second: I believe the majority of people are either logical or emotional. Therefore, even if you assume every person is good; they make decisions with either their minds or their hearts. People that use their minds are informed and people that use their hearts are likely to be mislead or fooled.

Third: I believe anyone outside these personality types are in their own world. They respond like a programmed drones, willing to accept any lie because they lack the judgement to see how serious issues apply to them personally. This person trusts government because it provides stuff.

Certainly we cannot discount the influence of liberal biased print and television media that seems to have influence on drones and emotional voters. This is apparent because the left leaning media has taken a pitiful candidate and exulted her to the pinnacle that no criminal could never expect.

who-is-watching-youBut here is how technology enters the picture.

If you have a computer, smartphone or tablet; your personal information is being captured in databases for access all over the world. Unlike Hillary Clinton you do not handle information that jeopardizes national security or operates a multi-million dollar non profit money manipulation organization. You do however provide valuable personal information to commercial, political and even criminal operatives whether you know it or not.


That’s right, databases manage information found on your drivers license, credit cards, financial records, online purchases, rewards programs, social media activity and voter records are accessible without your knowledge. Due to the fact this article deals with controlling elections and not cyber crime, we will focus on that component of data manipulation only.

Political parties and agencies pay enormous sums of money to extract your information and have access to very powerful filtering programs that profile and target anyone in their database. These programs accumulate information from various sources related to everything from your voter registration history, your socioeconomic classification, your race, your gender, your age, your email, your home address, your phone number to anything pertinent to your lifestyle habits. So you say, that doesn’t bother me, I have nothing to hide. Essentially, this is an invasion of privacy structured to solicit funds, provide contact lists and attempt to influence your vote.

internet-spyIn recent years, smart phone and social media devices have allowed much more sophisticated demographic information to be captured. Intelligent program algorithms have been devised to analyze your text content and create highly targeted results. You should also know that the people at the top of companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon and hundred more are outspoken liberals. That in and of itself sends chills up my spine.

Our society has become addicted to the information and misinformation transferred through these devices. You may have noticed when you searched for a specific item with one of these devices suddenly you start receiving related information about other things you never even requested. Well, that is the power of these demographic modeling programs… they are structured to persuade you what to think, what to do and create a specific outcome through your subconscious mind.

Here is how this tactic could alter elections.

Based on what you say online you can be targeted. Let’s say you have 500 friends on to your Facebook page, and you want all of them to see a particular video. Chances are, it won’t happen. Based on the content of your post the sensor algorithm reads it and determines which of your friends will actually see it. So, if for example you have comments for Donald Trump and against Hillary Clinton the liberalized filter would restrict distribution to anyone but a few people. As you might understand, this biased filtering system on a scale that influences 200 million Facebook users could easily alter the outcome of a national election.

The level of sophistication possible using technology can turn good people into mind-numbed robots through subliminal messages. They identify and target the most vulnerable voter in order to control behavior and block their objective thinking process. I see it everyday, people that strongly believe what they want to believe as opposed to being open and learning the truth or the facts.

Perhaps you now can see this is yet another method to alter election results when we the people become victims of mind control and deception technology.

Sid Frasier is President of Electronic Assistance Corporation.

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