Spending Binge means it’s Time for the Tea Party to Take a Stand When Democrats are in power, they tax and spend. When Republicans are in power, they cut taxes and spend.

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By Lynn Woolley

Trump may be a great dealmaker, but lately he’s making deals with the Devil. That would of course, be the Democrats. Mr. Trump signed a $400 billion dollar budget deal that keeps the government funded – but explodes the debt.

Tea Party protesters on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol and the National Mall at the Taxpayer March on Washington on September 12, 2009 (Wikipedia)

The Tea Party, which has seemed dormant for years, ought to take a stand.

Some of the spending is justifiable. $89 billion for disaster relief — and big increases to rebuild our military. But the Democrats demanded – and got – similar spending for domestic programs.

This bill increases the government’s debt cap so we can keep right on spending until the sun refuses to come up in the morning. The government exists to spend. But we also got a tax cut, and I know of no one that can explain how we tackle the debt while cutting taxes and increasing spending.

That’s why we need the Tea Party. We’ve spent enough already.

Trump offers a $4 trillion-dollar budget.

President Trump, like all presidents, delivers a budget that Congress usually ignores, but what we learned from this one is that Trump, like Democrats, isn’t concerned with the debt. This budget would create $7.2 trillion in deficits over the next decade if pencil-pushers are right.

Congressional Democrats have a “brand” of tax-and-spend, which is precisely what they do. Democrats never complain about spending unless it’s the Republicans doing it. The problem with Republicans is that when they get into power, they spend just like Democrats.

rand Paul filibusters (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Only Senator Rand Paul tried to stop this on the basis of fiscal responsibility. My senior senator, John Cornyn, was visibly upset with Paul for wanting to stop the bleeding. Cornyn has become what so many great public servants become – a run-of-the-mill establishment figure that serves the Swamp and not the interests of the country.

The Tea Party should be empowered by this spending binge.

If our government was fiscally responsible, we wouldn’t need a Tea Party. But when the Democrats are in power, they tax and spend. When the Republicans are in power, they cut taxes and spend. It’s hard to determine which is worse. Tax cuts are great for the people that get them. But at least the Democrats are willing to raise taxes to pay for all the stuff they want.

Video: Paul with Neil Cavuto on Holding Up ‘Rotten’ Budget Deal: ‘We’re Going to Bring Back Obama-Era Deficits’

“Taxed Enough Already” should incorporate “Spent Enough Already.”

The Tea Party in its infancy held politicians’ feet to the fire on the bailouts of General Motors, Chrysler, and AIG – and praised Ford for weathering the storm. It was all about holding member of Congress (and the Presidents Bush and Obama) responsible for their drunken spending sprees.

They held town halls, or attended official ones en masse. Politicians sweated through those meetings. Sometimes, they were defeated as Waco Congressman Chet Edwards was. Sometimes, their attitudes were adjusted. Always, elected officials knew that there was a segment of the population that was watching them.

Then, the Tea Parties became more like clubs and they sometimes argued over things like whether to be tax exempt and whether to support individual candidates. These arguments are important to be sure, but they can’t take away the core mission – making politicians pay a price for overspending and racking up more debt.

If there was ever a time for Tea Parties to surge, this is it.

But they can’t do it with internecine squabbling or with a few members that are mostly white and over 60. To be effective, the Tea Parties need whites, blacks, Hispanics, and most of all, young people who are concerned about the future of our nation.

The Tea Party needs to get into our schools and universities to make presentations to teachers and students about the danger of our rising national debt. Remember, the schools belong to the people. Tea Parties need to hold debates, create smart voter guides, and bug the hell out of the news media until they run stories, op-eds, and editorials demanding fiscal responsibility at all levels of government.

Here’s hoping the Tea Party revolution is back. Our country needs a strong, active Tea Party.


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