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Oct 27, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Kansas was bleeding. Businesses and people were moving out – heading for greener pastures like Texas. To bring the state back from the brink, Governor Sam Brownback proposed aggressive tax cuts.

Gov. Sam Brownback (Photo:  AP)

Gov. Sam Brownback (Photo: AP)

Predictably, liberals and educators whined. But so did the state’s “moderate” Republicans in the Kansas legislature. Their way had been to manage the state’s malaise with spending – on welfare, schools and economic development. It wasn’t working. Brownback wanted to stimulate growth by cutting taxes sharply. The House passed it – but liberal Republican senators watered the bill down. Brownback signed the compromise – and even with the more moderate plan, Kansas has seen economic improvement. The mainstream media has not reported that. It has played up a revolt against conservatism –aided and abetted by Kansas Republicans.

Video: In this episode of “The Young Turks,” see how long it takes Cenk Uygur to mention the Koch Brothers.

Kansas is just another indicator that the conservative movement is either dead or on life support. This is a far cry from 2008 when the Tea Party movement seemed to say that smaller government was back in vogue. It isn’t.

In Kansas, Brownback may lose. He has been attacked fiercely liberals – and by Republicans who want to keep taxing and spending. His race for reelection against Democratic challenger Paul Davis, the state’s House Minority Leader, is a tossup. Davis hopes that if he can win, conservatism in Kansas will be effectively killed, and tax reform will die with it.

He could be aided in his quest by Greg Orman, a former Democrat who is also in a you-pick-‘em race with three-term incumbent U.S. Senator Pat Roberts. Strangely, Orman is not running as a liberal, but as a populist. And Davis is not pledging to repeal the modest tax cuts. Why?

The reason may be that – in spite of liberal protests – school spending is actually at an all-time high and private job growth has surpassed growth in Nebraska and Iowa after trailing those states for a decade. Conservative principles DO work, after all – even with only a shadow of Brownback’s package having been passed.

Liberals must not let that little secret out. That’s why the progressive media has attacked Brownback so bitterly. “The Great Kansas Tea Party Disaster,” bellowed a headline in Rolling Stone Magazine; “The relentless lies of Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback,” said the Kansas City Journal; “Charlatans, Cranks and Kansas,” reported the New York Times.

For his part, Brownback has stood firm. Unlike Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who buckled to liberal pressure to expand Medicaid, Brownback has not betrayed his conservative principles. Kansas is doing better and likely would be doing much better had his full tax-cut stimulus been implemented. Liberals cannot let that little secret out of the bag.

Lynn Woolley is a Texas based radio talk show host. He blogs at WBDaily.com.

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