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Texas Supreme Court favors Patient in Hospital Overcharging Dispute

May 7, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley There was a time when you went to the doctor, got treated, paid a fair charge and went home. But in today’s government –regulated, insurance-driven atmosphere, medicine …

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REPEAL AND RE-PASTE: Speaker Paul Ryan’s Freudian Slip on Face The Nation

Mar 12, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack The battle between the Republican establishment and conservative base is heating up, specifically relative to Obamacare. The bill being touted by House Speaker Paul Ryan is being …

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The failed Government Takeover of Healthcare is a Joke

Mar 12, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

by Sid Fraiser Like so many cradle to grave programs, Affordable Healthcare provided by the government bureaucracy is a ponzi scheme crafted to manipulate power and money. The government rarely …

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Scalia Conspiracy Theories Benefit Obama

Feb 20, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Barrack Blackmail is effective because it gets the target to do your bidding while maintaining plausible deniability. If the target told the truth, why would he agree to blackmail …

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How and When did Paul Ryan Become Paul Ruin?

Dec 17, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

By Barrack Is Paul Ryan being blackmailed? Threatened? There is no proof but unless he’s been deceiving the American people all along, it makes the most sense. He’s actually owed …

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Wimps in Congress

Jun 14, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

LOGIC MINUTE by Lynn Woolley President Obama’s defeat with regard to trade authority is a rare occurrence – and that still might be reversed. For the most part, Mr. Obama …

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“Market Power of Hospital Chains” making healthcare expensive

Jan 29, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

LOGIC MINUTE by Lynn Woolley The “affordable “ part of the President’s “Affordable Healthcare Act” is cruel joke on the American people. With the exception of college tuition, nothing seems …

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America needs a “War on Liberal Stupidity”

Nov 26, 2014 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley There is a self-correcting aspect to what M.I.T Professor Jonathan Gruber said about the American people being too stupid to understand a complex bill like Obamacare. That …

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Man Who Exposed Jonathan Gruber: ‘IT’S UP TO US’

Nov 15, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack If you ever hear someone tell you that the only thing American citizens can do about the state of the country is to vote, you can now …

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Obama’s Jeremiah Wright Excuse Won’t Work with Gruber

Nov 14, 2014 1 Comment ›› admin

By Ben Barrack In 2008, when the controversy over Barack Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright was finally picked up by the mainstream media, Obama was excused for attending the church for …

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