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CNN and other Left-Wing media complicit in Border Surge

Oct 18, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley Make no mistake. Everything that happens over the next couple of weeks is related to the midterm elections. In addition to that, most everything covered by the …

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“Separation of Families” & “Asylum Seekers” are New Democrat Talking Points

Jun 12, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley Have you noticed how, suddenly, virtually all migrants trying to get into the United States are seeking asylum? Those who want in seem to have learned that, …

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Journalism in Tatters as 2018 rings in

Jan 2, 2018 2 Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley The objective reporting of news has never been in worse shape than it is now. In fact, it’s a lost art. Journalism should be a higher calling …

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Presidential “debates” could learn from Lincoln-Douglas

Nov 1, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

LOGIC MINUTE by Lynn Woolley The current slate of debates are really panel discussions that lack substance and lead to candidates preparing “zingers” that might elevate them to the top …

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