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CNN Panel: “Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read”

Oct 11, 2018 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley The descent of the Democrat Party into the abyss continues. It is hard to imagine the Party going any lower. The worry is that Democrat lunacy and …

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Dallas City Council choosing leadership based on Race

Sep 6, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley As things stand right now at Dallas City Hall, only an African-American (or possibly, an Asian) can be mayor pro tem. Under a “tradition” that started in …

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Dallas Mayor Pro-Tem Dwaine Caraway is a violent NRA Hater

Feb 20, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley I couldn’t help but smile when I heard that Mayor Pro-Tem Caraway, in his left-wing fervor, wants to stop the National Rifle Association from holding its convention …

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John Wiley Price to Dallas Cowboys: “Slaves Obey Your Master”

Oct 11, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley John Wiley Price is the Dallas County Commissioner that thought the term “black hole” was racial – and who recently escaped from federal public corruption charges. So …

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The Era of “CLASS” is over

Mar 2, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

LOGIC MINUTE By Lynn Woolley I’m beginning to feel like an anachronism. I was brought to up believe that honesty, integrity, and class were desirable traits. I try – not …

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Dallas political brawl between John Wiley Price & Dwaine Caraway erupts at radio station

Feb 27, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

JIM ROSE REMEMBERS RADIO Issue #1490 by Jim Rose ALL THE NEWS THAT IS NEWS POLITICIANS BRAWL AT RADIO STATION On Monday, February 22, 2016 a fight breaks out between …

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White minority in Dallas sues over Voting Rights Act

Jan 16, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

LOGIC MINUTE by Lynn Woolley In a role reversal, a conservative group in Dallas says the county is violating the law by discriminating against white people. Whites are a racial …

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Dallas’ “KwanzaaFest” & Fat Pimp part of Culture Rot

Dec 12, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

LOGIC MINUTE by Lynn Woolley The Dallas Morning News gave front-page treatment to this celebration of African-American culture. I’m not sure what kind of celebrating will go on. I’d like …

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Liberals’, Conservatives’ response to Ebola vastly different

Oct 8, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

LOGIC MINUTE by Lynn Woolley With Ebola running rampant in Africa, conservatives began to ask questions about how to stop it from reaching the United States. Since protecting this country …

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