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Five Things I’d Abolish If I Could

Oct 21, 2018 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley No one has made me king so far, and I have no magical powers. But here’s five things the world would be better off without. Let’s start …

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Seattle is a red flag in Dallas & Austin bids for Amazon’s HQ2.

May 15, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley If what’s happening in Seattle is an indication, the city that ends up with Amazon’s big new headquarters may live to regret it. Don’t misunderstand; Amazon’s protest …

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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is the new face of Lex Luthor

Apr 17, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley President Donald Trump is said to be obsessed with Jeff Bezos, the technology magnate that gave us Amazon and killed the neighborhood bookstore. It’s interesting that Trump, …

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Texas should tell Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to build HQ2 somewhere else

Sep 18, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men in the world, is dangling the prospect of a $5 billion dollar investment and 50,000 new jobs for his proposed …

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Unnamed Sources not the way to bring down a sitting President

May 23, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley And yet that’s what is going on with two newspapers – the New York Times and the Washington Post. Someone inside the “Deep State” is leaking – …

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