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Media denies Left-Wing Violence while Hillary Clinton urges Incivility

Oct 10, 2018 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley While channel surfing, I happened to come across an episode of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” in which Chris Matthews was saying that political violence is coming from the Right. …

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When Bill Clinton Met with a Guy in a Dark Van

Jul 2, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack The meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch inside Lynch’s plane was solely the work of the former president; Lynch was caught completely off guard. …

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Hillary Admitted Intimidating Bill’s Female Victims… ON NBC TV

May 22, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack In 1998, as Bill Clinton’s scandalous affair with Monica Lewinsky was coming to light, other women were coming forward as well. In an interview with Matt Lauer, …

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May 14, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack The Saudis insist they were not involved in the 9/11 attacks. However, they don’t deny that they enriched al-Qaeda. In fact, they point to an excerpt from the 2004 9/11 …

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Bushes and Clintons EASED Muslim Infiltration of the U.S. – A Postcript to the Three-Part Series

May 1, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack This article represents a conclusion based on a very extensively researched three-part series, which can be read here (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). If you want …

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Trump DESTROYING both Bush and Clinton Dynasties

Apr 30, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack As much as I love what Ted Cruz represents and how he has stood strong in the Senate, he still doesn’t get it relative to the appeal …

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Bushes LOVE the Clintons But Hate Top Republican Presidential Candidates FOR A REASON

Apr 11, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack I get it. When you become President of the United States, there are usually only a handful of living people who understand the experience. Today, there are …

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Pride May Be Going Before Clintons’ Fall

Apr 9, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. – Proverbs 16:18 When Bill Clinton publicly rebuked Black Lives Matter (BLM) while stumping for his …

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Republican Nominee MUST Select Anti-Establishment Running Mate

Mar 5, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Barrack When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, a pro-slavery Democrat became president and was later impeached. When JFK was assassinated, a government entitlement champion and establishment figure largely responsible for …

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Some Conspiracy Theories About why Alex Jones is a Conspiracy Theorist

Feb 22, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Barrack Talk show host Alex Jones traffics in conspiracy theories; it’s what he does. As such, shouldn’t we see more conspiracy theories about him? Isn’t turnabout fair play? After …

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