Vince Foster “suicide” case not likely to bork Kavanaugh As I have written many times, NOTHING involving the Clintons is EVER what it seems.

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By Lynn Woolley

As President Trump was nominating Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, Ben Barrack and I were texting up a storm.

Neither of us supported the President’s choice. For me, he checked all the wrong boxes: he’s another Ivy League grad, he’s a Bushie and a little too deep in Swamp for my tastes. Worse, he was the inspiration behind Chief Justice John Robert’s illegal rewrite from the bench of Obamacare.

To Barrack, it all goes back to the alleged suicide of Clinton administration Deputy White Counsel Vince Foster. Barrack texted:

“He [Kavanaugh] covered up [the] Vince Foster investigation. What the hell is going on?”

So I did some research.

Alex Wong/Getty Images via POLITICO

Mainstream outlet POLITICO mentioned it – and there are many articles about it, alleging a conspiracy. But is there any truth to it? Possibly. But don’t expect the story to show up on CNN or FOX News.

Rush Limbaugh isn’t going there. Neither is Hannity.

I think there’s enough there there to at least take a look – and that’s what I did on this morning’s Lynn Woolley Show. After the nomination ceremony, I had to turn off Hannity’s TV show due to excess gushing.

Driving home after my radio show today, I noted that Rush Limbaugh – the Big Guy – was doing some gushing of his own. When Vice President Pence came on Rush’s show to promote the nomination, I knew that Rush had been co-opted. He isn’t going to talk openly about Kavanaugh’s negatives.

Video: President Trump names Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court 7/10/18

The basics behind the Kavanaugh involvement with Vince Foster.

Kavanaugh worked as a prosecutor for Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. POLITICO reports that most of those records remain under wraps, but some have surfaced. I found this graph to be most interesting:

Kavanaugh’s file boxes also include grand jury testimony by White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum about a call from Clinton adviser Susan Thomases on the day after Foster’s death. The transcript was withheld from public release due to grand jury secrecy rules, but the call was the focus of inquiries by congressional Republicans about whether it prompted the White House to resist law enforcement efforts to search Foster’s office.

Susan Thomases was a lawyer and gal-pal to Hillary Clinton while Bill was president. Think back to those halcyon days, you’ll remember that Hillary (who likely drove Foster to suicide – and who can blame him?) did not want anyone to see what was on Foster’s hard drive.

Thomases’ Wikipedia entry lays it out quite nicely. Thomases testified before the Whitewater Committee—but apparently, not truthfully:

Thomases was questioned by Senators D’Amato and Faircloth and majority counsel, Michael Chertoff, about telephone calls that she had exchanged with Hillary Clinton, Hillary’s chief of staff Maggie Williams and White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum the morning after the suicide of Vince Foster. After the telephone calls, Nussbaum had removed documents from Vince Foster’s offices before they were searched by the FBI. Thomases testified that the calls were of a personal nature and that she had not discussed the impending search of Foster’s office with Hillary Clinton.

As for the veracity of Clinton associates during that hearing, Wikipedia reports:

In June 1996, the committee published its report, describing Thomases, Williams, Nussbaum and Hubbell as “not candid” and concluding that they had “provided inaccurate and incomplete testimony to the committee in order to conceal Mrs. Clinton’s pivotal role in the decisions surrounding the handling of Mr. Foster’s documents following his death.” Thomases had answered “I don’t recall” 184 times during the course of the hearings. Independent counsel Kenneth Starr rejected the committee’s criminal referral against Thomases for possible perjury.

If you’ve digested all that, recall that the POLITICO piece informs us that some of the answers may be in Kavanaugh’s files. OK! Let’s see them before we put this guy on the Supreme Court.

Also note that Kenneth Starr did not want to refer Thomases for a perjury charge. Why not? Apparently, Starr was good at cover-ups before he arrived at Baylor University.

Roger Stone (CNN)

Roger Stone’s take on the Foster connection.

Writing in “News with Views,” the former Trump consultant says he’s not happy with the Kavanaugh pick – and the Foster case is one reason why. He cites “carpet fiber” as evidence:

Those on the right who say Foster was murdered by the Clintons are wrong. He did indeed committed suicide, having psychologically been driven to it by Hillary. Although Foster killed himself, it was in his old executive office building office that he did so. Hillary admits in her own biography that she feared Foster’s White House office would become a “crime scene” with Federal Investigators having access to all of Clinton’s most confidential records. Foster’s body was rolled in a carpet and the body was taken and dumped in Fort Marcy Park. The FBI toxicology report confirms that Foster was covered head-to-toe with carpet fiber.

Even if that’s true, what does it have to do with Kavanaugh?

According to Stone, you have to look at the case of Patrick Knowlton who happened to stop at Fort Marcy Park at the time Foster’s body was found there. He relived himself behind a bush and claimed to have spotted two men in a blue automobile with Arkansas plates. So he called the police.

According to Stone, Kavanaugh was not impressed.

Kavanaugh working for Special Counsel Ken Star [sic], browbeat, intimidated and tampered with the testimony of Patrick Knowlton who ultimately filed a compelling lawsuit over this prosecutorial abuse. Knowlton’s mistake, he saw the blue sedan with Arkansas plates in which Vince’s body was delivered but Vince’s car a brown sedan also with Arkansas plates had not yet been delivered. It is interesting that Foster’s car keys were found not in his pocket but thrown yards away from his body.

Stone writes that Kavanaugh was not nice to Knowlton:

Kavanaugh accused Knowlton of being on drugs, of being drunk, of being in the park for a homosexual assignation and badgered him relentlessly to remember the color of the car as brown. Knowlton’s phones were tapped and he was put under physical surveillance, all at the direction of would be Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. All to cover up for the Clintons and silence this inconvenient witness, Patrick Knowlton, who would ultimately file an extraordinary lawsuit against the government.

So what to make of all this? For some reason, Judge Starr decided not to refer Thomases for perjury. I’d like to know why. For some reason, Kavanaugh did not want to investigate the testimony of Patrick Knowlton. Why not?

Here’s what I know.

Brett Kavanaugh was there when all this happened and his files may contain relevant information. As I have written many times, NOTHING involving the Clintons is EVER what it seems.

I am willing to admit that Kavanaugh may turn out to be an originalist and he may be an excellent justice for years to come. I suspect he will be confirmed rather easily with all the GOP votes and a few from red-state Democrats.

Still, I’d like to see what’s in those files. I’d like to know what Hillary did not want the police to find in the Foster investigation. I’d like to know why Ken Starr and Brett Kavanaugh were disposed to help Hillary with her cover-up.


A 30 page memo written by Miguel Rodriguez, who was sickened by how the investigation was being handled. Kavanaugh replaced him and helped to complete the coverup.


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