Diversity of Supreme Court dictates no Nominee from Harvard or Yale Lee or Willett would bring diversity to the Court in a way that would return us to constitutional government.

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By Lynn Woolley

There is a certain snobbery about Ivy League schools.

Within that circle, there is an even bigger snobbery about two of its members – Harvard and Yale. There is an unwritten but much understood law that says you must hold a law degree from one of these two colleges if you really want to reach the top.

In law circles, the Supreme Court IS the top.

If you doubt me, consider this: Of the 9 sitting justices, 6 attended Harvard Law School. The other three attended Yale. Of all the law schools in the nation – only two are represented on the nation’s highest court.

That means the viewpoints and attitudes toward the Constitution and the rule-of-law are represented by only two teaching staffs.

If we are a country made strong by diversity, what about having some high justices that have different experiences than these two elite law schools?

Our sitting justices all come from the Ivy League – and that’s not a good thing.

Here’s a quick look at who went where – and it makes you wonder if they all have certain inbred attitudes about the law.

John Roberts, Chief Justice. Harvard College (part of Harvard University). J.D. Harvard Law School 1979;
Anthony M. Kennedy, retiring at the end of July. Stanford. LL.B. Harvard Law School.
Clarence Thomas. Holy Cross College. J.D. Yale Law School 1974.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Cornell (Ivy League). Harvard Law School. LL.B. Columbia Law School (Ivy League).
Stephen G. Breyer. Stanford, Magdalen College, & Oxford. LL.B. Harvard Law School.
Samuel Al Alito. Princeton (Ivy League). Yale Law School 1975.
Sonia Sotomayor, Wise Latina Woman. Princeton (Ivy League). J.D. Yale Law School 1979.
Elena Kagan, Robber Stamp. Princeton (Ivy League), Oxford. J.D. Harvard Law School 1986.
Neil M. Gorsuch. Columbia University (Ivy League), Oxford. J.D. Harvard Law School.

A note on a few past justices.

Sandra Day O’Connor has an LL.B from Stanford – not Ivy League. David H. Souter got his LL.B from Harvard. John Paul Stevens emerged from a no-name law school – Northwestern University School of Law. The late, great Antonin Scalia went to Harvard.

Why should other law schools be represented?

Why, diversity of course! Our strength is our diversity – everyone knows that.

Seriously, the Ivy League schools are not doing such a good job based on the four liberal justices on the court now. You have to wonder how people like Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, and Scalia turned out all right.

Video: The legal face of CNN is this most-ignorant Harvard lawyer Jeffrey Toobin who is hysterical about Trump’s upcoming appointment.

And then look at the bevy of lawyers we see on cable news every night – that seem to have little grasp of the Constitution. The most blatantly ignorant of these is CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, a left-wing zealot who opposes President Trump at every point. Toobin’s law degree came from Harvard. He is their most prominent failure.

My top choices from Mr. Trump’s list are Mike Lee and Don Willett

(Former) Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett (Eric Gay, STF)

Lee is a politically conservative Tea Party favorite from Utah – a product of Brigham Young Law School. Lee would be great on the High Court. Sen. Ted Cruz supports Lee for the nomination.

Willet is a Texas judge currently serving on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He previously served on the Texas Supreme Court. Gay rights advocates hate him for rulings against same-sex marriage. He graduated Baylor University and Duke University Law School. 

Willett’s name is on Trump’s list even though the Texan has been a Trump critic in the past.

Either (or, eventually, both) of these men would bring diversity to the Supreme Court in a way that would help President Trump return us to constitutional government.


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