Anti-Kavanaugh protesters Jump the Shark 3X Democrats are out of ideas and are sliding into socialism as a party.

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By Lynn Woolley

When looking at the current left-wing hysteria over the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh – you can often discern times when Democrats have acted as if they are mentally ill.

I’m not talking about the women that have come forward to allege that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted them; that’s a strategy – a way to get Kavanaugh borked. I’m thinking more of the dumbest of the dumb – totally ignorant things that are going on.

‘Fonzie’ (Henry Winkler) jumps a shark in the iconic Happy Days scene (Photo: Henderson Productions)  Read more at:

Three popped up in one day.

First, Yale canceled some classes so that students dressed in black could stage a sit-in.

Second, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife were forced out of a D.C. restaurant by protesters.

Third, late-night TV comic Jimmy Kimmel came up with the idea of compromising by confirming Kavanaugh, and then cutting of his male member.

Remember these things when you go to the polls in November.

“Happy days” was on the way down when Fonzie jumped the shark.

That episode is seen to be a turning point in a sit-com that had run out of ideas. It seems to me that Democrats have run out of ideas. They are now given to doing stupid things to attract attention.

YALE SIT-IN: This gives credence to my column about the Supreme Court being too packed with lawyers from Yale and Harvard. This is dopey. Even though school is for learning and not for protesting, some Yale faculty actually rescheduled or cancelled classes to accommodate militant protesters. Someone on FOX News said recently that the problem with American politics is that campus culture has moved into the public square. That pretty well sums up our hateful political system in which the Left cannot disagree without tearing down anyone that disagrees.

Video: WFSB-TV Channel 3 – Hundres of students at Yale University are holding a sit-in on Monday, protesting Supereme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

CRUZ & the RESTAURANT: A loud gang of anti-Kavanaugh protesters refused to let Senator Ted Cruz and his wife have a peaceful meal in Washington, D.C. One yelled out that Cruz is not as “hot” as Beto O’Rourke while the chants were in support of the two women that are accusing Kavanaugh without witnesses or evidence (as the MSM often says about Trump). Sen. Cruz, after his table was surrounded, said to Heidi, “Let’s go ahead and go.” Cruz = class, even in the face of slimy left-wing anarchists.

Video: Ted Cruz Mobbed and Run Out of DC Restaurant by Liberal Protesters

KIMMEL & the PESKY PENIS: We saved the worst for last. The ABC late-night host seemed to think it was funny – and so did his left-wing audience – when he suggested a compromise that called for chopping off the judge’s “pesky penis” if he is confirmed. That, of course, if we listen to Senator Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, could lead to all us males losing our peni since we are all guilty (to her) on account of being male. So to Kimmel – chop yours off first. And then we’ll see about Kavanaugh’s.

Video: Jimmy Kimmel runs tape of Kavanaugh saying he never got laid in high school and the audience roars at the very idea of morality — then comes the pesky penis (ABC should be proud)

If this isn’t Jumping the Shark…

…then what is? Democrats are out of ideas and are sliding into socialism as a party. They never seem to pay a price for their crimes or violence. Will Yale, for example, punish the students and professors involved in the sit-in? Did police arrest any protesters in the D.C. restaurant for disturbing the peace and harassing an American citizen and his wife? Will ABC fire Jimmy Kimmel?

If there’s any shark jumping that’s been done in this sordid affair, we will only see it at the polls. Meanwhile, we say this for the umpteenth time: if we don’t start controlling college campuses, America is in trouble.

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