What the NCAA did to North Carolina, Texas should do to the NCAA. Conservative states should band together to punish left-wing sports leagues.

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By Lynn Woolley

That is to say that conservative states—about 31 of them – should fight back at the new liberal assault on traditional values.

But Texas – especially – should tell the NCAA where to go.  ncaa-logox-large

The organization that oversees college sports is punishing North Carolina over bathroom rights for transgendered people. Nothing is more basic in the world than ladies using their bathroom – and we guys using ours. But the NCAA is in concert with today’s progressives in tearing down every American tradition.

Texas should be proactive – and throw the NCAA’s events out the state right now.

San Antonio is set for the 2018 Final Four and Dallas has early round games in 2018 – and the Women’s Final Four next Spring. So what? We can live without it. The NCAA can do without playing football games at AT&T Stadium and NRG Stadium. It’s time to take a stand.

United we stand.

If we want men to stay out of women’s rooms – and would prefer that a whole range of anti-discrimination laws not get passed – we’ve got to stand up for what we believe. Remember, before Obama had his gay awakening, even he – and Hillary Clinton – supported traditional marriage. Somehow, gay and transgender rights became the issue of our generation – second only to climate change.

Suddenly, those of us who believe your gender is decided at birth by God, Mother Nature and your chromosome alignment, became insensitive bigots. The fact is, as we have written in this space, there is no such thing as “transgendered” people. It’s all about the chromosomes – and whether you’re born with a penis or a vagina. No amount of surgery changes that, although you end up with surgical mutilation and lots of buyer’s remorse.

We contend that any doctor that surgically attempts to change a person’s sex is a quack and should be charged with a crime against humanity. Some people are gender-confused in today’s society – and in those past. Take a look at the old Ed Wood movie “Glen or Glenda” as an example. But instead of providing help for people who need it, surgeons are all too willing to bring out the knife. That is disgusting.

Video: This mess goes back a long way. Here is the trailer from the 1953 Ed Wood film “Glen or Glenda.”

If we want to stop this now – and “nip it in the bud” as Barney Fife used to say, conservative states should band together. Tell the NCAA to take a hike.

football-mapThe NCAA has always been a pain.

The NCAA is now out of the closet as a liberal organization. It’s also one that some colleges love to hate – but the perseveres. Until a suitable replacement is agreed upon, we have to live with it. But we do NOT have to kowtow.

States like Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi might also come on NCAA pro-gay and pro-transgender radar with laws they have passed or are considering. The NFL, also a far left sports league, is warning Georgia that it could lose future Super Bowls.

This is, of course, extortion.

Sports leagues should shut up – and play the game. Let the states handle politics they way they and their constituents see fit. If the NCAA, the ACC, the NBA, and the NFL want to play hardball – so should the states.

If the leagues boycott those states, they can’t play football in the Cowboys’ giant stadium, or that the Houston Texans. They’ll lose a major venue in Atlanta. They won’t be able to use the Tennessee Titans’ stadium in Nashville. In basketball, they lose San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta. This is all in addition to the fact that big venues in Charlotte are also gone by the NCAA’s own actions.

These states work hard for the economic boost provided by sports championships on neutral fields. But the sports leagues could have major problems with they are locked out of up to 31 states. (Note that 31 states have Republican governors as I write this.)

Texas should proceed with its projected 2017 bathroom bill – and with its lawsuit (joined with 11 other states) against the Federal Government seeking to stop the feds from using schools for social experimentation. Houston should stay firm with its decision not to extend extra protections to gay and transgenders.

Let the chips fall where they may. Without NCAA, NBA, and NFL championships played in Texas and other states, those states may drift away. My guess is that the sports leagues would cave – and maybe learn a lesson about competition in the real world.


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