UT’s Charlie Strong: “We Have to Band Together” Here are some things you may not know about the University of Texas football coach.

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By Lynn Woolley

As a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, I have not had a lot to be proud of lately. We had an admissions scandal that has never been resolved.

We caved to liberal students and removed the Confederate statues. We had left-wing students passing out sex toys in protest of campus carry laws. All these things are a disgusting manifestation of the academic Left.

UT Head Coach Charlie Strong (Photo: CBS Sports)

UT Head Coach Charlie Strong (Photo: CBS Sports)

But head football coach Charlie Strong is a bright light in this darkness.

No one’s fitting him for a halo – but Strong has set high standards for his team. He wants to win without thugs, and he believes football coaches have a calling. “We have to band together,” he told a group of high school coaches last week. Coach Strong believes that people in his business — coaches – have an outsized influence on young men, many of whom are black. You may hate UT – but you have to respect Coach Strong.

Chuck Carlton on what Charlie Strong did in Dallas.

Carlton is a sports writer for the Dallas Morning News. What he wrote about Strong on

Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News

Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News

Sunday, September 4, published on the day of Texas’ crucial game against Notre Dame blew me away. The part I want to quote was not about football – at least not directly.

Carlton mentions that Strong has been “cautious” in publicly discussing his status as Texas’ first black head football coach. OK; fine. At this point in our nation’s history, Chuck, what difference does it make? But then Carlton wrote about what Strong did while in Dallas for Big 12 Media Days.

On the Monday before Texas’ appearance at Big 12 media days at the Omni Hotel, Strong and a staff member walked over to the Dallas Police Department headquarters on Lamar.

“I wanted to tell them how much we appreciate them and our thoughts and prayers are always with them,” Strong said.

Let me see if I have this straight. A black football coach whose job is on the line this season took the time to visit the Dallas Police to express his appreciation for what they do? You will excuse me if I am impressed. And I am.

Carlton reports that Coach Strong stopped to look at the memorial that had been set up outside police HQ that included flowers and photos of the officers who died in the ambush. While he was taking in the memorial, an officer recognized him and waved him in. He spent the next 90 minutes with officers and staff. It wasn’t about Longhorn football either. It was about the police and what they sacrificed:

“We certainly appreciated coach Strong reaching out to us, unannounced and unprompted,” DPD assistant chief Gary Tittle said. “It shows the type of person he is. He was there to express his condolences and his support for law enforcement and specifically the DPD. He wasn’t pushing football and the Texas Longhorns. His interest was us.”

Carlton reported on what Charlie Strong had done the day prior this event.

Strong had been on a panel at a Texas High School Coaches meeting. Carlton says that Strong’s comments were powerful. He talked about police shootings in Dallas, Baton Rouge and Minnesota – and then said to his fellow coaches:

“We have to band together,” Strong said. “We have to come together because who else influences and impacts our young people more than we do? It’s something we can’t run from. It’s reality. It’s reality. And it’s hitting us in the face.

“More than anything, if we come together, if we band together, if we band as a group, as high school coaches, as college coaches because we’re going to impact our players and they’re going to listen to what we have to say.”

Coach Strong wants to win. But he wants to do it with players that do not abuse guns, drugs, or women. Forgive me, Aggies, but Johnny Manziel could not have played for him. There are several dozen coaches in college football today that could learn from Charlie Strong. Winning is great. Winning with honor is far superior.

Longhorns and Aggies

On the opening weekend of college football, the Aggies defeated #16 UCLA in overtime. Good for them. Their coach, Kevin Sumlin and the A&M program got a big boost. On Sunday night, the University of Texas outplayed #10 Notre Dame before blowing a big lead and then coming back to win in two overtimes. This was a big boost for Coach Strong and his program.

Shane Buechele

Shane Buechele

On my FACEBOOK page, I read a lot of comments about “TU” and a targeting penalty that wasn’t called that might have changed the outcome. Maybe so, but the bigger story was a true freshman quarterback, Shane Buechele, who had an amazing opening game – and in front of 101,000 people and massive national TV audience. He passed for 280 yards and two touchdowns, while the other quarterback, Tyrone Swoopes, was sterling in overtime, and scored the winning TD.

It was a storybook finish. And it proved that nice guys don’t always finish last. Charlie Strong is a winner in my book no matter what happens on the field. As my Aggie friends tell me, Texas A&M is a more conservative school. That may be so. The UT administration often acts like a bunch of turkeys. But Charlie Strong is a keeper. I wouldn’t trade him for any other coach in America.


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