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In Trump dispute with the NFL, the Free Market will decide

By Lynn Woolley

America’s obsession with race has finally reached a platform [1] that the people care about.

For years, race has been front and center when school districts chart test scores, in college admissions, [2] and in hiring practices at big corporations. Most Americans shrugged it off. But now that it’s hit the National Football League [3], the cracks in our country’s race relations are apparent.

Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, from left, Mike Wallace, former player Ray Lewis and inside linebacker C.J. Mosley kneel down during the playing of the U.S. national anthem at Wembley Stadium in London on Sept. 24, 2017. Matt Dunham – AP via Mother Jones

Part of it stems from the fact that we now have a president who stands up for America after 8 years of one that seemed to always be apologizing for it.

Part of it is that, in a majority-minority sports league where players are multi-millionaires, they seem to have little regard for the country that made their pampered lives possible. There will be a backlash. No one has to attend or watch an NFL game. If people tune out, the big salaries go away, and the situation self-corrects.

What, exactly, are they protesting? [4]

I think this latest protest was part of the left-wing hatred of President Trump that is so prevalent in Hollywood and on CNN [5] and other leftist media. Remember the Emmy Awards show a week ago [6]that was hosted by the crap-weasel Stephen Colbert – possibly the biggest Trump-hating celebrity of all. The entire show turned into an anti Trump rant. People tuned out, and the Emmy’s had a bad night with regard to TV ratings.

San Francisco 49ers Eli Harold (58), Eric Reid (35) and Colin Kaepernick (7) take a knee during the National Anthem prior to action against the Dallas Cowboys during an NFL football game Saturday, Oct. 2, 2016, in Santa Clara, CA. (Photo: Daniel Gluskoter/AP Images for Panini)

For years, the NFL has been about sports, entertainment, and what takes place on the field. But when Colin Kaepernick first kneeled during the National Anthem, he started a trend. It’s my assumption that Kaepernick’s original protest was about the white-on-black police shootings that were in the media at the time. No one (to my knowledge) tried to keep him from stating his opinion. The problem was that he did it on company time and in front of people who didn’t see the issue precisely as he did.

Rush Limbaugh had a wonderful analogy on his show of 9/25/17. He imagined a flight from Dallas to Kanas City, and as it became time to roll the beverage cart down the aisle, flight attendants instead kneel in protest. Of course, if this were to happen, those flight attendants would be summarily dismissed.

http://www.wbdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/LM-9-26-17.mp3 [7]

I’ve kind of been there.

Some years ago, I was hired as marketing manager of a large industrial firm with the agreement that that I could continue doing my political radio show. It was understood that my job at the company was not to discuss politics with other employees; my job was to create materials that would sell our product. What’s the difference with NFL players? That’s easy.

They’re rich, they’re largely members of protected minorities, and the owners can’t field a team without them. So the owners, some of whom contributed to Trump, lock arms and support their employees in a way that flight attendants would never enjoy.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Obama is out. Trump is in. Things are different now.

For eight long years, conservatives suffered through Obama’s apology tours, [8] his seeming hatred for Christians, and the anti American ranting of his pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. [9]

Remember when Wright got Obama in trouble by saying things like: “…not God bless America – God d— America, and “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

Wright has long since gone on to his gated-community retirement. (Apparently, hating on America pays a nice salary in Chicago.) Obama talked his way out of the controversy [10] and went on to bow before Middle Eastern leaders, declare that America is not a Christian nation (any more than it is an Islamic nation), and talk about the Crusades. Conservative Americans despised him for this. He got re-elected anyway.

Now comes Trump, a president that openly loves on America and defends her at every turn. Trump’s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again,” and he proclaimed “America First” at the United Nations. That was not Obama’s way, but it is Trump’s way.

When Trump got his fill of Kaepernick and his ilk, he spoke out [11]– to the cheers of millions of Americans. Once more for emphasis – Kaepernick has a right to his opinion and a right to speak out. But his office is a football stadium, and he has no right to do it there. He did anyway, it caught on, and the owners are in trouble because they didn’t “nip it in the bud.”

Some Americans think Kaepernick and right and some think he is wrong.

And this is the rub for the NFL.

They need both sides in order to succeed and keep on charging huge ticket prices and demanding astronomical amounts of money from the networks. That’s why the Free Market will ultimately decide this.

Last night’s game showed about an 8 percent decrease in viewership. [12] That means NBC has to charge less for the commercials that ran. If the networks start losing revenue, the day of the big-money deals will be over.

Note also, that two NFL games in Los Angeles week before last drew combined attendance that was less that the Southern Cal vs. Texas college game [13] that was also held in L.A. That game sold out the Coliseum at 92,000 fans. College Football had better not let this kneeling fad spread to their games or they will bleed cash as well.

Yes, we have a problem in our urban centers. [14]

We need to clean up drugs, illegal guns, crime and gangs and we need to reach a point where business want to locate in minority areas of town. As long as the crime rate necessitates the use of bars on the windows of convenience stores, it isn’t going to happen.

If society in general is to blame, as Kaepernick thinks, perhaps it is because we have destroyed families with enabling welfare. The Left had tried to pull people out of poverty with government checks in exchange for votes – and that has served to keep people in welfare. Obama set a lot of drug dealers free because his ideology commanded him to. We need to reverse that and get drug dealers away from our young minorities children. They need fathers. And mothers that aren’t on drugs and don’t have kids by a lot of different boyfriends.

Trump came into office promising to make America great, create jobs, and get people to work and off of welfare. His love of country is palpable. So, naturally when millionaire sports figures disrespect America, he is going to give them hell – as he did.

A lot of people bet against Trump in the election – and lost. I wouldn’t bet against him now. If the NFL snowflakes continue to kneel [15], the people will render a verdict. The Free market is at work, and it will decide the fate of the national Football League.