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EXCLAMATION Point Put on Castro’s Death at NFL GAME

By Ben Barrack

Kiko Alonso [1]

Kiko Alonso

This Thanksgiving week, San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick was confronted by Miami Herald sports reporter Armando Salguero. In the exchange, [2] Salguero challenged Kaepernick [3] over the quarterback’s apparent support of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Then, on the day after Thanksgiving, Castro was pronounced dead. [4]

All of this drama preceded a showdown between the 49ers and the Miami Dolphins at a game in Miami, home to countless immigrants who fled Castro’s terror, repression and persecution. Kaepernick faced a round of boos during the introductions but still delivered a very strong performance.

That leads to Miami Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso, an American born to a Colombian mother and a Cuban father, [5] who was raised in Puerto Rico after Castro came to power.

Now, to the NFL game…

While Kaepernick had perhaps his best game statistically as a pro, his team was behind by seven with two seconds left. The ball rested at the Dolphin six yard line. After taking the snap, Kaepernick attempted to run the ball for the touchdown.

None other than Kiko Alonso – who already recorded an interception and fumble recovery – stopped him.

A better example of poetic justice in sports one would be hard pressed to find.

Another angle: