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By Lynn Woolley

I was taken by this quote from Monica Lewinsky from her 2015 article in Vanity Fair. Lewinsky, who had suffered under the Clintons for her affair with Bill, wrote about Hillary’s…

“…impulse to blame the woman – not only me, but herself – troubling.”

Miss Lewinsky has a point. 

Bill & Hillary at their wedding on October 11, 1975. (Photo Clinton library)

Bill & Hillary at their wedding on October 11, 1975. (Photo Clinton library)

Hillary Clinton, now running as a woman to be a president for all women, and who says that all sexual assault victims should be believed, always attacked the objects of Bill’s affections. Rather than Bill’s fault, it was always the fault of someone else – either the woman or a shadowy Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Except that it wasn’t.

Bill went after women who gave themselves to him consensually – and sometimes not. All this makes the Trump beauty pageant controversy an odd choice for an issue. Trump should hope this issue has legs, as it cannot help Hillary Clinton.

All the President’s women.

I wish I could name them all; I can’t. All I can do is remind you of the highlights.

MONICA LEWINSKY. She’s the intern that broke open Bill’s affairs and made major headlines with cigars and a semen-stained dress.
GENNIFER FLOWERS. This was a consensual affair with a woman who sold her story to a supermarket tabloid. The Clintons were in denial, but 6 years after the story broke, Bill admitted to it.
JUANITA BROADDRICK. She is the accuser that says Bill raped her in 1978 and this remains one of the few incidents the Clintons still deny. She claims that Hillary Clinton delivered a veiled threat in urging her to keep her mouth shut.
KATHLEEN WILLEY. She is a former White House volunteer aide who, on March 15, 1998, alleged on the TV news program 60 Minutes that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her on November 29, 1993, during his first term.
PAULA CORBIN JONES. She’s the former Arkansas state employee who claimed that Bill groped her in a hotel room. The Clintons paid her $850,000 to go away.
SALLY PERDUE. A former Miss Arkansas who claims she had an affair with Gov. Bill Clinton in 1983. She also claims that she had been asked not to reveal the affair by a former Democratic party staffer in 1992 who told her that: “they knew that I went jogging by myself and he couldn’t guarantee what would happen to my pretty little legs.”
DOLLY KYLE BROWNING. She was deposed in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case and stated that she had known Bill Clinton since she was eleven and had an affair with him starting around 1974 and ending in 1992.

That’s not all, folks. But those are the major mistresses. Note that in three of these cases, the affairs were less than consensual. These are the women that Hillary blamed – instead of blaming Bill. In fact, she was instrumental in crafting aggressive defenses for Bill that placed the blame on the women.

Alicia Machado (Photo: CNN)

Alicia Machado (Photo: CNN)

So much for Trump’s Miss Universe problem.

Anyone who does a backgrounder on Alicia Machado, the former Miss Venezuela that the Clintons dug up to use against Trump, can see why he was not happy with her. She won the Miss Universe title when Trump had just purchased the pageant, and then proceeded to balloon in weight. Beauty queens cannot do that – sometimes, by contract. As more is learned about Alicia, the worse it looks for her – and the better for Trump.

Hillary Clinton is openly running to become the first woman president.

Part of her platform is empowerment of women and what an inspiration Hillary herself has been. That was working for her to an extent, but then she brought up the Miss Universe deal. Bad idea. Now, stories and columns are being written about Bill’s affairs – and how Hillary Clinton demeaned the women that he went after.

This story undermines Hillary’s claims to be a champion of women. She is a proven destroyer of women.


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