Gender takes another hit as Boy Scouts open up to Girls The Boy Scouts were once a bridge from boyhood to manhood. But that’s gone now.

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By Lynn Woolley

Boy and girl scouts saluting, American flag in background, circa 1960s. (Credit: H. Armstrong Roberts/Retrofile/Getty Images)

Gender in America has been under attack ever since Barack Obama took office. Obama evolved on gay marriage — and soon, the entire LGBT agenda was being promoted in the Oval Office, in libraries, and in schools.

The idea of boys and men as males – and girls and woman as females – with separate and different gender roles – is now considered outmoded by the Left.

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the worst offenders.

The Board decided unanimously to admit girls into the Cub Scouts next year and to establish a program for older girls. So the Boy Scouts joins the Big 10 and the Big 12 as organizations with names that no longer make sense. In January, the Boy Scouts became politically correct by allowing openly gay members and scoutmasters. The Scouts lost members because of that, which might explain the current move.

The Boy Scouts are cutting ties with conservative principles.

Remember when the Komen Foundation for the Cure charity decided to cut off its relationship with Planned Parenthood – and liberals went crazy? The breast cancer charity quickly reversed course. It’s kind of like that with the Boy Scouts. After the Left demanded that the Scouts abandon its most sacred values – one of which was a stance against homosexuality – the Scouts caved.

After that, there’s no direction to go but left. The Scouts have now abandoned the idea that the Boy Scouts shall be boys. Now, the Boy Scouts can be boys, girls, gays, straights, transgendered – you name it. And all this inclusion has essentially destroyed the core mission of the Scouts.

That mission – to me, at least – was to teach young boys how to be men. In today’s gender-fluid society, the Boy Scouts may very well teach young girls how to be men.

The Girl Scouts are not amused by all this.

Jennifer Bartkowski serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas.

Jenifer Bartkowski, the CEO of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, would prefer the two organizations remain gender specific. She says the Girl Scouts provides young women with role models. (Hopefully, not Ellen DeGeneres.)

She’s right. I thought it was a good idea for the Rotary Club to allow women into the former all-boys club. But Rotary is comprised of adults that are already pillars of their communities. The Boy Scouts was about teaching manly things you the young. Things boys do. And yes, boys do stuff that many girls aren’t interested in.

Now that the Boy Scouts are blending the sexes, we’ve lost one of the few organizations that could actually concentrate on teaching boys. Boys need to learn how to treat girls and women. Look at the jackasses that have been in the news over the decades – Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and so many more that have been on record as treating women like dirt. Donald Trump likes women – but he’s far removed from the kind of things these guys did.

The Boy Scouts were once a bridge from boyhood to manhood. But that’s gone now.

Is any organization teaching men to be men? Teaching them how to respect women? It’s not the Boy Scouts anymore. It’s not schools; schools are big into the transgender movement, which is part of the gender fluidity movement. It’s certainly not our liberal universities. Maybe it was the football community, but that’s now gone to hell. Thank God for high school football coaches that take the place of a father for so many young players.

Lambda Legal filed a petition seeking a rehearing by the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit on behalf of Jameka Evans, a security guard who was harassed at work and effectively terminated from her job because she is a lesbian and doesn’t conform to gender norms in her appearance and demeanor.

What is the meaning of sex?

Big, left-leaning companies including Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, Starbucks, and Microsoft are asking the Supreme Court to throw out the concept of gender. This is all about the case of Jameka Evans, a lesbian who worked as a security guard in Georgia.

Evans claimed she was harassed and punished for dressing as a man. She liked to wear a male uniform, style her hair as a man, and so forth. This apparently embarrassed her employer, Georgia Regional Hospital at Savannah.

So she quit her job and sued. The Trump administration sides with the hospital, but the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (under Obama) agreed with her. The EEOC is part of the Swamp that Trump is working to drain.

It’s bad enough that such stupidity has to go on to the Supreme Court. But it’s more disturbing that America’s big tech companies are all liberal – and they have more influence on our lives than even Hollywood. So the High Court may decide to rule on whether there really is such a thing as “gender.”

The Girl Scouts lash out.

Over in the land of Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts are persona non grata. This group, that has always seemed left-leaning to me, is actually taking up for gender! Who’d have thought it?

The Girls Scouts of the USA blasted the Boy Scouts saying that the decision to admit girls will strain relations between the two groups. GSUSA officials charge that BSA officials may be moving to boost membership in wake of financial problems.

That’s almost certainly true.

When the Boy Scouts decided that their most basic values had to be scrapped on the altar of political correctness, it lost its reason to exist. It may not exist much longer. The concept of “gender” is also in trouble. I don’t much care about the Boy Scouts. They have made their decision to move leftward. But, as a man, I cannot imagine a world where women are just like me.

How dull would that be?

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