Democrats created Roy Moore when they defended Bill Clinton If a Republican is accused of harassment, it is only the “seriousness of the charges” that matter.

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by Lynn Woolley

We’ve been here before.

When Anita Hill accused Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment in 1991, Democrats said it was “the seriousness of the charges” that mattered. But when Bill Clinton’s sexual scandals emerged, Democrats told us that Clinton’s sexual life was his business. Those were the nineties.

Clinton lies to the American people on TV

Fast-forward to today, and the Democrats are back to the old “seriousness of the charges” argument.

But how can the Left be serious about charges against Roy Moore, when charges leveled against Clinton – including rape – were ignored? And if you go back a bit, it is well known that media protected President John Kennedy’s sexual dalliances.

JFK’s brother Edward was involved in a death of a woman at Chappaquiddick – and lied about it, but yet remained in the Senate. The free passes given to Democrats may have influenced Roy Moore.

Video: Clinton, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…

If JFK, Teddy, and Slick Willie paid no price – then why should Roy Moore?

I don’t assume that Moore is guilty of the charges leveled against him. The whole affair smells bad with the timing and the appearance that Moore is being “Herman Cain-ed” with women being rounded up just to get him to drop out. Remember, that after Cain dropped out of the primary, the women disappeared. So this could be another left-wing dirty trick.

Besides, the famed Hollywood, far-left liberal lawyer Gloria Allred is involved with Moore’s accusers. That should raise suspicions.

Video: Ted Kennedy Offers Explanation for Kopechne Drowning at Chappaquiddick

But suppose Moore did date teenagers when he was in his 30’s.

This would have been before Clinton, but after both Kennedys. Here’s the difference: In the Kennedy years, there were three networks and a powerful print media standing behind Jack and Ted. There were no wall-to-wall panels on CNN. If the media wanted to play down a story – such as JFK’s attraction to Marylyn Monroe, they just didn’t report on it.

The media most likely let other presidents and politicians off the sexual hook as well.

Video: NBC News with tape of a defiant Moore saying the allegations are not true

On the other hand, the Bill Clinton story was different. The New Media (talk radio, cable news, internet) was coming in and we were getting modern “news cycles” as we have now with Trump and Roy Moore. And still, the Democrats circled the wagons. The media loved Clinton, and they let him get away with lying before their very cameras.

Even MSNBC’s Chris Hayes smells a Leftist rat.

The Democrats and the news media did not want Bill to go – and even after impeachment, the Republican Senate let him go in a sham trial. So what’s a Roy Moore to think? Or an Anthony Weiner, for that matter?

Weiner was expendable and the Dems threw him under the bus. But Bill Clinton could harass any number of women, be accused of rape, and lie on TV and under oath and that was OK.

The headline in today’s Dallas Morning News editorial is:

“Moore’s Non-Denial Denial. Public smearing of victims is unconscionable.”

In this piece, written by the Editorial Board, the Dallas Morning News writes:

“Rather than focusing on the substance of the allegations that GOP senatorial candidate from Alabama pursued sexual relationships with teenage girls when he was in is 30’s, Breitbart News sent two reporters to Alabama to try and discredit the women and the Washington Post’s reporting.”

So the DMN is back to the “seriousness of the allegations” rather than the veracity of them. But the graph from the editorial takes the cake in another, astounding way:

The woman who was put in charge of “bimbo eruptions” – the task of destroying the reputations of the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment and worse – was Hillary Rodham Clinton. And that is precisely who the Dallas Morning News endorsed for President of the United States.

The Dallas Morning News, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the networks ought to recognize the Roy Moore story.  They created it.

If the Mainstream Media (and the Democrats) had acknowledged the “seriousness of the charges” against Bill Clinton, as well as evidence like the semen stained dress, then the Roy Moore story would be coming down differently.

As things stand, it seems that if a big-shot Democrat is credibly accused of harassment, even with evidence, he will get a free pass. If he is a Republican, it is only the “seriousness of the charges” that matter.

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