Army General loses Sweetheart Deal because of One Word As far as allegations go, those against Maj. Gen. Ryan Gonsalves may be the pettiest ever.

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By Lynn Woolley

Maj. Gen. Ryan F. Gonsalves was being considered for a third star, and for command of U.S. Army Europe when he was busted by a single word: “SWEETHEART.”

Stars & Stripes reports that a “preponderance of the evidence” indicates that Gen. Gonsalves referred to a female congressional aide as “sweetheart” during a meeting in October of 2016. 

Ryan Gonsalves speaks to an audience at Fort Carson, Colo., in August 2012 after being promoted to brigadier general. (US Army photo/Nathan Thome)

The General says he didn’t do it – but the allegation led to an investigation by the Inspector General’s office – and administrative action was taken.

All it took to cost this general a third star and the European Command was an anonymous complaint from a staffer who works with Democratic Congressman Jim Langevin of Rhode Island.

Worse yet, he may have asked her age. So – of the General, Harvey Weinstein, Judge Roy Moore, and Bill Clinton — whom would you say got the sweetheart deal?

Gonsalves shouldn’t have called this woman “sweetheart.”

That, we can stipulate.

Video: “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” (Bing Crosby – 1934)

On the other hand, there are levels of inappropriateness. Look at some other accusations and consequences:

Bill Cobsy drugged woman to obtain sex. He went to trial.
Roy Moore was accused of dating underage woman 40 years ago. He lost his election.
• Most of Hollywood was aware of the sexual atrocities of Harvey Weinstein. He still palled around with Oprah.
Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly & James Rosen were all accused of sexual harassment at the workplace. FOX News fired them – and Ailed died.
Al Franken had his photo taken mock-cupping a woman’s breasts. He resigned from Congress.
Anthony Weiner sexted underage girls. He gained a prison cell and lost a wife.
Jerry Sandusky showered with young boys at Penn State. He got arrested.
Bill Clinton was accused of groping and even rape and was impeached. No serious consequences.

And so it goes.

U.S. Rep. Jim Langevin D-RI

Except for Bill Clinton, most men who commit various bad deeds face some sort of consequences.

Even Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had to put up with what he called “a high-tech lynching” during his confirmation hearings because Anita Hill accused him of talking dirty at the office and asking about a public hair on his Coke.

That nearly derailed the nomination. Fortunately it didn’t, and Thomas has been a wonderfully conservative justice. Thank goodness, Hill’s accusations didn’t work.

As far as allegations go, those against Gen. Gonsalves may be the pettiest ever.

He called her “sweetheart.” (And wouldn’t you like to hear that comment in context? Perhaps he was being sexist, or perhaps she was being a jerk and he was calling her out with a purposeful dig.)

He asked her how old she was. There’s an old saying about never asking a woman how old she is. That now seems to be codified.

And one more thing. He also is accused of telling the female staffer to take notes so that her “Democratic boss” would understand the military’s needs. That sounds more like a dig on her boss. That indicates that Gonsalves is a Republican who isn’t shy about revealing his disdain for left-wing members of Congress.

The General is now busted to serving as “Special Assistant” to the Commanding General of III Corps at Fort Carson.

The matter is now closed. That’s too bad. Compared to the Weinsteins and (especially) the Clintons of the world, calling a congressional aide “sweetheart” seems almost quaint. Based on my perception of the General’s political ideology, the European Command may have lost a good man.

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