Progressives oppose Progress as they deny Science The deniers are mostly Democrats. The real progressives are not the progressives.

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by Lynn Woolley

Liberals like to paint conservatives that oppose global warming as science deniers. They build themselves up as the elite defenders of science. They call themselves “progressives.” None of that is true.

Science March (AFP)

Liberals are actually anti-progress and they deny science on many levels.

Hypocrites like Al Gore make millions from movies, speeches and selling carbon credits – while driving big cars and riding in private jets. But they don’t want you to enjoy the fruits of progress, because progress leaves a carbon footprint. They want you to sacrifice while they — the elites – preach to the rest of us about climate change.

They deny science all the time – especially on issues related to the homosexual agenda and the transgender movement — telling us that a man can be changed into a woman and vice versa.

They are the Neanderthals.

Video: Bill Nye has become America’s leading science denier on many subjects. Watch him discuss gender, saying 3-year-olds should be able to decide whether they are boys or girls.

Michael Bloomberg: billionaire nutcase. 

Rich but nuts: Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg has a media empire and is filthy rich. He is a former member of the Republican Party. In areas related to the climate – he is clueless. He is trying to convince world leaders not to follow President Trump and drop out of the Paris Climate Accord. You wonder if Bloomberg has any idea what it entails.

Simply put, it would require the United States to reduce its annual greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels – about 1.6 billion tons – by 2025.

That would be wonderful! Or not.

If we did such a thing, we have to sacrifice a lot. Monster X-cab pickups might go away. We might not be able to cool our living spaces as we do now. We might have to ground a lot of passenger jets.

Sure, we’re working on so-called “renewable energy,” some of which works and some of which doesn’t. We’ve improved automobile emissions a lot. These are good things. But we’ve also added ethanol to gasoline – and that’s not good for your engine and the production of which actually contributes to emissions. Liberals are not only nuts – they’re stupid.

Maybe the Paris Accords would cut back emissions by a significant amount – but only if countries like India and China and Russia do it too – and they won’t. In fact, it is likely that we would make huge sacrifices and our economy could be negatively affected – and the earth would not notice one bit of difference.

This is why liberals are dangerous. They don’t see climate change as science. They see it as emotion. Pure, unfiltered emotion. Cutting back on carbon emission makes them feel good. But does it actually save the planet? Not even.

John Stossel on nutcase climate alarmists. 

John Stossel

Stossel, late of ABC News and FOX News is our favorite Libertarian. He has a way of making liberals look like what they are, which is stupid. His latest column is amazingly on target. He says the Earth Day zealots make it sound so simple:

1. Man causes global warming.
2. Warming is obviously harmful.
3. Government can stop it.

But Stossel says none of these three things are true. Who knows what causes global warming? Maybe it’s God. Maybe it’s cyclical. Maybe it’s supposed to happen. Is it harmful? Stossel says it has actually saved lives:

“Over the last century, climates warmed, but climate-related deaths dropped. Since 1933, they fell by 98 percent. Life expectancy doubled.”

How is this possible? On my radio show, I’ve often talked about extended growing season, making it possible to grow more food for a hungry world. Stossel points out that carbon dioxide is great for growing crops. And he simply states:

“Cold kills more people than heat.”

I’ll bet progressives never thought of that. But that’s why I say they are science deniers. It is provable that cold weather is more damaging to roads, buildings, powerlines, animals, and human beings than heat is – and yet, try to explain to a liberal and he/she will not get it.

As for government stopping climate change – forget it. It’s not going to happen – even if it is remotely possible, which I doubt. Every time government takes an action, it produces consequences. Some people like Al Gore benefit from climate change regulations – but most ordinary people lose out. Their jobs go away, and the regulations make it harder to heat their homes.

As Stossel notes – the earth will not notice.

The effort it would take to actually affect carbon emissions would send us back into the Stone Age. It’s just not going to happen. So celebrate progress – and champion science – but make it real science.

Democrats and warmers as science deniers.

Allum Bokhari lists five areas of science denial by the Left. They are laughable when you think about it.

• There are only two genders. Whether by chromosome alignment or genital assignment, there is male and female. That’s it. Progressives deny it.
• Race is not a social construct. A white person like Rachel Dolezal cannot be black by wishing it. Nor can Elizabeth Warren be Native American.
• Green energy is efficient. Maybe it’s the coming thing – but it’s not here yet. A free market is the best way to get there. Under the current status of renewable energy, it’s far more costly than fossil fuels.
Inequality is not (predominately) a social construct. Some people are born smarter than others. Fact. Sorry.
Men & woman are born different. So there’s a gender disparity in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). It’s NOT due to sexism. Get over it.

The deniers are mostly Democrats. The real progressives are not the progressives.

Seth Borenstein

If only we could get past the anti-science concepts of homosexuality and transgenderism. If we could simply agree that men and women are not only shaped differently – they think differently.

If only we could admit that we cannot affect natural occurring changes in climate. If only we could adapt to changes in climate instead of trying to stop them, we could save trillions of dollars and keep the global economy from collapsing.

So long as we have rich elites like Michael Bloomberg and Al Gore – and media hacks like the AP’s climate change fear monger Seth Borenstein – we will continue along a sad path of anti-progress and science denial.

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