Democrats seek to halt Debate on Science Exposing young minds to a variety of possibilities is is not dangerous. Cutting off all debate is.

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By Lynn Woolley

Science is all about learning – or so we we’ve been told. But not to Democrats. They make up their minds – and then the rest of us have to agree.

Take the Big Bang Theory.

Big Bang Science theoryMost scientists – and practically all liberals believe it. They now take it for granted that billions of years ago, some matter exploded and expanded into the universe.

Creationists ask a simple question – where did that original matter come from?

Of course, that’s the fly in the ointment.

No one can answer that without bringing in the idea of a Creator – namely, God. And liberals do not like that and so, they have managed to expunge God from government-run schools. That’s what the flap over evolution is about, too. The fact is that evolution explains some things. God explains some things – and perhaps all things. But if God exists, that messes with their views on abortion.

So God must be removed from all things related to science.Science

But why?

I’m good with the Big Bang Theory – IF you are willing to agree that God made that first atom.

But the BB theory falls apart if it it’s used as a creation theory. Something cannot be part of a creation theory if the theory holds that matter existed prior to creation. Can it?

That’s a very good question – and the essence of science. Science is about asking questions, formulating theories and then conducting experiments to prove or disprove a hypothesis. Perhaps some day, we’ll have a time machine and we’ll travel back to the origin of the universe and see just what happened – but for now, it’s a theory and nothing more.

Then, there’s evolution.

The State of Texas is always fertile ground to fight over evolution and creationism in textbooks. One side claims that evolution is “science,” and Intelligent Design is “Sunday School.” Your humble writer believes in evolution because of a number things contained within my own body: my vestigial nictitating membrane, my coccyx, and my now-extracted wisdom teeth.

evolutionOn the other hand, the human body is quite complex. Perhaps Natural Selection made those changes in us – but just naming some process doesn’t explain it.

The political Left might admit there could be intelligence beyond what we know that drives it. But they won’t.

Settled Science works for the progressive movement.

The Left simply refers to the rest of us as Neanderthals when we disagree. When we demand more facts and more study – they say the science is settled. The Big Bang Theory helped them eliminate God as creator. With that accomplished, they were able to move Him out of schools.

With God expunged from government schools, liberal teachers and professors can bloviate about “a woman’s right to choose” without the worry of an immortal soul getting in the way. They can promote Climate Change as “settled” as a way to redistribute American wealth to developing nations that some believe we pillaged on our way to exceptionalism.

All of this means that pro-life people must be demeaned as “anti-abortion” and anti-woman, which is so much baloney. The act of taking the life of an unborn child is therefore described as “choice” or “abortion rights.” Anyone who believes that a changing climate is a naturally occurring thing is smeared as a “climate denier.”

Anyone who wants to open up textbooks in public schools to more than one area of thought is slammed as a religious nut.

But it is the Left that has closed their minds.

Why shouldn’t young people be exposed to different ideas? After all, scientists change their minds every day. Eggs are bad for us, we are told – but then again, eggs are good for us. The science changes because new and better studies give us better – and ever-changing – information.

Real science is making a difference in the abortion wars. Young people are increasingly becoming pro-life as they use technology to see the baby – as a human – in the womb. Much of the global warming scare is being disproved as well, though you have to search for accurate reporting.

Someday, we may laugh at the very idea of the Big Bang Theory. So let’s keep our minds open, and keep studying and learning. Exposing young minds to a variety of possibilities is not dangerous. Cutting off all debate is.

Lynn Woolley is a Texas-based talk show host who blogs at

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