Vulture Republicans standing by in case Trump falls Instead of getting behind Trump, Republicans see themselves as the beneficiary of a Mueller investigation followed by an impeachment.

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By Lynn Woolley

Let me make something perfectly clear.

I never was a Trumper — until the end. I thought Trump was rude, lude, crude, and nothing approaching presidential. But after Ted Cruz dropped out, and after Trump was the last man standing in the Republican field, I changed my definition of the word “presidential.”

Instead of seeing a president as someone who carefully considers his words and who vets every speech through focus groups – I evolved. Now, I see “presidential” as meaning someone who loves this country and keeps campaign promises.

So it’s a little off-putting to see people like Tom Cotton, Ben Sasse, and even Mike Pence putting together shadow campaigns – you know, just in case the Special Counsel does Trump in. I like these guys a lot. But if Trump does down, would one of the guys fight for his America-first agenda?

Trumpian bombast versus careful pragmatism.

Whether it’s Cotton, Sasse, Pence, Cruz, or some other GOP stalwart, I have this fear that “winning” might take on a new definition. With most presidents, it has meant being careful to cultivate the base, work across the aisle, compromise, make sure that left-wing sensibilities are not offended – and such.

Trump standing with Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue, touting the RAISE Act

With Trump – throw all that to the wind. Trump ran to Make America Great Again and MAGA never leaves his mind for an instant. He doesn’t care who he offends in his party or the other one.

He cuts through the media with Twitter. If he dislikes you, he will nickname you – and use the nickname to make you look silly. He shoots from the hip and says what he thinks.

I admit that it makes me uncomfortable.

But I would rather have Trump bombast with the Trump agenda – than another two-bit politician in the Oval Office.

Call me crazy if you like, but Donald John Trump is doing what I thought never could be done.

• He’s actually brought back manufacturing to America, exemplified by the new announcement that Toyota and Mazda are planning a big joint car-making plant.

• His rhetoric alone has caused a big decrease in illegal immigration – and probably has already saved lives.

• The new Sanctuary City policy is a dream come true for those who want to see crime down in America through actual enforcement of our laws.

• He may yet save us from an invasion of Middle Eastern refugees who have profoundly changed Europe and affected its culture.

• Under Trump, the stock market has set many new records.

Employment is up.

Labor force participation is up.

The economy is booming.

• Because of Trump, there is no indication that Bashar Assad is going to use more chemical weapons.

• Because of Trump, NATO members are starting to pay their agreed-upon share of their own defense.

• Trump believes that men should use the men’s room—that that’s a good thing.

So what’s not to like about the Trump agenda?

Very simply this: Establishment/Bureaucratic Washington (the Swamp) does not like it when an outsider comes in and changes the rules of what is “presidential.” Especially when the agenda works and the people love it.

Pence & Trump (Photo: Indianapolis Star)

Republicans and Democrats enjoy fighting with each other about how best for Washington to control everything. The Democrats want to do it all out, in the open, and with taxes as high as the sky. Republicans are subtler, but they like Big Government too.

Both parties like to use the perks that Congressmen have to enrich themselves – and they hate the term “Drain the Swamp.”

In 7 months, Trump has shown that an outsider can fix more things faster than a nice, standard-fit president with the best of manners and politeness. Trump, not an ideologue, is a master at fixing things. It’s just that the Swamp doesn’t want them fixed.

So it’s disgusting to see VULTURES waiting to see if trump become road kill.

There are only a few real Trump supporters in Washington – think Jeff Sessions before Trump’s attacks on him — and yet, the public loves him. The public and the Swamp are not in tune.

So any Republican in D.C. that thinks he has the best looking face, has an acceptable voting record, and maybe a high enough cable TV profile – is thinking about running. Instead of getting behind Trump, several Republicans see themselves as the beneficiary of a Mueller investigation followed by an impeachment or resignation.

These are vulture Republicans who can’t wait to get back to normal – back to a time when the Swamp was in control. The problem is that America is in amazing shape. We just need to work on a few things like repealing Obamacare and sending it to the states, and we need to work on the spending and the Debt.

Yes, Trump’s personality is worrisome at times. He can be a jerk. But his agenda is amazing and will make America great again. It would be nice if GOP vultures would get behind him instead of looking to their own political ambitions.

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