Trump was Trump when Trump was on Oprah Trump wants an America that makes sense.

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By Lynn Woolley

Max Boot, a well-known writer for the Washington Post, has become the latest so-called conservative to suggest that the Republican Party must be taken down. Boot hates President Trump so much that he’s joining George Will and “Morning” Joe Scarborough in saying that it’s worth turning over all power to Democrats just to get rid of Trump.

This is, of course, insane, but it got me to wondering.

Is the Trump we see in office the same Trump who used to be thought of as a Clinton-loving liberal? So I went back and checked some old videos.

Trump on the Oprah show 1988

I remembered the 1988 Oprah Winfrey interview during which Trump talks about trade. What you see there – and on other interviews – is largely consistent with Trump today.

He believes people like Boot, Will, and Morning Joe are part of the problem. They believe he has messed with their precious status quo.

I’ve always wondered why Tucker Carlson of FOX News despises Max Boot.

Now, I know.

If this guy is what passes as a conservative, then I want no part of it – just as he, Will, and the Morning Dude want no part of Trump.

I see Boot as a frustrated Swamp dweller whose time has passed, and he longs for the good old days when decisions were made in smoke-filled rooms.

Video: Here’s the Oprah interview — and note what Trump says about our allies. Sound familiar?

Will is essentially a baseball writer who holds some conservative opinions, but who was dumped by ABC News from “This Week,” and then dumped by FOX News – and he may just be crying out for attention. Scarborough is another matter. After years at MSNBC, and engaged to the liberal Mika Brzezinski, he has simply “evolved” into just another MSNBC libtard.

These and other Never Trumpers are blind to the fact that Trump has cleaned up a lot of the Swamp, solved problems, is actually leading from the front on international issues, and, thinks it’s insane that we allow the rest of the world to pilfer our treasury.

Video: Here’s an even earlier interview with gossip columnist Rona Barrett. Trump is still Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump rolls on. He knows what he believes and he doesn’t change.

Trump wants an America that makes sense.

He looks at unfair trade and wants to fix it. He sees our immigration laws being treated as a joke, and he wants to fix it. He thinks it’s nuts that we can’t make things in America. He wants our military to be respected and our veterans taken care of. He wants our federal judiciary to operate in a constitutional – not political – manner.

As for Russia, he sees an adversary that could be neutered or even turned into a dependable ally – and he thinks, why not? (That used to be what the Left thought too, but that changed on election night 2016.)

Video: Early Trump in 1980 with NBC’s Tom Brokaw, on New York real estate.

The thing about Trump is that he believes a strong America is good for the entire world.

That’s why he puts America first.

That’s why he wants to make America great again. For generations, since Abraham Lincoln, the Republican Party of Boot, Will, and Joe enjoyed the fruits of being part of the Swamp. I always thought it would take a different kind of Republican – a trailblazer, a person who isn’t afraid to go where the GOP had not gone before to effect change.

Video: Here’s Tucker, hating him some Max Boot — for good reason. July 2017 on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

The Three Amigos seem to want more of the same thing we had under the Bushes. I disagree with them. President Reagan was the right man for the 80’s and I think Trump is the right man for right now.

President Trump has had a vision for America of a long time. He still does. He’s making it happen. The old-line, smoke-filled-rooms Republicans are not happy.

That’s a good thing.

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