Texas Gov. Greg Abbott trashes Austin in Bell County Truth be told – liberal Austin is due for some trashing.

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By Lynn Woolley

This is was alarming news to the Austin American Statesman.

But truth be told – Austin is due for some trashing. First of all, it is a Sanctuary City and home to the nation’s strangest sheriff – “Sanctuary Sally” Hernandez. It’s the home of the drunken former DA Rosemary Lehmberg. The city ran off Uber and Lyft – and in general is just so far left that it’s bizarre.

So when Gov. Abbott throws some red meat to a Republican fundraiser in Belton, Texas, it’s not anything to be concerned about.

Gov. Abbott at the Bell County Expo Center June 5, 2017

Besides, Abbott was having a good time in a very conservative county just 60 miles away from the state’s most liberal one. So to Austin libs – get a life!

If you don’t want to made fun of, don’t elect so many left-wing nutcases and don’t pass so many loopy liberal laws. Personally, I love the city for its natural beauty and still hold out hope that it might some day be sane.

What Abbott said.

The Governor was having a good time at liberals’ expense. The comments were tailored to a specific audience – you know, like a left-wing president once told a group of like-minded donors that conservatives bitterly cling to God and guns. More recently, a three-time loser candidate for president called conservatives a “basket of deplorables.” So it happens. Get over it, libs!

“Sanctuary Sally” — Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez – KXAN-TV

Besides, Gov. Abbott’s comments were funny:

“As I was coming up here from Austin, Texas, tonight, I got to tell you, it’s great to be out of the People’s Republic of Austin.”

That old “People’s Republic of Austin” line is a standard and it always gets laughs.
Abbott knew the crowd at the Bell County Republican Party Dinner at the Bell County Expo Center would love it.

“As you leave Austin and start heading north, you start feeling different. Once you cross the Travis County line, it starts smelling different. And you know what that fragrance is? Freedom. It’s the smell of freedom that does not exist in Austin, Texas.”

Is he wrong? Ask Uber and Lyft.

“That said, with your senators and legislators, I can tell you that today, Austin is more free than it was before the legislative session began because the state of Texas passed laws that overrode the liberal agenda of Austin, Texas, that is trying to send Texas down the pathway of California.”

That’s all good stuff for a Republican fundraiser.

But Jonathan Tilove, Chief political writer at the Austin American Statesman was not amused. He was particularly exercised about the comments Abbott made about the much-maligned Travis County Sheriff.

Jonathan Tilove – AAS Chief Political Writer

Sheriff Sally Hernandez earned the title of “Sanctuary Sally” by running on a platform of aiding and abetting illegal immigration. Here’s what Abbott told the Belton crowd:

“We worked on ensuring that we kept every person in the state safe, every man, woman and child, and that meant we had to confront a problem that began festering in Austin, Texas, and began to spread across the state. It meant that we had to pass a ban on sanctuary city policies. This will stop officials like Sanctuary Sally in Travis County, Texas, who was releasing dangerous criminals out of jail, back out on the street. People who have committed crimes like rape. My view is if you don’t want to enforce the law, you shouldn’t be involved in law enforcement.”

Well! Law enforcement! That sounds like a great concept for a county sheriff.

Left-wing media repeatedly tell us that there is no such thing as a sanctuary city. If you believe that, visit Austin! The city is beautiful, but it’s a hotbed of liberalism and nutty left-wingers. So cut Gov. Abbott some slack!


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