Republicans create “Straw Men” as Obama used to do G.O.P. leaders always need an excuse for their utter failure.

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Mar 27, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

by David Hodges

As Republicans and Conservatives, we used to get so mad at former President Obama pretending there were “dark forces” battling against him. These mythical “dark forces” included a “War with Iran” if we didn’t give Iran the dollars and flexibility to have nuclear weapons.

On March 19, 2009, Obama according to the New York Times, attacked the “unknown”–

In Los Angeles, Mr. Obama took on Wall Street and Washington, two of his favorite straw men. “I know some folks in Washington and on Wall Street are saying we should just focus on their problems,” Mr. Obama said. “It would be nice if I could just pick and choose what problems to face, when to face them. So I could say, well, no, I don’t want to deal with the war in Afghanistan right now; I’d prefer not having to deal with climate change right now. And if you could just hold on, even though you don’t have health care, just please wait, because I’ve got other things to do.”

We could research Obama’s “straw men’ for many pages, but today the problem is the Republicans “straw men’. 

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says the Obamacare replacement bill was based on a lie

G.O.P. leaders always need an excuse for their utter failure. In 2009, they needed the House of Representatives, 2014 they needed the Senate, 2016 they had to have the Presidency. Voters answered their call every time and what has happened…nothing.

Democrats still run Washington despite their multiple losses in elections.

Over the weekend, the Republicans found the answer to the failure of the repeal and replacement of Obamacare….the parliamentarian! If you are going, WHAA.., you are not alone.

From Wikipedia:

The Parliamentarian of the United States House of Representatives manages, supervises, and administers its Office of the Parliamentarian, which is responsible for advising presiding officers, Members, and staff on procedural questions under the U.S. Constitution, rule, and precedent, as well as for preparing, compiling, and publishing the precedents of the House.

The Parliamentarian is appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives without regard to political affiliation and solely on the basis of fitness to perform the duties of the position. Consultation with the Office is confidential (if requested).

Now for at least the last 8 years no one heard of the Parliamentarian, but since GOP took over this year this unknown, un-voted on bureaucrat has been stopping the Republicans, because according leadership, they have to follow the House rules.

Video: Members of the US House of Representatives reacted after it was announced that House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled his Obamacare repeal bill from the floor.

Paul Ryan and Louie Gohmert , neither of the same ilk, have mentioned the “P” word as to why we can’t repeal and replace Obamacare the same way the Democrats passed it. I’m not sure the Parliamentarian is the true problem, but he is getting the blame for the failure of the GOP Congress to do anything.

FYI: Thomas J. Wickman Jr. is the Parliamentarian of the House and has been since 2011.

Video: Congressman Louie Gohmert told FOX and Friends Clayton Morris on Friday, March 24, 2017, that House GOP leadership, led by Speaker Paul Ryan, are lying to President Trump that Obamacare can’t be fully repealed and still comply with the Byrd rule in the Senate.

We must demand better from our Congress.  This is not the “magical Parliamentarian’s” fault it is the gutlessness and divisiveness of the Republicans.

The moderate Republicans don’t want too much change and the Conservatives want total change (the way they want it period). Both sides need to come together a bit and stick good policies down the Democrat’s throats for the good of this country and leave the Parliamentarian to obscurity where he’s been forever.

David Hodges is Executive Producer of the Lynn Woolley Show.

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