Former ABC reporter Wehmeyer doubts that Trump is compatible with Religion Wehmeyer’s millennial children are displeased with Trump – and mom has noticed.

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Apr 16, 2018 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

Peter Jennings once hired Peggy Wehmeyer to report on religion in flyover states like Texas. The rank and file at the big networks don’t even understand faith and God – and the concepts needed an explainer. Wehmeyer navigated those waters.

Now, Donald Trump is president and things are different.

The most prominent pastor in her hometown of Dallas, Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church, is a Trump supporter. In her new column, Wehmeyer asks, how can that be? She points out that pastors that reviled Bill Clinton for his sexual proclivities embrace Trump.

The reason is simple.

Clinton and Trump may have much in common, but Trump is protective of Christian rights and beliefs while Clinton was indifferent and Obama was hostile. Trump may be a playboy, but he has been good for the country and for Christians.

Wehmeyer’s millennial children are displeased with Trump – and mom has noticed.

Peggy Wehmeyer at the Elevate 2044 Conference

Her children are not happy with the evangelical church after learning that 4/5 of its adherents voted for Trump. They don’t get it. How could such a thing happen? Wehmeyer assured her kids that evangelicals did not vote for Trump because of his character. She writes:

But then, like a sock in the gut, I watched as a host of evangelical leaders began to turn triumphalist. My children noticed first. “Mom,” they’d say, “how can you stay in a church whose members defend a president who cheats on his wife with a porn star, brags about assaulting women, and constantly distorts the truth? Doesn’t Jesus hate this stuff?”

This is all very interesting.

But can you imagine where the country would be right now if Hillary Clinton had been elected president?

We wouldn’t be investigating Russian collusion because no one would care. Oh, but we would be investigating.

If not the Server Scandal, we’d almost certainly be investigating corruption with a newly reinvigorated Clinton Foundation that would be selling influence all over the world. The Clintons sold influence up until the election. Why would they have stopped?

Beyond that, there are a multitude of issues that instructed evangelicals to vote for Trump. I outlined them in an email to Ms. Wehmeyer about her column in the Dallas Morning News’ “POINTS” section on Sunday:

Couple of “points” here, no pun intended.

First, the News would not have published your article unless it meandered into anti-Trump territory. I began reading with great anticipation, as I, too, have asked similar questions about the church — but not about Trump. I wanted to see the conclusions you came to, which, at this point, do not seem to be fully formed.

Like you, I walked by the U.T. Tower each day on my way to class with its message “Ye shall know the truth…” and I have lived by that verse in my reporting and writing career. Like you, I worked in the hallowed halls of Communications Center, except that I was reporting for WFAA 570 radio. Like you, I have been a reporter (down-the-line) and an opinion writer with dozens of columns published in the Dallas Morning News. Like you, I disapprove of Donald Trump’s private life.

Unlike you, I am thrilled that he defeated Hillary Clinton. The Lord works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

I understand where Rev. Jeffress is with Trump.

That’s the second point. If Hillary Clinton had been elected, she would not have protected any Christian beliefs. She is all for the anti-Christian agenda: homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion on demand, open borders, socialized healthcare and other things that have destroyed other countries. Christianity is under full attack from the Left, as you know.

Hillary Clinton would have been part of that attack, hating men in general, and running a feminist administration geared at left-wing identity politics. Her husband was far worse than Trump as his philandering was inside the Oval Office — and electing her meant allowing him access to the White House. To me, “social justice” means the Clintons paying a price for their crimes — but it doesn’t seem that will ever happen.

Trump, on the other hand, may be a cad, but he is invoking the name of God and protecting religious rights far more than anyone expected. He has erased the Obama morass that had wages stagnated and the economy in the doldrums and that lifts all boats and gets people back to work instead of depending on government.

He is working to stop a corrupt system of immigration in which illegals are slave labor so we can transition to a legal system where guest workers are screened and paid a fair wage, and where our unique American culture is preserved. That way, we can keep America a beacon of freedom and accept refugees when it makes moral and economic sense to do so.

You seem to be getting in touch with your liberal side. Remember, there are no perfect humans (Jesus and Tom Landry excepted), and Trump is more flawed than most. But God has a purpose for him and he may be the very world leader that does more for the cause of Christianity than any other. The current Pope is certainly a major disappointment. Hillary was the worst of all possible worlds.

Maybe you should sit down with Rev. Jeffress and see what he’s really thinking. Watch FOX News and flip back and forth with CNN and see where the real truth is. FOX isn’t always right. CNN rarely is. And remember this: God may be using Donald Trump for a higher purpose. If I can see that purpose, maybe you can too.

Wehmeyer is working with evangelical leaders “who have not bowed a knee to Trump.”

She claims she wants to steer the church back to its original mission – as she states, personal redemption and social justice. But the other choice in the general election was Hillary Clinton, in my mind, a repeat un-convicted felon. Ms. Wehmeyer and her adult children are far better off from a religious point of view that they would have been with Hillary.

Video: Feb. 2018 – President Trump Delivers Remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast

God uses flawed people for His purposes as He did throughout the scriptures. Hillary Clinton may have been too flawed. It’s apparent that President Trump has done far more for the cause of Christian beliefs than Hillary ever would.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Consider the “atheist” Thomas Jefferson. He was abused by many of the clergy of the various denominations. But the BAPTISTS (the ones who come up with freedom of the press and Liberty of Conscience) who did not believe government should do the RELIGION (basically CHARITY and EDUCATION) of the people nor be a terror to GOOD WORKS at all, and found him a champion to defeat the issues in Virginia concerning a measure to support four of the major denominations by means of the public treasury (Baptist being one of the four to be so supported in their parsonages and other denominationally controlled property). The Baptists did not desire this, being extremely prescient concerning government control over its largesse. Their champion (and the one who wrote that letter to the churches concerning church and state separation) was none other than the ATHEIST Jefferson. The Bible is replete with non worthy people being used of God to assist the righteous…and to the broader extant the local society as well.

    All of the budget issues and the distractions of the liberals in trying to destroy our Republic, if we disregarded the liberal definition of RELIGION and ignored the Liberal Christian hanging on to it (along with the rest of us non-liberals who never the less had been educated in the grossest establishment of RELIGION in the form of government managed public education), would be rendered moot by accepting the basic BIBLICAL definition of RELIGION that our founders were aware of.

    Ironically to some, RELIGION is not defined Biblically as BELIEF, but in that only definition of RELIGION in the entire Bible that our founders were aware of, it is the DOING the consistent and NOT DOING the inconsistent deeds according to the Belief, or Word, or Faith.

    The denominations were to take the eyewitness and prophetic testimony found in the Bible and establish the suitable deeds of charity and the development of self discipline concerning the “spotting” of the world.



    Now just as jaw dropping, as we have been establishing religion left and write by our welfare thrusts by American governments, is the understanding that BELIEF is not RELIGION or rather RELIGION is not BELIEF.

    That means the FAITH, or the WORD, or the BELIEF, or anything we can SAY, PUBLISH or even ENGRAVE about our beliefs, along with prayers, confessions, professions, words of the ten commandments engraved in stone monuments in government buildings or on public squares, the Bible, the written portions of the Bible and even the confession “IN GOD WE TRUST” engraved or printed on our currency, stars of David and crosses in government managed cemeteries, the mentioning of JESUS or GOD anywhere on government property or in governmental jurisdictions ARE NOT RELIGION.

    But don’t look for us fundamentalists, newly digging our way out of the Liberal RELIGIOUS establishments, seminaries, Bible Schools overwhelmed by LIBERAL heresies, to alert us to what the founders themselves were aware of concerning the definition of RELIGION, because most all of us were trained in GOVERNMENT MANAGED PUBLIC EDUCATION whose academia seems to have incremented the concept of BELIEF in the current definitions of RELIGION.

    The phrase that was to carry the negative things of RELIGION or “keeping himself UNSPOTTED by the world,” is actually akin to something called an AIM OF EDUCATION that teachers have been encouraged to craft concerning their major disciplines, of which the best were NOT the years rote learning, but a view toward the time the student in learning HOW TO LEARN on his own could then come out from under the discipline of the teacher to that SELF DISCIPLINE that the founders were always craving their constituents to develop in their own children on their own dime, namely that curriculum based on the Bible.

    I’m sorry, but we have been talking in a froth of understanding and trying to develop modern principles of governance based on errors of what our founder’s actually understood in their crafting of the only GOD ORDAINED AUTHORITY found in history and geography to avoid the errors of European experiments in THEOCRACIES that, Biblically and technically, requires a LIVING PROPHET, and the church’s LAST LIVING PROPHET was John the Apostle. The NEXT prophets and miracles for that matter in the hands of such prophets will be reinstated AFTER THE CHURCH AGE. We have only the BIBLE as an authority of what is RIGHT IN THE EYES OF GOD, and what confidence can we be having in most our denominations who do not understand the definition of RELIGION in the first place.

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